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Key Name Authority Publication Category Notes Volume Page Extinct Homonym. Corr.
  AciliusLeach 1817Leach 1817. (See Heteroelytrus Adam 1993)96YesNo
  AciliusRafinesque 1815Analyse, 221.Crust(emend. pro Symethus Rafinesque 1814)133YesNo
  AciliusLeach 1817Zool. Miscell., 3, 72.Col133YesNo
  HeteroelytrusAdam 1993In: Mahunka [Ed.] The fauna of the Bukk National Park. Volume 1. 1993. Hungarian Natural History Museum, Budapest: 81.Ins(Col.)(n.n. pro Acilius Leach 1817)9275NoNo
  RaciliusPaulson 1875Issljed. Rakoobr. krasn. Morha (Unters. Krebse rot. Meer.), 1, 107.Crust45NoNo
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