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Key Name Authority Publication Category Notes Volume Page Extinct Homonym. Corr.
  LoxoncusSchmidt-Goebel 1846Faun. Col. Birmanica, wrapper, p. [4].Col21003YesNo
  LoxoncusBode 1953(See Mesoncus Carpenter 1985)9358YesNo
  LoxoncusBode 1953Palaeontographica, (A) 103, 218.Col6153YesNo
  MesoncusCarpenter 1985Psyche, Camb. 92 (4): 578.Ins(Col.)(n.n. pro Loxoncus Bode 1953)9385NoNo
  XoloncusKataev 2002Russ Entomol J 11 (4), December: 374Insecta (Coleopt(As Loxoncus (Xoloncus))10139NoNo
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