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Key Name Authority Publication Category Notes Volume Page Extinct Homonym. Corr.
  AgriodusPĂ©ringuey 1896Trans. S. Afr. Soc., 7, 420.Col(See Nothodaptus Maindron 1906.)195YesNo
  AnadaptusCasey 1914Mem. Col., 5, 203.Col1171NoNo
  DaptusFischer de Waldheim 1824Ent. Imp. Russ., 2, 36.Col213NoNo
  LiodaptusBates 1889Ann. Mus. Stor. nat. Genova, 27, 102.Col2957NoNo
  NothodaptusMaindron 1906Bull. Soc. ent. France, 1906, 252.Col(n.n. pro Agriodus PĂ©ringuey 1896)3349NoNo
  PogonodaptusHorn 1881Trans. Amer. ent. Soc., 9, 177, 178.Col3842NoNo
  SerudaptusMayr 2000Mitt Mus Natkd Berl Geowiss Reihe 3: 208Aves10137NoNo
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