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Key Name Authority Publication Category Notes Volume Page Extinct Homonym. Corr.
  AllotheroniaAshmead 1900Proc. U.S. nat. Mus., 23, 55.Hym1122NoNo
  CitheroniaHuebner [1819]Verz. bekannt. Schmett., (10) 153.Lep1748NoNo
  CitheronioidesLemaire 1988Les Saturniidae americains (=Attacidae): Ceratocampinae. Museo Nacional de Costa Rica, San Jose: 140.Ins(Lepid.)(As Citheronia (Citheronioides))9137NoNo
  EpitheroniaGupta 1962Pacif. Insects Monogr. No. 4: 92.Ins (Hym.)7107NoNo
  ErythrotheroniaCameron 1905Spolia zeylan., 3, 134.Hym2295NoNo
  LiotheroniaEnderlein 1919S.B. Ges. naturf. Fr. Berlin, 1919, 147.Hym2961NoNo
  LissotheroniaCameron 1905Spolia zeylan., 3, 139.Hym2969NoNo
  MatheroniaMunier-Chalmas 1873J. Conchyliol., 21, 73, 74.Moll356NoNo
  NeotheroniaKrieger 1899S.B. Ges. Leipzig, 14-15, 119.Hym3311NoNo
  OrientotheroniaMorley 1913Fauna Brit. Ind., Hym., 3, 84, 146.Hym3458NoNo
  ProcitheroniaMichener 1949J. Kans. ent. Soc., 22, 142.Lep6237NoNo
  TaiwatheroniaSonan 1936Trans. nat. Hist. Soc. Formosa, 26, 256.Hym5265NoNo
  TheroniaHolmgren 1859Ofvers. VetenskAkad. Förh. Stockholm, 16, 123.Hym4468NoNo
unreviewedTheronianaDmitriev & Dietrich 2006Zootaxa. 1120:37Insecta (Hemiptera)added on 2018-05-10
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