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Key Name Authority Publication Category Notes Volume Page Extinct Homonym. Corr.
  AnisoxyaTopsent 1898Mém. Soc. zool. France, 11, 234.Spong(See Topsentia Berg 1899.)1206YesNo
  AnisoxyaMulsant 1856Hist. nat. Col. France, Barbipalpes, 45; 1856, Ann. Soc. linn. Lyon, 3, 237.Col1206YesNo
  IsacanthaSimon 1864Hist. nat. Araignées, 286.Arachn(See Isoxya Simon 1885.)2784YesNo
  IsoxyaSimon 1885Bull. Soc. zool. France, 10, 35.Arachn(n.n. pro Isacantha Simon 1864)2798NoNo
  TopsentiaBerg 1899Comun. Mus. nac. Buenos Aires, 1, no. 3, 77.Spong(n.n. pro Anisoxya Topsent 1898)4509YesNo
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