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607 Scientific Matches
Acropora (Acropora)
Acropora (Acropora) awi
Acropora (Acropora) azurea
Acropora (Acropora) batunai
Acropora (Acropora) branchi
Acropora (Acropora) bushyensis
Acropora (Acropora) chesterfieldensis
Acropora (Acropora) clathrata (Brook 1891)
Acropora (Acropora) cytherea (Dana 1846)
Acropora (Acropora) danai (Edwards & Haime 1860)
Acropora (Acropora) derawanensis
Acropora (Acropora) donei
Acropora (Acropora) downingi
Acropora (Acropora) gemmifera (Brook 1892)
Acropora (Acropora) granulosa (Edwards & Haime 1860)
Acropora (Acropora) halmaherae
Acropora (Acropora) hoeksemai
Acropora (Acropora) humilis (Dana 1846)
Acropora (Acropora) hyacinthus (Dana 1846)
Acropora (Acropora) indonesia
Acropora (Acropora) intermedia (Brook 1891)
Acropora (Acropora) intermedia (Dana 1846)
Acropora (Acropora) kimbeensis
Acropora (Acropora) kirstyae
Acropora (Acropora) loripes (Brook 1892)
Acropora (Acropora) lovelli
Acropora (Acropora) mossambica
Acropora (Acropora) natalensis
Acropora (Acropora) nobilis (Dana 1846)
Acropora (Acropora) pichoni
Acropora (Acropora) plumosa
Acropora (Acropora) rongelapensis
Acropora (Acropora) roseni
Acropora (Acropora) secale (Studer 1878)
Acropora (Acropora) selago (Studer 1878)
Acropora (Acropora) simplex
Acropora (Acropora) sordiensis
Acropora (Acropora) suharsonoi Wallace 1994
Acropora (Acropora) sukarnoi
Acropora (Acropora) togianensis
Acropora (Acropora) valenciennesi (Edwards & Haime 1860)
Acropora (Acropora) verweyi
Acropora (Acropora) walindii
Acropora (Acropora) willisae
Acropora (Acropora) yongei
Acropora (Isopora)
Acropora (Isopora) Studer 1878
Acropora (Isopora) brueggemanni
Acropora (Isopora) palifera
Acropora Krueger 1823
Acropora Oken, 1815
Acropora Reuss 1869
Acropora abrolhosensis
Acropora abrolhosensis Veron, 1985
Acropora abrotanoides
Acropora abrotanoides (Lamarck)
Acropora abrotanoides (Lamarck, 1816)
Acropora accepted namea
Acropora accepted namea (Dana, 1846)
Acropora accepted subsp. namea (Dana, 1846)
Acropora aculeus
Acropora aculeus (Dana, 1846)
Acropora acuminata
Acropora acuminata (Verrill, 1864)
Acropora akajimensis
Acropora akajimensis Veron, 1990
Acropora alces
Acropora alces (Dana, 1846)
Acropora anthocercis
Acropora anthocercis (Brook, 1893)
Acropora appressa
Acropora appressa (Ehrenberg, 1834)
Acropora arabensis
Acropora arabensis Hodgson & Carpenter, 1995
Acropora arabensis Hodgson and Carpenter, 1996
Acropora aspera
Acropora aspera (Dana, 1846)
Acropora attenuata
Acropora attenuata (Brook, 1893)
Acropora austera
Acropora austera (Dana, 1846)
Acropora awi
Acropora awi Wallace and Wolstenholme, 1998
Acropora azurea
Acropora azurea Veron and Wallace, 1984
Acropora bancellsae
Acropora bandensis
Acropora bandensis Verrill 1902
Acropora batunai
Acropora batunai Wallace, 1997
Acropora bifurcata
Acropora bifurcata Nemenzo, 1971
Acropora brachi
Acropora brachi Riegl, 1995
Acropora branchi
Acropora branchi Riegl, 1995
Acropora brueggemani
