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October 2005 Revised mapping of homonymFlag.
Summer 2005 Addition of Volume 10 - an electronic-only catalog of zoological genera dating from 1994-2004.
Autumn 2004 Editorial processing continues. This including cropping and rotation of PDF and PNG page imagines, content checking, and automated and manual cross-linking of internal cross-references within the text.
Summer 2004 Five editorial cycles with the contractor produced an alpha version of the converted data. Data was converted to a relational table format and an editorial process begun. This editorial process includes automated and manual methods (algorithms to be detailed on this site).
Winter 2003 Professional conversion service was contracted to produce a series of text files according to provided specifications.
Summer 2003 Volumes unbound and all pages are scanned and converted to PDF image files. Multiple attempts at automatic OCR failed to produce a satisfactory result. This included the creation and application of automatic parsing and pattern-matching to augment a manual editorial cycle.
January 2003 uBio recieves permission from the Zoological Society of London to digitize Volumes 1-9 of Nomenclator Zoologicus
version 0.7.x Complete PDF and PNG rotation and cropping.
Algorithm-assisted accuracy review
version 0.8x Addition of initial round of internal cross-references (approx. 60,000)
version 0.9x Additional editorial process including manual review.