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Key Name Authority Publication Category Notes Volume Page Extinct Homonym. Corr.
  HelicothrixGaleb 1878Arch. Zool. exp. gén. Paris, 7, 296, 298 (as Helicotrix p. 379).Verm (Nema.).2590NoNo
  Helicotrixsee Helicothrix2590NoNo
  LeucothrixMunro 1929Ann. S. Afr. Mus., 29, 15.Dipt2934YesNo
  LeucothrixOlivier 1911Rev. Sci. bourbonn., 24, 72.Col2934YesNo
  MalacothrixWagner 1843in Schreber, Säugth., Suppl. 3, 496.Mamm(n.n. pro Otomys Smith 1834)332NoNo
  ScolecothrixNorman 1905Mus. Norman., No. 3, ed. 2, 34.Crust(err. pro -cithrix Brady 1883)4149NoNo
  SericothrixHall 1975Univ.Calif.Publs Ent. 76: 59.Ins(Dipt)8476NoNo
unreviewedTunicothrixXu, Lei and Choi 2006J. Eukaryot. Microbiol., 53, 491Protozoaadded on 2011-09-19
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