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Key Name Authority Publication Category Notes Volume Page Extinct Homonym. Corr.
  PhysognathusSolier 1849in Gay, Chili, 4 (Col.), 303.Col(See Solierius Bernhauer 1921.)3752YesNo
  PhysognathusAgassiz 1846Nomen. Zool. Index Univ.Rept(emend. pro Physig- Cuvier 1829)3752YesNo
  PhysogriaBorchmann 1916Arch. Naturgesch., 81, A6, 48, 108.Col3752NoNo
  PhysogyraQuelch 1884Ann. Mag. nat. Hist., (5) 13, 293; 1886, Rep. Voy. Challenger Exped., Zool., 16, no. 46, 45, 75.Coel3752NoNo
  PhysoidaPallary 1900J. Conchyliol., 48, 409.Moll3752NoNo
  PhysokermesTargioni-Tozzetti 1868Atti Soc. ital. Sci. nat., 11, 734; Signoret 1874, Ann. Soc. ent. France, (5) 4, 87.Hem3752NoNo
  PhysolaemusAgassiz 1846Nomen. Zool. Index Univ.Amph(emend. pro Physal- Fitzinger 1826)3752NoNo
  PhysolaesthusChaudoir 1850Bull. Soc. imp. Nat. Moscou, 23 (2), 411.Col3752NoNo
  PhysolagriaFairmaire 1891Contr. Etude S. Thomé, 5.Col3752NoNo
  PhysolesthusBlackburn 1890Proc. Linn. Soc. N.S. Wales, (2) 4, 1250.Col(pro -laesthus Chaudoir 1850)3752NoNo
  PhysolobaWarren 1908Proc. U.S. nat. Mus., 34, no. 1601, 104.Lep3752NoNo
  PhysoloesthusLacordaire 1854Hist. nat. Ins., Gen. Col., 1, 235.Col(pro -laesthus Chaudoir 1850)3752NoNo
  PhysolopteraMudie 1840in Blyth [etc.], Cuvier's An. Kingdom, 645.Verm (Nema.).(pro Physal- Rudolphi 1819)3752NoNo
  PhysomaClark 1863J. Ent., London, 2, 165; Chapuis 1875, in Lacordaire, Hist. nat. Ins., Gen. Col., 11, 83, 87.Col3752NoNo
  PhysomeloëReitter 1911Fauna Germ., 3, 388.Col3752NoNo
  PhysomerusAgassiz 1846Nomen. Zool. Index Univ.Col (Chrysomelid(emend. pro Physim- Dejean 1835)3752YesNo
  PhysomerusSchoenherr 1844Gen. et Sp. Curc., 8 (1), 268.Col (Curculionid3752YesNo
  PhysomerusChaudoir [1883]Ann. Soc. ent. France, (6) 2, 1882, 537.Col (Carabid.).3752YesNo
  PhysomerusSpinola 1837Ess. Ins. Hémipt., 139.Hem (Coreid.).3752YesNo
  PhysomerusBurmeister 1835Handb. Ent., 2 (1), 341.Hem3752YesNo
  PhysomonasKent 1880Man. Infus., 1, 263.Prot3752NoNo
  PhysomphalusEhrenberg 1856Abh. Akad. Wiss. Berlin, 1855, 172.Prot3752NoNo
  PhysonemaRafinesque 1815Analyse, 153 [n.n.].Coel3752NoNo
  PhysonemusAgassiz 1841Ann. Mag. nat. Hist., 7, 495 [n.n.]; (1843), Poiss. Foss., 3, 176 [n.n.]; McCoy 1848, Ann. Mag. nat. Hist., (2) 2, 117.Pisces3752NoNo
  PhysonotaDejean 1835Catal. Coléopt., ed. 2, 374 [n.n.].Col(Chevrolat MS.)3752NoNo
  PhysonychisDejean 1835Catal. Coléopt., ed. 2, 384 [n.n.]; Chapuis 1875, in Lacordaire, Hist. nat. Ins., Gen. Col., 11, 83, 86.Col3752NoNo
  PhysoonRafinesque 1814Précis Som., 33.Inc3752NoNo
  PhysopalpaDejean 1835Catal. Coléopt., ed. 2, 375 [n.n.].Col3752NoNo
  PhysopalpusHeyden 1900Dtsch. ent. Z., 1899, 254.Col3752NoNo
  PhysopeltaAmyot & Serville 1843(Roret's Suite à Buffon) Hémiptères, 271.Hem3752NoNo
  PhysophagaPercy 1929Quart. J. micr. Sci., 73, 107, 118.Prot3752NoNo
  PhysophoraAgassiz 1846Nomen. Zool. Index Univ.Dipt(emend. pro Physiph- Fallén 1810)3752YesNo
  PhysophoraPéron & Lesueur 1807Voy. Terr, Austral., 1, 43.Coel(pro Physso- Forskål 1775)3752YesNo
  PhysophorinaWestwood 1874Thesaur. ent. Oxoniensis, 175.Orth3752NoNo
  PhysophoropteraPoppius 1908in Sjoestedt, Ergeb. Schwed. Exp. Kilimandjaro, 2 (12), 26.Hem3752NoNo
  PhysophoropterellaPoppius 1914Acta Soc. Sci. Fenn., 44, no. 3, 127.Hem3752NoNo
  PhysophrynusFairmaire 1882Ann. Soc. ent. Belgique, 26, Bull., 1.Col3752NoNo
  PhysophycusSchimper 1869Traité Pal. végét., 1, 206.Inc3752NoNo
  PhysophylliaDuncan 1884J. Linn. Soc. London, Zool., 18, 193.Coel3752NoNo
  PhysoplatysSimon 1895Hist. Araign., ed. 2, 1, fasc. 4, 1037.Arachn3752NoNo
  PhysoplectusReitter 1882Verh. Ver. Brünn, 20, Abh., 197.Col3752NoNo
  PhysopleurellaReuter 1885 [sep. 1884]Acta Soc. Sci. Fenn., 14, 678.Hem3752NoNo
  PhysopleurusLacordaire 1869Hist. nat. Ins., Gen. Col., 8, 120.Col3752NoNo
  PhysopliaAmyot & Serville 1843(Roret's Suite à Buffon) Hémiptères, 542.Hem3752NoNo
  PhysopneumonCosta 1864Annu. Mus. zool. Univ. Napoli, 2, 1862, 158.Moll3752NoNo
  PhysoproctusLacordaire 1866Hist. nat. Ins., Gen. Col., 7, 260.Col3752NoNo
  PhysopsisKrauss 1848Südafrik. Moll., 85.Moll3752NoNo
  PhysopterusLacordaire 1866Hist. nat. Ins., Gen. Col., 7, 498.Col3752NoNo
  PhysoptilaMeyrick 1914J. Bombay nat. Hist. Soc., 22, 777.Lep3752NoNo
  PhysopusAgassiz 1846Nomen. Zool., Index Univ.Thysanopt(emend. pro Physapus Leach 1815)3752YesNo
  PhysopusRafinesque 1815Analyse, 120.Thysanopt(emend. pro Thrips L. 1758)3752YesNo
  PhysopyxisCope 1871Proc. Acad. nat. Sci. Philad., 1871, 112.Pisces3752NoNo
  PhysorhinusEschscholtz 1836in Silbermann, Rev. Zool., 4, tabl.Col3752YesNo
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