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Key Name Authority Publication Category Notes Volume Page Extinct Homonym. Corr.
  HiresiaGistl 1837Syst. Insect., 1 (1), 13.Col(emend. pro Ir- Dejean 1829)2664NoNo
  IresiaDejean 1829in Dejean & Boisduval, Icon. Coléopt., 1, 8.Col2783NoNo
  ParatiresiasPetrunina 1975in Repina,Petrunina & Khairullina, in Repina, Yaskovich et al., Trudy Inst.Geol.Geofiz.sib.Otd. 278: 227.Trilobita8381NoNo
  TeiresiaLiebke 1935Rev. franç. Ent., 2, 149.Col4412NoNo
  TiresiasStephens 1833Nom. Brit. Ins., ed. 2, 34 [n.n.]; 1835, Ill. Brit. Ent. (Mand. 5), 410.Col4498YesNo
  TiresiasM'Coy 1846in Griffith, Syn. Silurian foss. Ireland, 43.Trilobita4498YesNo
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