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Background: Introduction

In 2003, uBio received permission from the Zoological Society of London to undertake the digital conversion of Volumes 1-9 of Nomenclator Zoologicus. In 2004, uBio received funding from the Global Biodiversity Information Facilty and the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation to assist in the conversion.

Nomenclator Zoologicus is a continuous record of the bibliographical origins of the names of every genus and subgenus in zoology published since the 10th ed. of Linnaeus' Systema Naturae in 1758 up to 1994 in nine volumes.  Names are listed alphabetically, with a bibliographic reference to the original description of each one and an indication of the animal group to which it belongs.  There are an estimated 340,000 genera represented in the text as well as approximately 3000 supplemental corrections.

This version of the data is very accurate but the conversion process may have introduced some errors in the digital record.