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Key Name Authority Publication Category Notes Volume Page Extinct Homonym. Corr.
  AcromiaTownes 1961A catalogue and reclassification of the Indo-Australian Ichneumonidae. Mem. Am. ent. Inst. No. 1: 183, 473.Ins (Hym.)74NoNo
  EpacromiaFischer 1853Orthopt. Europ., 360.Orth2253NoNo
  EpacromiacrisWillemse 1933Natuurh. Maandbl., 22, 134.Orth2253NoNo
  GomphomacromiaBrauer 1864Verh. zool.-bot. Ges. Wien, 14, Abh., 163.Odon2494NoNo
  IdomacromiaKarsch 1896Ent. Nachr., 22, 19.Odon2764NoNo
  IndomacromiaFraser 1924Rec. Indian Mus., 26, 514.Odon2773NoNo
  LauromacromiaGeijskes 1970Uitg.natuurw.StudKring Suriname (Studies on the fauna of Suriname and other Guyanas 12) No.60: 9Ins(Odon)8258NoNo
  MacromiaRambur 1842(Roret's Suite à Buffon) Névroptères, 137.Odon315NoNo
  MacronaHagen 1849Ent. Ztg., Stettin, 10, 72.Odon(err. pro Macromia Rambur 1842)315NoNo
  MicromacromiaKarsch 1890Berlin. ent. Z., 33, 1889, 388.Odon3159NoNo
  NothomacromiaCarle 1995Odonatologica 24 (4), December 1: 400Insecta (Odonata(n.n. pro Pseudomacromia Carle & Wighton 1990 nec Kirby 1890)10133NoNo
  PalaeomacromiaPetrulevicius, Nel & Muzon 1999Palaeontology (Oxf) 42 (4), August: 677Insecta (Odonata10136NoNo
  PhyllomacromiaSelys 1878Bull. Acad. roy. Sci. Belgique, (2) 45, 212.Odon3743NoNo
  PseudomacromiaKirby 1889Trans. zool. Soc. London, 12, 262, 299.Odon3989NoNo
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