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170 Scientific Matches
Acanthomysis Czerniavsky 1882
Acanthomysis alaskensis
Acanthomysis alaskensis Banner 1954
Acanthomysis anomala
Acanthomysis anomala Pillai, 1961
Acanthomysis aokii
Acanthomysis aokii Ii, 1964
Acanthomysis aspera
Acanthomysis aspera Ii, 1964
Acanthomysis bispinosa
Acanthomysis bispinosa Bacescu, 1979
Acanthomysis borealis
Acanthomysis borealis A. H. Banner, 1954
Acanthomysis borealis Banner 1954
Acanthomysis bowmani
Acanthomysis bowmani Modlin and Orsi, 1997
Acanthomysis brevirostris
Acanthomysis brevirostris Wang & Liu 1997
Acanthomysis brucei
Acanthomysis brucei Fukuoka and Murano, 2002
Acanthomysis brunnea
Acanthomysis brunnea Murano & Chess 1987
Acanthomysis californica
Acanthomysis californica Chess and Murano
Acanthomysis californica Murano and Chess, 1987
Acanthomysis californiensis
Acanthomysis californiensis Murano
Acanthomysis columbiae
Acanthomysis columbiae (Tattersall 1933)
Acanthomysis columbiae (W. M. Tattersall, 1933)
Acanthomysis columbiae Tattersall 1933
Acanthomysis costata
Acanthomysis costata (Holmes, 1900)
Acanthomysis crassispinosa
Acanthomysis crassispinosa Liu & Wang 1983
Acanthomysis crassispinosa Liu and Wang, 1980
Acanthomysis davisi
Acanthomysis davisi A. H. Banner, 1948
Acanthomysis davisi Banner 1948
Acanthomysis dimorpha
Acanthomysis dimorpha Ii, 1936
Acanthomysis dybowskii
Acanthomysis dybowskii (Derzhavin, 1913)
Acanthomysis dybowskii Derzhavin 1913
Acanthomysis fluviatilis
Acanthomysis fluviatilis (Babueva, 1988)
Acanthomysis fluviatilis Babueva 1988
Acanthomysis fujinagai
Acanthomysis fujinagai Ii, 1964
Acanthomysis grimmi
Acanthomysis grimmi (G. O. Sars, 1895)
Acanthomysis hodgarti
Acanthomysis hodgarti (Tattersall 1922)
Acanthomysis hodgarti (W. M. Tattersall, 1922)
Acanthomysis hodgarti Tattersall 1922
Acanthomysis hwanhaiensis
Acanthomysis hwanhaiensis Ii, 1964
Acanthomysis indica
Acanthomysis indica (W. M. Tattersall, 1922)
Acanthomysis indica Tattersall 1922
Acanthomysis inflata
Acanthomysis inflata (G. O. Sars, 1907)
Acanthomysis japonica
Acanthomysis japonica (Marukawa, 1928)
Acanthomysis japonica Marukawa 1928
Acanthomysis koreana
Acanthomysis koreana Ii, 1964
Acanthomysis laticauda
Acanthomysis laticauda Liu & Wang 1980
Acanthomysis laticauda Liu & Wang 1983
Acanthomysis leptura
Acanthomysis leptura Liu & Wang 1983
Acanthomysis leptura Liu and Wang, 1980
Acanthomysis longicauda
Acanthomysis longicauda Murano, 1991
Acanthomysis longicornis
Acanthomysis longicornis (H. Milne Edwards, 1837)
Acanthomysis longicornis (Milne-Edwards, 1837)
Acanthomysis longicornis Milne-Edwards 1837
Acanthomysis longirostris
Acanthomysis longirostris Ii, 1936
Acanthomysis longispina
Acanthomysis longispina Fukuoka and Murano, 2002
Acanthomysis macrops
Acanthomysis macrops Pillai, 1973
Acanthomysis macropsis
