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Key Name Authority Publication Category Notes Volume Page Extinct Homonym. Corr.
  MegamuntiacusTuoc, Du, Dawson, Arctander & MacKinnon 1994Du, Dawson, Arctander & MacKinnon 1994, Vietnamese Forest Inventory and Planning Institute Occasional Paper 3: 1.Mamm(Cervidae)9379NoNo
  MuntiacusRafinesque 1815Analyse, 56 [n.n.]; Gray 1852, Cat. Mamm. Brit. Mus., 3, 217.Mamm3227NoNo
  MuntjaccusGray 1825Ann. Phil., 26, 342.Mamm(pro Muntiacus Rafinesque 1815)3227NoNo
  MuntjacusGray 1842Syn. Cont. Brit. Mus., ed. 44, 19, 21.Mamm(pro Muntiacus Rafinesque 1815)3227NoNo
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