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Key Name Authority Publication Category Notes Volume Page Extinct Homonym. Corr.
  AcanthodiscusUhlig 1905S.B. Akad. Wiss. Wien, Math.-naturw. Cl., 114, Abt. 1, 607.Moll115YesNo
  AcanthodiscusMacCallum 1918Zoopatholog., 1, no. 3, 93.Verm (Trem.).115YesNo
  AcanthodonWeise 1880Ent. Monbl., 2, 76.Col(See Machomena Dubois 1887.)115YesNo
  AcanthodonGuérin-Ménéville 1838Arach. de la Favorite in Magasin de Zool., 8, text to pl. 16.Arachn115YesNo
  Acanthodonv. Meyer 1843N. Jahrb. f. Min., 1843, 702.Mamm115YesNo
  AcanthodoniaBruch 1923Rev. Mus. La Plata, 27, 184.Col115NoNo
  AcanthodopsisHancock & Atthey 1868Ann. Mag. nat. Hist., (4) 1, 364.Pisces115NoNo
  AcanthodorasBleeker 1862Versl. Akad. Amsterdam, (1) 14, 391 [n.n.]; 1863, Ned. Tijdschr. Dierk. Amsterdam, 1, 16.Pisces115NoNo
  AcanthodorisGray 1850Figs. Moll. Anim., 4, 103.Moll115NoNo
  AcanthodoryctesTurner 1918Ann. Mag. nat. Hist., (9) 1, 55.Hym115NoNo
  AcanthodothecaTownsend 1917Insec. Inscit. menst., 5, 159.Dipt115NoNo
  AcanthodrilusPerrier 1872Nouv. Arch. Mus. Hist. nat. Paris, 8, 85.Verm (Oligoch.).115NoNo
  AcanthodromiaMilne-Edwards 1880Bull. Mus. comp. Zool. Harvard, 8, No. 1, 31.Crust115NoNo
  AcanthodytaSharp 1898in Willey, Zool. Results 85.Orth115NoNo
  AcanthoecaEllis 1933Ann. Soc. zool. Belgique, 60, 49.Prot115NoNo
  Acanthoeciade Joannis 1929Ann. Soc. ent. France, 98, 540.Lep115NoNo
  AcanthoecitesDacqué 1934Leitfossilien, Lief. 7, Teil 2, 327.Moll(err. pro Acanthaecites Rollier)115NoNo
  AcanthoessusAgassiz 1832Jahrb. f. Min., 3, 149 [n.n.].Pisces115NoNo
  AcanthofrontiaHampson 1910Cat. Lep. Phalaenae Brit. Mus., 10, 644.Lep115NoNo
  AcanthogammarusStebbing 1899Trans. Linn. Soc. London, Zool., (2) 7, 430.Crust115NoNo
  AcanthogasterWerner 1927Konowia, 6, 281.Orthopt115NoNo
  AcanthogeniusReiche 1843Ann. Soc. ent. France, 11 (4), 334.Col115NoNo
  AcanthogenysGray 1840List Gen. Birds, 15.Aves(err. pro Acanthagenys Gould 1838)115NoNo
  AcanthogeronBezzi 1924Bull. Soc. ent. Egypte, 1924, 164.Dipt115NoNo
  AcanthogethesReitter 1871Verh. naturf. Ver. Brünn, 9, 1870, 49, 155.Col115NoNo
  AcanthoglossaMotschoulsky [1860]Etudes ent., 8, 1859, 88.Col (Staphylinid115YesNo
  AcanthoglossaKraatz 1859Arch. Naturgesch., 25, Abt. 1, 144.Col (Staphylinid115YesNo
  AcanthoglossusGervais 1877C. R. Acad. Sci., Paris, 85, 838.Mamm(See Zaglossus Gill 1877 (May); Proechidna Gervais 1877 (Nov.); and Bruynia Dubois 1882.)115NoNo
  AcanthognathusDuncker 1912Jahrb. wiss. Anst. Hamburg, 29, 228.Pisces115YesNo
  AcanthognathusMayr 1887Verh. zool.-bot. Ges. Wien, 37, Abh., 578.Hym115YesNo
  AcanthogobioHerzenstein 1892Bull. Acad. St.-Pétersb., (N.S.) 5, 3, 58.Pisces115NoNo
  AcanthogobiusGill 1859Proc. Acad. nat. Sci. Philad., 1859, 145.Pisces115NoNo
  AcanthogonatusKarsch 1880Z. Naturw., 53, 391.Arachn115NoNo
  AcanthogoniaOgilby 1918Mem. Queensland Mus., 6, 45.Pisces115NoNo
  AcanthogonyaulaxKofoid 1911Univ. Calif. Pub. Zool., 8, 202, 247.Prot115NoNo
  AcanthogonyleptesMello-Leitão 1922Ann. Mag. nat. Hist., (9) 9, 336.Arachn115NoNo
  AcanthogorgiaGray 1857Proc. zool. Soc. London, 25, 128.Coel115NoNo
  AcanthograeffeaGuenther 1931Mitt. zool. Mus. Berlin, 17, 760.Orthopt115NoNo
  AcanthogrammaHawle & Corda 1847Prod. Mon. böhm. Trilob., 20.Trilobita115NoNo
  AcanthograpsusSpencer 1878Canad. Natural., (N.S.) 8, 461.Coel115NoNo
  AcanthograptusLapworth 1881Quart. J. geol. Soc., 37, 174.Coel(pro -grapsus Spencer 1878)115NoNo
  AcanthogrubiaStout 1913Rep. Laguna Mar. Lab., 1, 143.Crust115NoNo
  AcanthogryllusSaussure 1877Mém. Soc. phys. Hist. nat. Genève, 25, 132.Orth115NoNo
  AcanthogylippusBirula 1913Ann. Mus. zool. Acad. Sci. St. Petersburg, 18, 322.Arachn115NoNo
  AcanthogynaChopard 1927Rev. zool. afr., 15, 123.Orthopt115NoNo
  AcanthogyraOgilvie 1897Palaeontogr., Suppl. 2, no. 7, 130.Coel115NoNo
  AcanthogyrusThapar 1927J. Helminthol., 5, 110; 1927, Proc. Indian Sci. Congr., 14, 194.Verm (Acanth.).115NoNo
  AcanthoheleaKieffer 1917Ann. Mus. hungar., 15, 198.Dipt115NoNo
  AcanthohispaRye 1877Zool. Rec., 12, 1875, 583.Col(emend. pro Acanthispa Chapuis 1875)115NoNo
  Acanthohopiitessee Acanthohoplites115NoNo
  Acanthohopliteesee Acanthohoplites115NoNo
  AcanthohoplitesSinzow 1907Verh. Russ.-Kais. Min. Ges. St. Petersburg, (2) 45, 456, 478 (as Acanto- p. 479, -tee & -opiites p. 515, Acanthohrplites p. 516, Acanthohplites p. 518).Moll115NoNo
  Acanthohplitessee Acanthohoplites115NoNo
  Acanthohrplitessee Acanthohoplites115NoNo
  AcanthoicaLohmann 1902Wiss. Meeresunters, (N.S.) 7, 68.Prot115NoNo
  AcanthoidesBrotzen 1934Z. Geschiebeforsch. Berlin, 10, 38.Pisces115NoNo
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