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Key Name Authority Publication Category Notes Volume Page Extinct Homonym. Corr.
  CarcelinaMesnil 1944in Lindner, Flieg. palaearkt. Reg., 64g, 29.Dipt648NoNo
  CelinaWestwood 1840Introd. Classif. Ins., 2, Syn., 102.Lep(pro Celma Stephens 1831)1616YesNo
  CelinaAubé 1837-38in Dejean & Boisduval, Icon. Coléopt., 5, 219.Col1616YesNo
  ExocelinaBroun 1886Man. N. Zealand Col., fasc. 4, 938.Col2390NoNo
  FacelinaAlder & Hancock 1855Monogr. Brit. nudibr. Moll., pt. 7, App., xxii.Moll2395NoNo
  LascelinaHeinrich 1956Bull. U.S. natn. Mus. No. 207: 264.Ins (Lep.)7164NoNo
  MarcelinaRazowski & Becker 2000SHILAP Rev Lepid 28 (112), 30 de diciembre: 388Insecta (Lepidop10137NoNo
  PachyscelinaKwieton 1978Bulletin Soc. ent. Mulhouse 1978 (Juillet-Septembre): 30.Ins(Col.)9469NoNo
  SubcretacelinaBartenstein & Malz 2001Senckenb Lethaea 81 (1), 31 August: 43Protozoa (Forami10138NoNo
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