Acropora brueggemani (Brook 1893)
Acropora brueggemanni
Acropora brueggemanni (Brook, 1891)
Acropora brueggemanni (Brook, 1893)
Acropora bushyensis
Acropora bushyensis Veron and Wallace, 1984
Acropora capillaris
Acropora capillaris (Klunzinger, 1879)
Acropora cardenae
Acropora cardenae Wells, 1986
Acropora cardenae Wells, 1987
Acropora carduus
Acropora carduus (Dana, 1846)
Acropora caroliniana
Acropora caroliniana Nemenzo, 1976
Acropora cerealis
Acropora cerealis (Dana, 1846)
Acropora cervicornis
Acropora cervicornis (Lamarck, 1816)
Acropora ceylonica
Acropora ceylonica (Ortmann, 1889)
Acropora chesterfieldensis
Acropora chesterfieldensis Veron and Wallace, 1984
Acropora clathrata
Acropora clathrata (Brook, 1891)
Acropora concinna
Acropora concinna (Brook 1891)
Acropora convexa
Acropora convexa (Dana, 1846)
Acropora cophodactyla
Acropora cophodactyla (Brook, 1892)
Acropora copiosa
Acropora copiosa Nemenzo, 1967
Acropora corymbosa
Acropora crassa
Acropora crassa (Milne Edwards & Haime, 1860)
Acropora crassa (Milne-Edwards and Haime, 1860)
Acropora crateriformis
Acropora crateriformis (Gardiner, 1898)
Acropora crevicornis
Acropora cruciseptata
Acropora cruciseptata Theil 1932
Acropora cuneata
Acropora cuneata (Dana, 1846)
Acropora cuspidata
Acropora cuspidata (Dana, 1846)
Acropora cyclopea
Acropora cyclopea (Dana, 1846)
Acropora cylindrica
Acropora cylindrica Veron & Fenner 2000
Acropora cylindrica Veron & Fenner, 2002
Acropora cylindrica Veron and Fenner in Veron, 2000
Acropora cymbicyathus
Acropora cymbicyathus (Brook)
Acropora cytherea
Acropora cytherea (Dana, 1846)
Acropora dactylophora
Acropora dactylophora (Brook 1893)
Acropora danae
Acropora danae Wells 1954
Acropora danai
Acropora danai (Milne Edwards & Haime, 1860)
Acropora danai (Milne-Edwards and Haime, 1860)
Acropora danai :
Acropora delicatula
Acropora delicatula (Brook 1891)
Acropora delicatula (Brook)
Acropora demani
Acropora demani (Rehberg, 1892)
Acropora dendrum
Acropora dendrum (Bassett-Smith, 1890)
Acropora derawaensis
Acropora derawaensis Wallace, 1997
Acropora derawanensis
Acropora derawanensis Wallace, 1997
Acropora desalwii
Acropora desalwii Wallace, 1994
Acropora diffusa
Acropora diffusa (Verrill, 1864)
Acropora digitifera
Acropora digitifera (Dana, 1846)
Acropora divaricata
Acropora divaricata (Dana, 1846)
Acropora diversa
Acropora diversa (Brook 1891)
Acropora diversa (Brook 1898)
Acropora diversa (Brook)
Acropora donei
Acropora donei Veron and Wallace, 1984
Acropora downingi
Acropora downingi Wallace, 1999
Acropora dumosa
Acropora dumosa (Brook, 1893)
Acropora echinata
Acropora echinata (Dana, 1846)
Acropora efflorescens
Acropora efflorescens (Dana, 1846)
Acropora elegans
Acropora elegans (Milne Edwards & Haime, 1860)
Acropora elegans (Milne-Edwards and Haime, 1860)
Acropora elegantula
Acropora elegantula (Ortmann, 1889)
Acropora elizabethensis
Acropora elizabethensis Veron, 2000
Acropora elizabethensis Veron, 2002
Acropora elliptica
Acropora elliptica (Rehberg, 1892)
