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Key Name Authority Publication Category Notes Volume Page Extinct Homonym. Corr.
  CordoharpalusHatch 1949Bull. Brooklyn ent. Soc., 44, 87.Col663NoNo
  DinoharpalusHandlirsch 1906Foss. Ins., 450.Col296NoNo
  EpharpalusJacobson 1907Schuku Ross., fasc. 5, 378.Col(pro Epih- Reitter 1900)2256NoNo
  EpiharpalusReitter 1900Verh. Ver. Brünn, 38, Abh., 75.Col2264NoNo
  HaploharpalusSchauberger 1926Coleopt. Centralbl., 1, 44.Col2567NoNo
  HarpalusLatreille (1802)Hist. nat. Crust. Ins., 3, 92.Col2575YesNo
  HarpalusGodwin-Austen 1872Proc. zool. Soc. London, 1872, 516.Moll(err. pro Hap- Albers. 1850)2575YesNo
  LasioharpalusReitter 1900Verh. Ver. Brünn, 38, Abh., 75.Col2872NoNo
  LoboharpalusSchauberger 1932Col. Centralbl., 5, 174.Col2981NoNo
  MicrarpalusJacobson 1907Schuku Ross., fasc. 5, 383.Col(pro Microharpalus Tschitscherin 1901)3147NoNo
  MicroharpalusTschitscherin 1901Horae Soc. ent. ross., 35, 241.Col3157NoNo
  NeoharpalusMateu 1954Bull. Inst. Sci. nat. Belg., 30, no. 31, 4.Col6184NoNo
  NephoharpalusHuang, Lei, Yan & Hu 1996Entomotaxonomia 18 (2), June: 120Insecta (Coleopt(As Harpalus (Nephoharpalus))10133NoNo
  NipponoharpalusHabu 1973Fauna japon. 1973: 194.Ins(Col)8336NoNo
  TypsarpalusJacobson 1907Schuku Ross., (5), 378.Col(pro Typsiharpalus Tschitscherin 1901)5284NoNo
  TypsiharpalusTschitscherin 1901Horae Soc. ent. ross., 35, 240.Col4603NoNo
  ZangoharpalusHuang 1998Entomotaxonomia 20 (3), Sept: 201Insecta (Coleopt(As Harpalus (Zangoharpalus))10135NoNo
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