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There are additional records that cross-reference this record.
DistorsionellaBeu 1978Journal malac. Soc. Aust. 4 (1): 38.(As Distorsio (Distorsionella))Moll(Gastropoda)
DistorsusPaetel 1888Cat. Conch., ed. 4, 1, 103.(err. pro -sio Bolten 1798)Moll
DistortioAdams 1853Gen. Rec. Moll., 1, 13.(err. pro -sio Bolten 1798)Moll
DistortixPaetel 1875Fam. Gatt. Moll., 71.(err. pro -sio Bolten 1798)Moll
DistortrixLink 1807Beschr. Nat. Samml. Univ. Rostock, (3) 122.(pro -sio Bolten 1798)Moll

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