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Catalog of Living Whales
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Title Page
     Pontoporia Gray
      Pontoporia blainvillei Gervais and d'Orbigny
     Inia d'Orbigny
      Inia geoffrensis Blainville
     Lipotes Miller
      Lipotes vexillifer Miller
     Susu Lesson
      Susu gangetica Lebeck
     Steno Gray
      Steno bredanensis Lesson
     Sotalia Gray
      Sotalia fluviatilis Gervais and Deville
      Sotalia guianensis P. J. Van Bnden
      Sotalia brasiliensis E. Van Bnden
      Sotalia chinensis Osbeck
      Sotalia borneensis Lydekker
      Sotalia lentiginosa Gray
      Sotalia plumbea G. Cuvier
      Sotalia teuszi Kkenthal
     Stenella Gray
      Stenella asthenops Cope
      Stenella clymene Gray
      Stenella coeruleoalbus Meyen
      Stenella crotaphiscus Cope
      Stenella dubia G. Cuvier
      Stenella frontalis G. Cuvier
      Stenella graffmani Lnnberg
      Stenella longirostris Gray
      Stenella pernettyi Blainville.
     Delphinus Linnaeus
      Delphinus delphis delphis Linnaeus
      Delphinus delphis ponticus Barabash-Nikiforov
      Delphinus delphis bairdi Dall
     Tursiops Gervais
      Tursiops truncatus aduncus Ehrenberg
      Tursiops truncatus truncatus Montagu
      Tursiops gilli Dall
     Lissodelphis Gloger
      Lissodelphis [peroni] peroni Lacpde
      Lissodelphis [peroni] borealis Peale
     Lagenodelphis Fraser
      Lagenodelphis hosei Fraser
     Lagenorhynchus Gray
      Lagenorhynchus acutus Gray
      Lagenorhynchus albirostris Gray
      Lagenorhynchus cruciger Quoy and Gaimard
      Lagenorhynchus electra Gray
      Lagenorhynchus [cruciger] obliquidens Gill
      Lagenorhynchus thicolea Gray
     Cephalorhynchus Gray
      Cephalorhynchus commersoni Lacpde
      Cephalorhynchus eutropia Gray
      Cephalorhynchus hectori Van Bnden
      Cephalorhynchus heavisidei Gray
     Orcaella Gray
      Orcaella brevirostris Gray
     Pseudorca Reinhardt
      Pseudorca crassidens Owen
     Orcinus Fitzinger
      Orcinus orca Linnaeus
     Grampus Gray
      Grampus griseus G. Cuvier
     Globicephala Lesson
      Globicephala melaena melaena Traill
      Globicephala melaena sieboldi Gray
     Feresa Gray
      Feresa attenuata Gray
     Phocoena G. Cuvier
      Phocoena spinipinnis Burmeister
      Phocoena sinus Norris and McFarland
      Phocoena dioptrica Lahille
      Phocoena phocoena Linnaeus
     Phocoenoides Andrews
      Phocoenoides dalli True
     Neophocaena Palmer
      Neophocaena phocaenoides G. Cuvier
     Delphinapterus Lacpde
      Delphinapterus leucas Pallas
     Monodon Linnaeus
      Monodon monoceros Linnaeus
     Kogia Gray
      Kogia breviceps Blainville
     Physeter Linnaeus
      Physeter catodon Linnaeus
     Tasmacetus Oliver
      Tasmacetus shepherdi Oliver
     Berardius Duvernoy
      Berardius [bairdi] arnuxi Duvernoy
      Berardius [bairdi] bairdi Stejneger
     Mesoplodon Gervais
      Mesoplodon bidens Sowerby
      Mesoplodon europaeus Gervais
      Mesoplodon mirus True
