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Key Name Authority Publication Category Notes Volume Page Extinct Homonym. Corr.
  CahosBory de St. Vincent 1823Dict. class. H.N., 3, 15.Prot(err. pro Chaos L. 1767)1519NoNo
  CaosBrera 1811Mem. Vermi, 9, 255.Prot(pro Chaos L. 1767)1574NoNo
  ChaosLinnaeus 1767Syst. Nat., ed. 12, 1074, 1326.Prot1669NoNo
  ChaosocrinusDonov 1993Geological Journal 28(1), March: 13.Echin(Crinoidea)9127NoNo
  MetachaosSchaeffer 1926Pap. Dep. Mar. Biol. Carnegie Inst., 24, 34.Prot3125NoNo
  ParachaosWillumsen, Siemensma & Suhr-Jessen 1987Arch Protistenkd 134 (4): 309.Prot(Sarcodina)9479NoNo
  Parapterochaosvon Breuning 1977Bull.Mus.natn.Hist.nat.Paris (Zool.) 304: 268.Ins(Col)8377NoNo
  PolychaosSchaeffer 1926Pap. Dep. Marine Biol. Carnegie Inst., 24, 34.Prot3850NoNo
  PterochaosThomson 1868Physis, Paris, 2, pt. 3, 170.Col31024NoNo
  ThecochaosPage 1981Bulletin Br. Mus. nat. Hist. (Zool.) 40 (1): 30.Prot(Sarcodina)9682NoNo
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