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Key Name Authority Publication Category Notes Volume Page Extinct Homonym. Corr.
  CeliaRoelofs 1874Ann. Soc. ent. Belgique, 17, 126.Col(See Xenopus Roelofs 1875.)1616YesNo
  LibycusSpinar 1980In Salem & Busrewil [Eds] The geology of Libya. Volume 1. Second Symposium on the Geology of Libya, held at Tripoli, September 16-21, 1978: 328.Amph(Lissamphibi(As Xenopus (Libycus))9347NoNo
  PseudoxenopusBarbour & Loveridge 1927Proc. New England Zool. Cl., 10, 14.Amph31010NoNo
  XenopusWagler 1827Isis (Oken), 1827, 726.Amph4670YesNo
  XenopusRoelofs 1875Ann. Soc. ent. Belgique, 18, pl. xvii, fig. 2.Col(n.n. pro Celia Roelofs 1874)4670YesNo
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