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Key Name Authority Publication Category Notes Volume Page Extinct Homonym. Corr.
  MacrocephalusPalmer 1904North Amer. Fauna, No. 23, 391.Mamm39YesNo
  MacrocephalusLuo & Hu in Luo, Hu, Chen, Zhang & Tao 1999Early Cambrian Chengjiang fauna from Kunming region, China. Yunnan Science & Technology Press Kunming: 100Fossil Miscellan10139YesNo
  MacrocephalusBleeker 1876Arch. Néerl., 11, 336.Pisces(ex Browne)39YesNo
  MacrocephalusBate 1858Ann. Mag. nat. Hist., (3) 1, 361.Crust39YesNo
  MacrocephalusOlivier 1789Ency. Méth., 4 (Ins.), 36.Col39YesNo
  MacrocephalusFitzinger 1843Syst. Rept., 27.Rept39YesNo
  MacrocephalusSwederus 1787K. svenska VetenskAkad. Nya Handl., 8, 183.Hem39YesNo
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