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There are additional records that cross-reference this record.
PleurodermonSchinz 1822in Schinz-Cuvier, Thierr., 2, 828, 833.(pro Pneumoderma Roissy 1805)Moll
Pnemodermond'Orbigny 1841in Sagra, Hist. phys. Cuba (II) Moll., 1 [fasc. 1], 70.(pro Pneumoderma Roissy 1805)Moll
PueumonodermaPelseneer 1887Rep. Sci. Res. Voy. Challenger, 19, pt. 58, 13.(err. pro Pneumoderma Roissy 1805)Moll
PneumodermesFischer de Waldheim 1807Mus. Démidoff, 3, 107.(pro -ma Roissy 1805)Moll
PneumodermisOken 1815Lehrb. Nat., 3 (1), 326.(pro -ma Roissy 1805)Moll
PneumodermoDeshayes 1836-49in Cuvier, Règne an., [ed. 4] Moll., explan. pl. 17.(pro -ma Roissy 1805)Moll
PneumodermonCuvier 1817Règne an., 2, 380.(pro -ma Roissy 1805)Moll
PneumodermumVerany 1846Cat. anim. invert., 17.(pro -ma Roissy 1805)Moll
PneumonodermumAgassiz 1846Nomen. Zool. Index Univ.(emend. pro -moderma Roissy 1805)Moll
PneumonodermumHerrmannsen 1847Indicis Gen. Malac. Primord., 2, 309, 311.(emend. pro -moderma Roissy 1805)Moll

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