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Background: Search Results

Search results are displayed in tabular form with the following information displayed per record. Search results are presented in blocks of 500 names.

Column Icon Explanation
Review Status
Digital record has not been verified against the print record
Digital record has been verified against the print record anonymously
Digital record has been verified against the print record by a registered reviewer
Link to the PNG page image
Link to the PDF page image
Record contains a cross-reference or is referred to from another record
Record contains one or more comments
name the genus name in boldface
authority the author and year of publication. Year has been copied to a year column for searching
publication citation information
category general taxonomic category of the name
notes nomenclatural or cross-reference comments
volume source volume (1-9)
page source page within the volume
extinct record contained a dagger indicating taxon is extinct
homonym the name string appears more than once in records outside the corrigenda
corrigenda record is part of the corrigenda and is a correction to a previous record