Acropora elseyi
Acropora elseyi (Brook, 1892)
Acropora eurystoma
Acropora eurystoma (Klunzinger, 1879)
Acropora exquisita
Acropora exquisita Nemenzo, 1971
Acropora fasciculare
Acropora fastigata
Acropora fastigiata
Acropora fastigiata Nemenzo, 1967
Acropora fenneri
Acropora fenneri Veron, 2000
Acropora fenneri Veron, 2002
Acropora filiformis
Acropora filiformis Veron, 2000
Acropora filiformis Veron, 2002
Acropora florida
Acropora florida (Dana, 1846)
Acropora formosa
Acropora formosa (Dana, 1846)
Acropora forskali
Acropora forskalii
Acropora forskalii (Hemprich & Ehrenberg, 1834)
Acropora gemmifera
Acropora gemmifera (Brook, 1892)
Acropora gemmiferra
Acropora glauca
Acropora glauca (Brook, 1893)
Acropora globiceps
Acropora globiceps (Dana, 1846)
Acropora glochiclados
Acropora glochiclados (Brook, 1893)
Acropora gomezi
Acropora gomezi Veron, 2000
Acropora gomezi Veron, 2002
Acropora gonagra
Acropora gonagra (Milne Edwards & Haime, 1860)
Acropora grandis
Acropora grandis (Brook, 1892)
Acropora granulosa
Acropora granulosa (Milne Edwards & Haime, 1860)
Acropora granulosa (Milne-Edwards and Haime, 1860)
Acropora haimei
Acropora haimei (Milne Edwards & Haime, 1860)
Acropora halmaherae
Acropora halmaherae Wallace and Wolstenholme, 1998
Acropora hebes
Acropora hebes (Dana 1846)
Acropora hemprichi
Acropora hemprichii
Acropora hemprichii (Ehrenberg, 1834)
Acropora heteroclados
Acropora heteroclados (Brook, 1893)
Acropora hoeksemai
Acropora hoeksemai Wallace, 1997
Acropora horrida
Acropora horrida (Dana, 1846)
Acropora humilis
Acropora humilis (Dana, 1846)
Acropora hyacinthus
Acropora hyacinthus (Dana, 1846)
Acropora implicata
Acropora implicata (Dana, 1846)
Acropora indiana
Acropora indiana Wallace, 1994
Acropora indica
Acropora indica (Brook, 1893)
Acropora indonesia
Acropora indonesia Wallace, 1997
Acropora inermis
Acropora inermis (Brook, 1891)
Acropora insignis
Acropora insignis Nemenzo, 1967
Acropora intermedia
Acropora intermedia (Brook, 1891)
Acropora irregularis
Acropora irregularis (Brook, 1892)
Acropora jacquelinae
Acropora jacquelinae Wallace, 1994
Acropora jacquelineae
Acropora jacquelineae Wallace, 1994
Acropora japonica
Acropora japonica Veron, 2000
Acropora japonica Veron, 2002
Acropora kimbeensis
Acropora kimbeensis Wallace, 1999
Acropora kirstyae
Acropora kirstyae Veron and Wallace, 1984
Acropora kosurini
Acropora kosurini Wallace, 1994
Acropora lamarcki
Acropora lamarcki Veron, 2000
Acropora lamarcki Veron, 2002
Acropora latistella
Acropora latistella (Brook, 1892)
Acropora lianae
Acropora lianae Nemenzo, 1967
Acropora listeri
Acropora listeri (Brook, 1893)
Acropora loisetteae
Acropora loisetteae Wallace, 1994
Acropora lokani
Acropora lokani Wallace, 1994
Acropora longicyathus
Acropora longicyathus (Milne Edwards & Haime, 1860)
Acropora longicyathus (Milne-Edwards and Haime, 1860)
Acropora loripes
Acropora loripes (Brook, 1892)
Acropora lovelii
Acropora lovelli
Acropora lovelli Veron and Wallace, 1984
Acropora lutkeni
Acropora lutkeni Crossland, 1952
