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Key Name Authority Publication Category Notes Volume Page Extinct Homonym. Corr.
  TrichonotusChevrolat 1877see Thrichonotus4544YesNo
  TrichonotusCameron 1905J. Straits Asiat. Soc., 44, 124.Hym4544YesNo
  TrichonotusLoew 1857Ofvers. VetenskAkad. Förh. Stockholm, 14, 365.Dipt(See Hippomachus Engel 1927.)4544YesNo
  TrichonotusMulsant 1842H.N. Coléopt. France (Lam.), 294.Col(See Trichonotulus Bedel 1911.)4544YesNo
  TrichonotusRafinesque [non Schneider 1801] 1815Analyse, 88.Pisces4544YesNo
  TrichonotusSchneider 1801in Bloch, Syst. Ichth., 179.Pisces4544YesNo
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