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Key Name Authority Publication Category Notes Volume Page Extinct Homonym. Corr.
  AidablenniusWhitley 1947Aust. Zool., 11, 150.Pisces(n.n. pro Salaria Forskål 1775)67NoNo
  AtrosalariasWhitley 1933Rec. Australian Mus., 19, 93.Pisces1352NoNo
  CirrisalariasSpringer 1976Proc.biol.Soc.Wash. 89: 199.Pisces(Ost)8106NoNo
  CrossosalariasSmith-Vanis & Springer 1971Smithson.Contr.Zool. No.73: 20.Pisces(Ost)8123NoNo
  NannosalariasSmith-Vaniz 1971in Smith-Vaniz & Springer,Smithson.Contr.Zool.No.73: 32.Pisces(Teleost)8317NoNo
  NisalariaWaterhouse 2002Earthwise 5, 21 December: 51Brachiopoda10139NoNo
  SalariaForskal 1775(See Aidablennius Whitley 1947.)6263YesNo
  SalariaForskål 1775Descr. Anim., x, 22.Pisces4101YesNo
  SalariaKirchenpauer 1876Abh. Ver. Hamburg, 6 (2), 42.Coel(pro Salacia Lamouroux 1816)4101YesNo
  SalariacrisDescamps & Wintrebert.1966Bull.Soc.ent.Fr. 71: 34.Ins(Orth)8465NoNo
  SalariasCuvier 1817R. Anim., 2, 251.Pisces4101NoNo
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