This record has not yet been verified against the original.


There are additional records that cross-reference this record.
HydrochaerisBruennich 1772Fund. Zool., 44.(pro -choerus Brisson 1762)Mamm
HydrochaerusErxleben 1777Syst. Anim., 191.(pro -choerus Brisson 1762)Mamm
HydrocharusBrisson 1762 Ann. Phil.[2] 10, 341.(pro -choerus Gray 1825)Mamm
HydrocherusCuvier 1829Dict. Sci. Nat., 59, 492.(pro -choerus Brisson 1762)Mamm
HydrochoenusGray 1821London Med. Repos., 15, 304.(pro -erus Brisson 1762)Mamm

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