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There are additional records that cross-reference this record.
FrolikhiancylusSitnikova & Starobogatov in Sitniko Fialk & Starobogat 1993Ruthenica 3(2), November: 134.(As Pseudancylastrum (Frolikhiancylus))Moll(Planorbacea
ParancylastrumKruglov & Starobogatov 1991Byull Mosk O-va Ispyt Prir Otd Biol 96 (6): 84.(As Pseudancylastrum (Parancylastrum))Moll(Gastropoda)
ProtancylastrumPan in Guo, Yu & Pan 1982In [Xian Institute of Geology and Mineral Resources]. Xibei Diqu gu shengwu tuce: Shaan-Gan-Ning fence. [Paleontological atlas of Northwest China. Part 3. Mesozoic and Cenozoic]. Geological Publishing House, Peking: 43.(As Pseudancylastrum (Protancylastrum))Moll(Gastropoda)
PseudoncylastrumDybowski 1911Kosmos, 36, 975.(err. pro Pseudan- Lindholm 1909)Moll

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