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Key Name Authority Publication Category Notes Volume Page Extinct Homonym. Corr.
  BumbacorixaPopov 1986Trudy sovm. sov.-mongol. paleont. Eksped. No. 28: 62.Ins(Hem.)9104NoNo
  BumbaniusRussell & Dashzeveg 1986Palaeontology 29 (2): 269.Mamm(Insectivora9104NoNo
  BumbanomysShevyreva 1989Paleontol Zh 1989 (3): 67.Mamm(Rodentia)9104YesNo
  BumbanomysShevyreva in Badamgarav & Reshetov 1985Trudy sovm. sov.-mongol. paleont. Eksped. No. 25: 35.Mamm(Rodentia)9104YesNo
  BumbanomysShevyreva 1983In Gromov [Ed.] [Rodents. Material from the 6th All-Union Conference Leningrad 25-28 Jan. 1984.] Nauka, Leningrad: 57.Mamm(Rodentia)9104YesNo
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