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Key Name Authority Publication Category Notes Volume Page Extinct Homonym. Corr.
  BrazieriaAncey 1887Conch. Exchange, 2, 22.Moll1483YesNo
  BrazieriaPetterd 1889Pap. Proc. roy. Soc. Tasmania, 1888, 76.Moll(See Petterdiana Brazier 1896 and Pseudampullaria Ancey 1898.)1483YesNo
  PetterdianaBrazier 1896Proc. roy. Soc. Tasmania, 1894-95, 105.Moll(n.n. pro Brazieria Petterd 1889)3682NoNo
  PseudampullariaAncey 1898Ann. Mus. Marseille, (2) 1 (1), 148.Moll(n.n. pro Brazieria Petterd 1889)3962NoNo
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