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There are additional records that cross-reference this record.
TueniaFroelich 1789Naturforscher, 24, 109.(pro Taenia Linnaeus 1758)Verm (Cest.).
TaeuiaFroelich 1789Naturf., 24, 108.(pro Taenia L. 1758)Verm (Cest.).
TeaniaMonticelli 1888Saggio Morfol. Trem., 109.(pro Taenia L. 1758)Verm (Cest.).
TineaGriffith 1897Trans. Ophthalm. Soc. Unit. Kingdom, 17, 225.(pro Taenia L. 1758)Verm (Cest.).
ToemiaTanret 1879Progr. Med., Rio de Janeiro, 3, 373.(pro Taenia L. 1758)Verm (Cest.).
TeniaScopoli 1777Intr. Hist. Nat., 383.(pro Tae- L. 1758)Verm (Cest.).
ToeniaLamarck 1816Hist. An. s. Vert., 3, 158.(pro Tae- L. 1758)Verm (Cest.).
TuniaGmelin 1774Reise durch Russland, 3, 302.(pro Taen- L. 1758)Verm (Cest.).

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