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Editing NZ Online: Database Record

The database record is automatically displayed. It starts at the beginning of the 100 page block. A user can logout at any time and logging in will begin at the next logical record in the block. The database record is displayed on top of the page image division. It can be adjusted to the left or right with buttons to adjust it's position relative to the page record. This position is then maintained for subsequent records.

The database record is formatted to approximate it's original appearance within the printed book to make it easier to compare. The name is in boldface and the record fields are positioned to correlate with the original record. The "Notes" field that contains nomenclatural comments as well as cross-reference information varies in it's position in the record, sometimes appearing near the author/year and sometimes at the end of a record. We use pattern-matching to try to guess the appropriate position. Square-brackets formatted in maroon contain the database fields to supply visual cues to boundary definitions.