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There are additional records that cross-reference this record.
CoxiaSchrank 1798F. Boica, 1, 148.(err. pro Loxia L. 1758)Aves
LokiaNitzsch 1811Osteogr. Beitr. Vögel, 58.(err. pro Loxia L. 1758)Aves
LoxiasMoehring 1758Ges. Vogel (Nozemann & Vosmaer's ed.), 2, 23.(pro Loxia L. 1758)Aves
PoxiaMadiot (1818)C.R. Soc. Agric. Lyon., 1817, 133.(err. pro Loxia L. 1758)Aves
TorridaTemminck 1820Man. Orn., ed. 2, 1, p. lxxi.(err. pro Loxia L. 1758)Aves

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