Acropora macrostoma
Acropora macrostoma (Brook, 1891)
Acropora magnifica
Acropora magnifica Nemenzo, 1971
Acropora maryae
Acropora maryae Veron, 2000
Acropora maryae Veron, 2002
Acropora massawensis
Acropora massawensis Marenzeller, 1906
Acropora massawensis von Marenzeller 1906
Acropora meridiana
Acropora meridiana Nemenzo, 1971
Acropora microclados
Acropora microclados (Ehrenberg, 1834)
Acropora microdados
Acropora microphthalma
Acropora microphthalma (Verrill, 1869)
Acropora microphthlama
Acropora millepora
Acropora millepora (Ehrenberg, 1834)
Acropora minuta
Acropora minuta Veron, 2000
Acropora minuta Veron, 2002
Acropora mirabilis
Acropora mirabilis (Quelch, 1886)
Acropora mirabilis Quelch, 1886
Acropora monticulosa
Acropora monticulosa (Brueggemann, 1879)
Acropora monticulosa (Brüggemann, 1879)
Acropora mossambica
Acropora mossambica Riegl, 1995
Acropora multiacuta
Acropora multiacuta (Nemenzo, 1967)
Acropora multiacuta Nemenzo, 1967
Acropora muricata
Acropora nana
Acropora nana (Studer, 1878)
Acropora nasuta
Acropora nasuta (Dana, 1846)
Acropora natalensis
Acropora natalensis Riegl, 1995
Acropora navini
Acropora navini Veron, 2000
Acropora navini Veron, 2002
Acropora nobilis
Acropora nobilis (Dana, 1846)
Acropora ocellata
Acropora ocellata (Klunzinger, 1879)
Acropora oligocyathus
Acropora oligocyathus (Brook, 1892)
Acropora orbicularis
Acropora orbicularis (Brook, 1892)
Acropora otteri
Acropora otteri Crossland 1952
Acropora pagoensis
Acropora pagoensis Hoffmeister, 1925
Acropora palamata
Acropora palifera
Acropora palifera (Dana 1846)
Acropora palifera (Lamarck, 1816)
Acropora palmata
Acropora palmata (Lamarck, 1816)
Acropora palmerae
Acropora palmerae Wells, 1954
Acropora paniculata
Acropora paniculata Verrill, 1902
Acropora papillare
Acropora papillare Latypov, 1992
Acropora parahemprichii
Acropora parahemprichii Veron, 2000
Acropora parahemprichii Veron, 2002
Acropora parapharaonis
Acropora parapharaonis Veron, 2000
Acropora parapharaonis Veron, 2002
Acropora parilis
Acropora parilis (Quelch, 1886)
Acropora parilis Quelch, 1886
Acropora parvistella
Acropora parvistella (Verrill, 1864)
Acropora pectinata
Acropora pectinatus
Acropora pectinatus Veron, 2000
Acropora pectinatus Veron, 2002
Acropora pharaonis
Acropora pharaonis (Milne Edwards & Haime, 1860)
Acropora pharaonis (Milne-Edwards and Haime, 1860)
Acropora philippinensis
Acropora philippinensis (Rehberg, 1892)
Acropora pichoni
Acropora pichoni Wallace, 1999
Acropora pinguis
Acropora pinguis Wells, 1950
Acropora plana
Acropora plana Nemenzo, 1967
Acropora plantaginea
Acropora plantaginea (Lamarck, 1816)
Acropora platycyathus
Acropora platycyathus (Brook, 1893)
Acropora plumosa
Acropora plumosa Wallace and Wolstenholme, 1998
Acropora pocilloporina
Acropora pocilloporina Wallace, 1994
Acropora polymorpha
Acropora polymorpha (Brook, 1891)
Acropora polystoma
Acropora polystoma (Brook, 1891)
Acropora profusa
Acropora profusa Nemenzo, 1967
Acropora prolifera
