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There are additional records that cross-reference this record.
Paloeotheriumsee Palaeotherium
FranzenitheriumRe 1992Palaeovertebrata (Montpellier) 21(3-4), Decembre: 212.(As Palaeotherium (Franzenitherium))Mamm(Palaeotheri
PalacotheriumMeyer 1838Mag. nat. Hist., (N.S.) 2, 584.(err. pro Palaeo- Cuvier 1804)Mamm
PalaetheriumRafinesque 1814Specchio Sci., 2, 151.(pro Palaeo- Cuvier 1804)Mamm
SalaeotheriumRoulin 1829Ann. Sci. Nat., 18 (69), pl. 2.(? err. pro Pal- Cuvier 1804)Mamm

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