Acanthomysis macropsis (W. M. Tattersall, 1932)
Acanthomysis macropsis Tattersall 1932
Acanthomysis meridionalis
Acanthomysis meridionalis Liu & Wang
Acanthomysis meridionalis Liu and Wang, 1983
Acanthomysis minuta
Acanthomysis minuta Liu & Wang 1983
Acanthomysis mitsukurii
Acanthomysis mitsukurii (Nakazawa, 1910)
Acanthomysis nakazatoi
Acanthomysis nakazatoi Ii, 1964
Acanthomysis nephrophthalma
Acanthomysis nephrophthalma A. H. Banner, 1948
Acanthomysis nephrophthalma Banner 1948
Acanthomysis okayamaensis
Acanthomysis okayamaensis Ii
Acanthomysis okayamaensis Ii, 1964
Acanthomysis okayamaesis
Acanthomysis ornata
Acanthomysis ornata O. Tattersall, 1965
Acanthomysis ornata Tattersall 1965
Acanthomysis pelagica
Acanthomysis pelagica (Pillai, 1957)
Acanthomysis pelagica Pillai 1957
Acanthomysis platycauda
Acanthomysis platycauda (Pillai, 1961)
Acanthomysis platycauda Pillai 1964
Acanthomysis pseudomacropsis
Acanthomysis pseudomacropsis (Tattersall 1933)
Acanthomysis pseudomacropsis (W. M. Tattersall, 1933)
Acanthomysis pseudomitsukurii
Acanthomysis pseudomitsukurii Ii, 1964
Acanthomysis pseudomitukurii Ii
Acanthomysis pseudomitukurii Ii 1964
Acanthomysis quadrispinosa
Acanthomysis quadrispinosa Nouvel, 1965
Acanthomysis quadrospinosa
Acanthomysis quadrospinosa Nouvel 1965
Acanthomysis robusta
Acanthomysis robusta Murano, 1984
Acanthomysis rotundicauda
Acanthomysis rotundicauda Liu & Wang 1983
Acanthomysis rotundicauda Liu and Wang, 1980
Acanthomysis sagamiensis
Acanthomysis sagamiensis (Nakazawa, 1910)
Acanthomysis sagamiensis Nakazawa 1910
Acanthomysis schrencki
Acanthomysis schrencki (Czerniavsky, 1882)
Acanthomysis schrencki Czerniavsky 1882
Acanthomysis sculpta
Acanthomysis sculpta (Tattersall 1933)
Acanthomysis sculpta (W. M. Tattersall, 1933)
Acanthomysis sculpta nuda
Acanthomysis sculpta nuda A. H. Banner, 1948
Acanthomysis sculpta nuda Banner 1948
Acanthomysis sculpta subsp. nuda
Acanthomysis sculpta subsp. nuda A. H. Banner, 1948
Acanthomysis serrata
Acanthomysis serrata Liu & Wang
Acanthomysis serrata Liu & Wang 1983
Acanthomysis serrata Liu and Wang, 1980
Acanthomysis sheni
Acanthomysis sheni Wang & Liu 1983
Acanthomysis sheni Wang and Liu, 1989
Acanthomysis sinensis
Acanthomysis sinensis Ii, 1964
Acanthomysis stelleri
Acanthomysis stelleri (Derzhavin, 1913)
Acanthomysis stelleri Derzhavin 1913
Acanthomysis strauchi
Acanthomysis strauchi (Czerniavsky, 1882)
Acanthomysis strauchi Czerniavsky 1882
Acanthomysis tamurai
Acanthomysis tamurai Ii, 1964
Acanthomysis tenella
Acanthomysis tenella Liu and Wang, 1983
Acanthomysis tenuicauda
Acanthomysis tenuicauda Murano, 1984
Acanthomysis thailandica
Acanthomysis thailandica Murano, 1986
Acanthomysis trophopristes
Acanthomysis trophopristes O. Tattersall, 1957
Acanthomysis trophopristes Tattersall 1957

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