      Mesoplodon grayi Haast
      Mesoplodon ginkgodens Nishiwaki and Kamiya
      Mesoplodon layardi Gray
      Mesoplodon densirostris Blainville
      Mesoplodon stejnegeri True
      Mesoplodon bowdoini Andrews
      Mesoplodon carlhubbsi Moore
     Ziphius G. Cuvier
      Ziphius cavirostris G. Cuvier
     Hyperoodon Lacpde
      Hyperoodon planifrons Flower
      Hyperoodon ampullatus Forster
     Eschrichtius Gray
      Eschrichtius gibbosus Erxleben
     Balaenoptera Lacpde
      Balaenoptera acutorostrata Lacpde
      Balaenoptera edeni Anderson
      Balaenoptera borealis Lesson
      Balaenoptera physalus Linnaeus
      Balaenoptera musculus Linnaeus
     Megaptera Gray
      Megaptera novaeangliae Borowski
     Caperea Gray
      Caperea marginata Gray
     Eubalaena Gray
      Eubalaena glacialis australis Desmoulins
      Eubalaena glacialis glacialis Mller
      Eubalaena glacialis japonica Lacpde
     Balaena Linnaeus
      Balaena mysticetus Linnaeus
  Incertae Sedis
      Amphiptera pacifica Giglioli
      Anarnak Lacpde
      Balaena mangidach Chamisso
      Balaenoptera andrejewi
      Balaenoptera caerulescens
      Balaenoptera grimmi
      Balaenoptera maculata Lacpde
      Balaenoptera nigra Lacpde
      Balaenoptera punctulata Lacpde
      Delphinapterus senedetta Lacpde
      Delphinorhynchus Blainville
      Delphinus bertini Desmarest
      Delphinus boryi Desmarest
      Delphinus chilensis Philippi
      Delphinus coronatus Frminville
      Delphinus feres Bonnaterre
      Delphinus leucocephalus Lesson
      Delphinus lunatus Lesson
      Delphinus maculatus Lesson and Garnot
      Delphinus maculiventer Owen
      Delphinus minimus Lesson
      Delphinus niger Lacpde
      Delphinus rhinoceros Quoy and Gaimard
      Delphinus siculus Rafinesque
      Delphinus tursio Fabricius
      Epiodon Rafinesque
      Epiodon urganantus Rafinesque
      Monodon spurius Fabricius
      Oxypterus Rafinesque
      Oxypterus mongitori Rafinesque

The resultant applicaton representing the Catalog of Whales can be represented as seen here either as a standalone data application or as a combination of local data and name server data. More importantly, these data are available via TNS for other applications.
NameHyperoodon Lacpde
Type SpeciesHyperoodon butskopf Lacépède (=Balaena ampullata Forster), by monotypy.
DistributionFor the northern bottle-nosed whale, Hyperoodon ampullatus Forster: the Arctic Ocean, White and Barents Seas, and North Atlantic from Davis Strait and Spitzbergen to the Baltic and Mediterranean Seas on the east, Rhode Island on the west; in North Pacific from Bering Sea to Japanese waters. For the southern bottle-nosed whale, Hyperoodon planifrons Flower: from Antarctic pack ice to Buenos Aires, Baha Blanca, Argentina, in the South Atlantic, to Valparaiso (33 S.) and New Zealand in the South Pacific, and to southern and western Australia in the Indian Ocean.
Page #142
HyperoodonLacpde1804Hist. Nat. Ctaces, pp. xliv, 319.
HyperoodonSonnini (Lacpde)1804Hist. Nat. Ctaces, pp. 42, 438.
