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Key Name Authority Publication Category Notes Volume Page Extinct Homonym. Corr.
  ParallalesomaPerroud 1864Ann. Soc. linn. Lyon, (N.S.) 11, 55 (as Parallelosoma p. 257).Col(Montrouzier MS.)3576NoNo
  ParallaxisMcAtee 1926J.N. York ent. Soc., 34, 154.Hem3576NoNo
  ParalledonCossmann 1910Bull. Soc. Sci. Hist. nat. Yonne, 63, 263.Moll(err. pro -llelodon Meek & Worthen 1866)3576NoNo
  ParallelaSodovsky 1837Bull. Soc. imp. Nat. Moscou, 1837 (6), 90.Lep3576NoNo
  Parallelamorphasee Parallelomorpha3576NoNo
  ParallelapteraEnock 1909Trans. ent. Soc. London, 1909, 454.Hym3576NoNo
  ParallelepipedumAdams 1857Gen. Rec. Moll., 2, 538.Moll(ex Klein)3576NoNo
  ParalleliaHuebner 1818Zuträge z. Exot. Schmett., 1, 15; [1823], Verz. bekannt. Schmett., 269.Lep3576NoNo
  ParallelinaCasey 1913Mem. Col., 4, 255.Col3576NoNo
  ParallelipipedumAgassiz 1845Nom. Zool. (Moll.), 65 [n.n.].Moll(ex Klein)3576NoNo
  ParallelispaFairmaire [1885]Ann. Soc. ent. France, (6) 4, 1884, 238.Col3576NoNo
  ParallellipipedumGrasset 1884Index Test. Viv., 297.Moll(err. pro -elepipedum Adams 1857)3576NoNo
  ParallelodemasFaust 1894Ann. Mus. Stor. nat. Genova, 34, 306.Col3576NoNo
  ParalleloderaFairmaire 1881Le Naturaliste, 1, no. 443, 340.Col3576NoNo
  ParallelodiplosisRuebsaamen 1910Z. InsektenkBiol., 6, 287; 1911, 7, 120.Dipt3576NoNo
  ParallelodonMeek & Worthen 1866Proc. Chicago Acad., 1, 1865-66, 17.Moll(n.n. pro Macrodon Buckman 1844)3576NoNo
  ParallelodusBranson 1909Trans. Acad. Sci. St. Louis, 18, 43.Moll3576NoNo
  ParallelommaBecker 1894Berlin. ent. Z., 39, 94.Dipt3576NoNo
  ParallelomorphaPerroud & Montrouzier 1864Ann. Soc. linn. Lyon, 11, 54 (as Parallelamorpha p. 55).Col3576NoNo
  ParallelomorphusMotschoulsky 1849Bull. Soc. imp. Nat. Moscou, 22 (3), 67; 1850, Kaefer Russl., 19.Col3576NoNo
  ParallelonDejean 1821Cat. Col. [ed. 2], 83 [n.n.].Col3576NoNo
  ParalleloneurumBecker 1902Mitt. zool. Mus. Berlin, 2, 51.Dipt3576NoNo
  ParallelopipedumJousseaume 1888Mém. Soc. zool. France, 1, 214.Moll(pro Parallelepipedum Adams 1857)3576NoNo
  ParalleloporaBargatzky 1881Verh. Ver. Rheinlande, 38, 291.Prot3576YesNo
  ParalleloporaHoltedahl 1919Rep. Norwegian Arctic Exped., 4, no. 32, 13, 40.Coel(See Paralleloporella Strand 1934.)3576YesNo
  ParalleloporellaStrand 1934Folia zool. hydrobiol., 6, 271.Coel(n.n. pro Parallelopora Holtedahl 1919)3576NoNo
  ParallelopsisMaidl 1914Boll. Lab. Zool. Portici, 9, 147.Hym3576NoNo
  ParallelopteraBezzi 1913Mem. Ind. Mus. Calcutta, 3, 154.Dipt3576NoNo
  Parallelosomasee Parallalesoma3576NoNo
  ParallelosomusSchoenherr 1844Gen. et Sp. Curc., 8 (1), 39.Col3576NoNo
  ParallelostethusSchwarz 1907Gen. Insect., 46 (C), 252, 258.Col3576NoNo
  ParallepipedumJousseaume 1888Mém. Soc. zool. France, 1, 214.Moll(ex Klein)3576NoNo
  ParalleporaTornquist 1900Z. dtsch. geol. Ges., 52, 129.Prot(pro Parallelopora Bargatzky 1881)3576NoNo
  ParallerodonNomura & Hatai 1935Saito Ho-on Kai Mus. Res. Bull., No. 5, 5.Moll(err. pro -elodon Meek & Worthen 1866)3576NoNo
  ParallobiopsisCollin 1913C.R. Acad. Sci. Paris, 156, 1332.Prot3576NoNo
  ParallocampaSilvestri 1933Boll. Lab. Zool. Portici, 27, 131.Thysanura3576NoNo
  ParallommaMalaise 1933Ent. Tidskr., 54, 59.Hym3576NoNo
  ParallophoraBezzi 1907in Becker-Kertész, Kat. paläarkt. Dipt., 3, 583.Dipt(pro Paralo- Girschner 1887)3576NoNo
  ParallotriusCandèze 1878Ann. Soc. ent. Belgique, 21, C.R., clxxxix.Col3576NoNo
  ParallygusMelichar 1903Homopt. Ceylon, 179, 227.Hem3576NoNo
  ParalobaspisGiglio-Tos 1898Boll. Mus. Zool. Anat. comp. Torino, 13, no. 311, 85, 88.Orth3576NoNo
  ParalobitesMojsisovics 1902Abh. geol. Reichsanst. Wien, 6 (1), Suppl., 287.Moll3576NoNo
  ParalobiumFall 1905Trans. Amer. ent. Soc., 31, 152.Col3576NoNo
  ParalobopomaRehn 1914Ergeb. dtsch. Zentr.-Afr.-Exp., 1907-08, 5, 73.Orth3576NoNo
  ParalobopteraSaussure 1870Mission sci. Méxique Amér. centr., Rech. Zool., 6, 86.Orth(n.n. pro Hypocrita Saussure 1868)3576NoNo
  ParalocusFairmaire 1898Ann. Soc. ent. Belgique, 42, 253.Col3576NoNo
  ParaloeliusCameron 1905Rec. Albany Mus., 1, 253.Hym(nec Paralaelius Kieffer 1905 see Prolaelius Kieffer 1905)3576NoNo
  ParalogistisMeyrick 1913Ann. Transvaal Mus., 3, 312.Lep3576NoNo
  ParalogopsisHandlirsch 1911Amer. J. Sci., (4) 31, 374.Prot3576NoNo
  ParalogusScudder 1893Bull. U.S. geol. Surv., No. 101, 20.Orth3576NoNo
  ParalomaCope 1862Proc. Acad. nat. Sci. Philad., 1862, 181.Rept3576YesNo
  ParalomisWhite 1856Proc. zool. Soc. London, 24, 134.Crust3576NoNo
  ParalonchurusBocourt 1869N. Arch. Mus. Paris, 5, 21.Pisces3576NoNo
  ParalonellaBirge 1909Trans. Wisconsin Acad. Sci., 16, no. 2, 1050.Crust3576NoNo
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