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Background: Searching

Basic Search Interface

The basic search form provides a convenient single entry form for the most common types of searches. A default setting searches for text in the five text-containing fields (name, authority, publication ,notes , and category) using a boolean OR. Limits can be optionally set to restrict searches to some record categories. Text searching in basic mode is restricted to a broad "contains" qualifier matches the input string within any of the selected columns. (a search for "acrum" returns "Acrum,""Amblyacrum,"and "Psilacrum.")

Searches can also be limited to a specific page in the volumes.

For more refined searching use the Advanced search form

Advanced Search Interface

An Advanced search form provides individual input fields for more refined searching using Boolean AND across multiple columns. It also allows for limited metacharacter use (* for any character). For example "Acanth*" will only find names that begin with "Acanth."

Other searching

Refer to the Database section of this site for access to the table and column names. Requests for additional query options will be accorded consideration for future revisions.

See Summaries by Author, year and homonymFlag for other summary queries that have already been executed and formatted for display.