HyperoodonVan Bnden and Gervais1880Ostographie des ctacs, p. 356[taxonomy]
HyperoodonFlower1883Proc. Zool. Soc. London, 1882: 722[taxonomy]
HyperoodonWinge1942Interrelat. Mamm. Gen., 3: 305[characters; classification]
HyprodonDumril1806Zool. Analytique, p. 28[emendation of Hyperoodon Lacpde]
UranodonIlliger1811Prodr. Syst. Mamm. Avium, p. 143[emendation of Hyperoodon Lacpde, 1804; type species: Delphinus Butzkopf (sic) Bonnaterre]
BidensFischer1814Zoognosia, Tabulis synopticis illustrata, 3: 686[type species: Delphinus diodon "Hunter" (1787, Philos. Trans.) (=Delphinus diodon Lacpde, 1804), by monotypy]
Heterodon Blainville inDesmarest1817Nouv. Dict. Hist. Nat., 9: 175[included species: Anarnacus (sic) groenlandicus Lacpde (= Monodon spurius Fabricius), Delphinus chemnitzianus Blainville (new name for Balaena rostrata Mller, 1778), Delphinus edentulus Schreber, Delphinus bidentatus Blainville (=Delphinus diodon Lacpde), Delphinus butskode (sic) Blainville (type, here selected=Hyperoodon butskopf Lacpde= Balaena ampullata Forster), Delphinus sowerbensis Blainville (=Delphinus bidens Sowerby=Mesoplodon bidens Sowerby), Epiodon urganantus Rafinesque (=incertae sedis), Delphinus densirostris Blainville (= Mesoplodon densirostris Blainville); generic name preoccupied by Heterodon Latreille, 1801, a genus of Reptilia]
HyperdordonGray1821London Medical Repository, 15: 210[typographical error for Hyperoodon Lacpde; included species: Delphinus edentus (sic) Schreber (=D. edentulus Schreber=Balaena ampullata Forster)]
Ceto-diodonJacob1825Dublin Philos. Journ. Sci. Rev. (1825), 1: 72[type species: Ceto-diodon Hunteri (=Delphinus hunteri Desmarest= Balaena ampullata Forster), by monotypy]
AnodonWagler1830Nat. Syst. Amphibien, ftn. 3, p. 34[possibly a misspelling of Aodon Lesson (=Mesoplodon Wagler) but with included species Delphinus edentulus Schreber (here selected type=Balaena ampullata Forster) and Delphinus butzkopf (sic) Bonnaterre (=Balaena ampullata Forster); generic name preoccupied by Anodon Smith, 1829, a reptile]
OrcaWagler1830Nat. Syst. Amphibien, p. 34[included species: Delphinus bidentatus "Hunter" (type by subsequent designation (Iredale and Troughton, 1934, Mem. Australian Mus., 6: 60)=Delphinus bidentatus Bonnaterre=Balaena ampullata Forster), D. demarestii (=Ziphius cavirostris Cuvier)]
ChnodelphinusEschricht1843Frhandl. Skandinaviske Naturforsk., Stockholm, 3(July 1842): 655[substitute name for Hyperoodon Lacpde; taxonomic history; characters]
ChnodelphinusEschricht1845Isis von Oken, p. 439[abstract of original memoir]
UperoodonGray1843List Mamm. Brit. Mus., p. xxiii[misprint for either Hyperoodon Lacpde or Uranodon Illiger; included synonyms (or subgenera?): Uranodon Illiger, Nodus Wagler, Aodon Lesson]
ChnocetusEschricht1846Oversigt K. Danske Vidensk. Selsk. Forhandl., Copenhagen, 1845: 17[new name for Hyperoodon Lacpde; type species: the "Naebhval" (=Balaena ampullata Forster)]
ChenocetusGray1846Zoology of the voyage of H. M. S. Erebus and Terror, 1 (Mammalia): 52 (in text)[emendation of Chnocetus Eschricht, 1846]
HyperhoodonGervais1850Ann. Sci. Nat., (3), Zool., 14: 2[emendation of Hyperoodon Lacpde]
ChenodelphinusDuvernoy1851Ann. Sci. Nat. Paris, (3), Zool., 15: 45[emendation of Chnodelphinus Eschricht]
LagenocetusGray1863Proc. Zool. Soc. London, 1863: 200[type species: Lagenocetus latifrons (=Hyperoodon latifrons Gray=Balaena ampullata Forster), by monotypy]
LagocetusGray1866Cat. seals and whales Brit. Mus., pp. 82, 104, 336[emendation of Lagenocetus Gray]
HyperaodonCope1869Proc. Acad. Nat. Sci. Philadelphia, p. 31[misspelling of Hyperoodon Lacpde; only species mentioned: H. semijunctus Cope, which is a Ziphius]
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