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Key Name Authority Publication Category Notes Volume Page Extinct Homonym. Corr.
  AllostrongyliumKolbe 1895Ent. Ztg., Stettin, 56, 364.Col1122NoNo
  CyrtostrongyliumBlair 1929Zool. Anz., 82, 246.Col1952NoNo
  EustrongyliumKolbe 1894Ent. Ztg., Stettin, 55, 366.Col2374NoNo
  FalsonotostrongyliumKaszab 1955Proc. Hawaii. ent. Soc., 15, 552.Col6102NoNo
  FalsostrongyliumPic 1915Mélanges exot.-ent., 16, 11.Col2398NoNo
  FlabellostrongyliumPic 1938Mél. exot.-ent., 70, 18.Col598NoNo
  GibbostrongyliumPic 1917Mélanges exot.-ent., No. 23, 18.Col2465NoNo
  HeterostrongyliumKaszab 1977Pacif.Insects Monogr. 33: 27.Ins(Col)8216NoNo
  HolostrongyliumKaszab 1977Pacif.Insects Monogr. 33: 20.Ins (Col.)8220NoNo
  HoplostrongyliumArdoin 1965Bull. Inst. fr. Afr. noire (A) 27: 1326.Ins (Col.)7142NoNo
  MicrostrongyliumPic 1917Mélanges exot.-ent., No. 23, 13.Col3170NoNo
  NotostrongyliumCarter 1915Proc. Linn. Soc. N.S. Wales, 40, 523.Col3357NoNo
  ParastrongyliumKaszab 1977Pacif.Insects Monogr. 33: 24.Ins(Col)8379NoNo
  PedostrongyliumPic 1916Mélanges exot.-ent., No. 21, 11.Col3635NoNo
  PigeostrongyliumKaszab 1984Acta zool. hung. 30 (3-4): 385.Ins(Col.)9523NoNo
  PoecilesthostrongyliumPic 1918Mélanges exot.-ent., No. 28, 12.Col3836NoNo
  PseudostrongyliumKraatz 1880Dtsch. ent. Z., 24, 114.Col31006NoNo
  SaitostrongyliumMatsumotu 1996Bull Natl Sci Mus Ser A (Zool) 22 (1), March: 34Insecta (Coleopt10133NoNo
unreviewedStrongyliumDitmar Apr 1809in Link, Neues Journal fu?r die Botanik, 3, 1–2, 17.Protista-Mycetozoaadded on 2017-09-05
  StrongyliumDitmar 1809in N.J. Bot. Schrader, 3, 55.Prot4334YesNo
  StrongyliumKirby 1819Trans. Linn. Soc. London, 12 (2), 417.Col4334YesNo
  UenostrongyliumMasumoto 1999Elytra 27 (1), May 15: 123Insecta (Coleopt10136NoNo
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