Acropora prolifera (Lamarck, 1816)
Acropora prostrata
Acropora prostrata (Dana, 1846)
Acropora proximalis
Acropora proximalis Veron, 2000
Acropora proximalis Veron, 2002
Acropora pruinosa
Acropora pruinosa (Brook, 1893)
Acropora pulchra
Acropora pulchra (Brook, 1891)
Acropora pumila
Acropora pumila (Verrill, 1866)
Acropora quelchi
Acropora quelchi (Brook 1893)
Acropora rambleri
Acropora rambleri (Bassett-Smith, 1890)
Acropora rambleri Bassett-Smith, 1890
Acropora ramiculosa
Acropora ramiculosa (Dana, 1846)
Acropora ramosi
Acropora rayneri
Acropora rayneri (Brook, 1892)
Acropora reticulata
Acropora reticulata (Brook, 1893)
Acropora retusa
Acropora retusa (Dana, 1846)
Acropora ridzwani
Acropora ridzwani Ditlev, 2003
Acropora robusta
Acropora robusta (Dana, 1846)
Acropora rongelapensis
Acropora rongelapensis Richards & Wallace, 2004
Acropora rosaria
Acropora rosaria (Dana, 1846)
Acropora roseni
Acropora roseni Wallace, 1999
Acropora rotumana
Acropora rotumana (Gardiner 1898)
Acropora rudis
Acropora rudis (Rehberg, 1892)
Acropora rufus
Acropora rufus Veron, 2000
Acropora rufus Veron, 2002
Acropora russelli
Acropora russelli Wallace, 1994
Acropora sabulata
Acropora sabulata (Dana, 1846)
Acropora samoensis
Acropora samoensis (Brook, 1891)
Acropora sarmentosa
Acropora sarmentosa (Brook, 1892)
Acropora scandens
Acropora scandens (Klunzinger, 1879)
Acropora scherzeriana
Acropora scherzeriana (Brüggemann, 1877)
Acropora schmitti
Acropora schmitti Wells, 1950
Acropora secale
Acropora secale (Studer, 1878)
Acropora sekiseiensis
Acropora sekiseiensis Veron, 1990
Acropora selago
Acropora selago (Studer, 1878)
Acropora seriata
Acropora seriata (Ehrenberg, 1834)
Acropora simplex
Acropora simplex Wallace and Wolstenholme, 1998
Acropora solitaryensis
Acropora solitaryensis Veron and Wallace, 1984
Acropora sordiensis
Acropora sordiensis Riegl, 1995
Acropora spathulata
Acropora speciosa
Acropora speciosa (Quelch, 1886)
Acropora spicfiera
Acropora spicifera
Acropora spicifera (Dana, 1846)
Acropora splendida
Acropora splendida Nemenzo, 1967
Acropora splendida Nemonzo
Acropora spp.
Acropora squamata
Acropora squamosa
Acropora squarrosa
Acropora squarrosa (Ehrenberg, 1834)
Acropora squarrosa (Hemprich & Ehrenberg, 1834)
Acropora stigmataria
Acropora stigmataria (Milne Edwards & Haime, 1860)
Acropora stoddarti
Acropora stoddarti Pillai and Scheer, 1976
Acropora striata
Acropora striata (Verrill, 1866)
Acropora studeri
Acropora studeri (Brook, 1893)
Acropora subglabra
Acropora subglabra (Brook, 1891)
Acropora subulata
Acropora subulata (Dana, 1846)
Acropora suharsonoi
Acropora suharsonoi Wallace, 1994
Acropora sukarnoi
Acropora sukarnoi Wallace, 1997
Acropora surculosa
Acropora surculosa (Dana, 1846)
Acropora syringodes
Acropora syringodes (Brook, 1892)
Acropora tanegashimensis
Acropora tanegashimensis Veron, 1990
Acropora tenella
Acropora tenella (Brook, 1892)
Acropora tenuis
Acropora tenuis (Dana, 1846)
Acropora teres
Acropora teres (Verrill, 1866)
Acropora thurstoni
Acropora thurstoni (Brook, 1893)
