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Key Name Authority Publication Category Notes Volume Page Extinct Homonym. Corr.
  Ozotrachelusde Laubenfels 1955in Moore, Treatise Invert. Paleont., Univ. Kansas Press, Part E, E61.Porif(n.n. pro Pachytrachelus Schrammen 1910)6201NoNo
  PachytrachelusSchrammen 1910(See Ozotrachelus de Laubenfels 1955.)6202YesNo
  PachytrachelusChaudoir 1852Bull. Soc. imp. Nat. Moscou, 25 (1), 85.Col3518YesNo
  PachytrachelusFieber 1853(See Pachytrachis Uvarov 1940.)5187YesNo
  PachytrachelusFieber 1853Lotos, 3, 169.Orth3518YesNo
  PachytrachelusSchrammen 1910Palaeontogr., Suppl. 5, 170.Spong3518YesNo
  PachytrachisUvarov 1940Ann. Mag. nat. Hist., (11) 6, 114.Orth(n.n. pro Pachytrachelus Fieber 1853)5187NoNo
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