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Background: Record Detail

A record detail page is available from the search results page. The record detail provides the following additional information beyond what is available on the search results display.

Option to add comments
NZ browsers have the option of adding comments regarding a specific NZ entry. Comments can be made anonymously or a user can log in. Logging in starts a session whereby any additional comments will not require a further login. A browser can also register a new account at any time.
Reviewer attribution information
Registered reviewers who wish to be credited for reviewing blocks of the Nomenclator Zoologicus become part of the digital record and this information is displayed in the record detail.
Cross reference records
Records that reference the current record or vice-versa are displayed in a separate frameset within the record detail. Clicking on the name will load the record detail for the cross-referenced named.
Recorded Comments
Any recorded comments will be displayed with the record detail.

For many records there will be no additional information beyond what is available in the original search results page. The icon set to the left of each record in the result list indicate the presence of this additional data.

Sample Record detail display