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Key Name Authority Publication Category Notes Volume Page Extinct Homonym. Corr.
  AcricotopusKieffer 1921Bull. Soc. H. n. Moselle, 29, 90.Dipt140NoNo
  CricotopusWulp 1874Tijdschr. Ent., 17, 132.Dipt1872NoNo
  DoncricotopusSaether 1981Entomologica scand. 12 (2): 223.Ins(Dipt.)9189NoNo
  MauriusLehmann 1981Spixiana Suppl. No. 5: 17.Ins(Dipt.)(As Cricotopus (Maurius))9376NoNo
  MesocricotopusBrundin 1956Rep. Inst. Freshwater. Res. Drottningholm No. 37: 114.Ins (Dipt.)7189NoNo
  MicrocricotopusThienemann 1932Zool. Anz., 99, 137.Dipt3153NoNo
  NostococladiusAshe & Murray 1980In Murray [Ed.] Chironomidae: ecology, systematics cytology and physiology. Proceedings of the 7th International Symposium on Chironomidae, Dublin, August 1979. Pergamon Press, Oxford, New York etc.: 105.Ins(Dipt.)(As Cricotopus (Nostococladius))9443NoNo
  ParacricotopusThienemann 1932Zool. Anz., 99, 136.Dipt3562NoNo
  PseudocricotopusNishida 1987Kontyu 55 (3): 460.Ins(Dipt.)(As Cricotopus (Pseudocricotopus))9562NoNo
  PsilocricotopusSaether 1985Spixiana Suppl. No. 11: 72.Ins(Dipt.)(As Rheocricotopus (Psilocricotopus))9573NoNo
  RheocricotopusThienemann 1932Zool. Anz., 99, 135.Dipt440NoNo
  SasacricotopusKobayashi & Saether 1999Acta Zool Acad Sci Hung 45 (2): 155Insecta (Diptera10136NoNo
  SyncricotopusBrundin 1956Rep. Inst. Freshwat. Res. Drottningholm No. 37: 107.Ins (Dipt.)7333NoNo
  VivacricotopusSchnell & Saether 1988Spixiana Suppl (Muench) No. 14: 49.Ins(Dipt.)9721NoNo
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