Acropora tizardi
Acropora tizardi (Brook, 1892)
Acropora togianensis
Acropora togianensis Wallace, 1997
Acropora torihalimeda
Acropora torihalimeda Wallace, 1994
Acropora torresiana
Acropora torresiana Veron, 2000
Acropora torresiana Veron, 2002
Acropora tortuosa
Acropora tortuosa (Dana, 1846)
Acropora tuberculosa
Acropora tuberculosa (Milne Edwards & Haime, 1860)
Acropora tubicinaria
Acropora tubicinaria (Dana, 1846)
Acropora tubulosa
Acropora tubulosa (Ehrenberg, 1834)
Acropora tumida
Acropora tumida (Verrill, 1866)
Acropora tumida Verrill, 1866
Acropora turaki
Acropora turaki Wallace, 1994
Acropora turgida
Acropora turgida (Verrill, 1866)
Acropora tutuilensis
Acropora tutuilensis Hoffmeister, 1925
Acropora valencennesii
Acropora valencennesii (Milne Edwards & Haime, 1860)
Acropora valenciennesi
Acropora valenciennesi (Milne Edwards & Haime, 1860)
Acropora valenciennesi (Milne-Edwards and Haime, 1860)
Acropora valida
Acropora valida (Dana, 1846)
Acropora vanderhorsti
Acropora vanderhorsti Hoffmeister 1925
Acropora variabilis
Acropora variabilis (Klunzinger, 1879)
Acropora variolosa
Acropora variolosa (Klunzinger, 1879)
Acropora vaughani
Acropora vaughani (Wells 1954)
Acropora vaughani Wells, 1954
Acropora vermiculata
Acropora vermiculata Nemenzo, 1967
Acropora verweyi
Acropora verweyi Veron and Wallace, 1984
Acropora walindii
Acropora walindii Wallace, 1999
Acropora wallacea
Acropora wallacea Veron, 1990
Acropora wallaceae
Acropora wallaceae Veron, 1990
Acropora wardii
Acropora willisae
Acropora willisae Veron and Wallace, 1984
Acropora yongei
Acropora yongei Veron and Wallace, 1984
Impletosphaeridium acropora
Impletosphaeridium acropora Warny & Wrenn 1997
Krampia acropora
Krampia acropora Ditlevsen, 1921
Torcula acropora
Turritella acropora
Turritella acropora Dall, 1889

45 Other Matches
purple tipped acropora (Acropora tenuis)Common name
Acropora butterfly (Chaetodon trifascialis)English
Acropora cf. aspera
Acropora cf. pulchra
Acropora sp. #30
Acropora sp. A0003
Acropora sp. Aka-1
Acropora sp. G55605
Acropora sp. G55606
Acropora sp. G55607
Acropora sp. G55610
Acropora sp. G55613
Acropora sp. G56375
Acropora sp. G56376
Acropora sp. G56377
Acropora sp. G56378
Acropora sp. G56379
Acropora sp. G56380
Acropora sp. G56741
Acropora sp. G56758
Acropora sp. G56765
Acropora sp. G56767
Acropora sp. G56769
Acropora sp. G56770
Acropora sp. G56771
Acropora sp. G56774
Acropora sp. G56775
Acropora sp. G56777
Acropora sp. G56780
Acropora sp. G56781
Acropora sp. G56787
Acropora sp. G56789
Acropora sp. G56793
Acropora sp. G56795
Acropora sp. G56796
Acropora sp. G56797
Acropora sp. G56798
Symbiodinium sp. ex Acropora aspera
Symbiodinium sp. ex Acropora brueggemanni
Symbiodinium sp. ex Acropora hyacinthus
Symbiodinium sp. ex Acropora longicyathus
Symbiodinium sp. ex Acropora millepora
Symbiodinium sp. ex Acropora palifera
Symbiodinium sp. ex Acropora tenuis
Symbiodinium sp. ex Acropora valida

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