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Key Name Authority Publication Category Notes Volume Page Extinct Homonym. Corr.
  EmmesomyiaMalloch 1917Bull. Brooklyn ent. Soc., 12, 114.Dipt2221NoNo
  HermesomyiaVockeroth 1969Mem.ent.Soc.Can. No.62; 121.Ins(Dipt)8214NoNo
  JamesomyiaQuisenberry 1949Bull. Brooklyn ent. Soc., 44, 49.Dipt6135NoNo
  LithosomyiaCarpenter 1985Psyche, Camb. 92 (4): 576.Ins(Dipt.)(n.n. pro Mesomyia Pongracz 1928)9352NoNo
  MesomyiaPongracz 1928(See Lithosomyia Carpenter 1985)9385YesNo
  MesomyiaMacquart 1850Mém. Soc. N. Sci. Lille, 1849, 341.Dipt (Tabanid.).3118YesNo
  MesomyiaPongrácz 1928Ann. hist.-nat. Mus. hungar., 25, 174.Dipt ( Bibionid.3118YesNo
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