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Editing NZ Online: Overview

The conversion of Nomenclator Zoologicus from it's printed form to an electronic version required a complete re-keying to transcribe the text and an automated process to parse the text into database columns (or fields). This conversion process was very accurate but has introduced a small number of transcription and parsing errors into the digitized version.

We have developed an editorial tool that allows the digitized copy to be reviewed against the original printed form and corrected when transcription errors are detected. This tool allows reviewers to register and be credited for their work. We have tried to make the review process as smooth and automated as possible.

The digitized Nomenclator Zoologicus is a valuable reference tool for taxonomists and we wish to ensure that this conversion is as accurate as possible. We are requesting assistance from the taxonomic community in the form of volunteer reviewers who would agree to review 100 page segments. In return for this work, we will provide the reviewer with a personal-use copy of the completed database on CD. Interested parties are asked to contact Patrick Leary to be assigned a block of records.