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October 6, 2005 0.86 - Updated the setting of the homonymFlag based on a improved grouping algorithm. Should eliminate groupings based on duplicate instances of the same name being identified as homonymous.
September 22, 2005 0.85 - Addition of Volume 10. Approximately 20,400 new records.
January 27, 2005 0.80 - Cross-references mapped, editorial identifiers added, and a comment module attached.
December 8, 2004 0.71a - Added a "search by publication" column. Modified Advanced search form.
December 7, 2004 0.71 - searching by year added to advanced search. Also added an exact-match qualifier added to the primary text fields as an option to the default "contains" search function. Checking the exact checkbox also also unix-style glob operators to be used (Ex. Proto* or *Agassiz*). This fixes the ambigous column links that were performing "contains" searches for homonymous records.
December 3, 2004 0.70a - modified the original search form for a more compact footprint. Also require at least a two-character string for a 4 column, boolean OR, 'string contains' search.
December 1, 2004 0.70 - online release