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373 Scientific Matches
Amphiroa Blainville 1830
Amphiroa J. V. F. Lamouroux, 1812
Amphiroa J. V. Lamour.
Amphiroa Lamouroux 1812
Amphiroa aberrans
Amphiroa aberrans Yendo
Amphiroa aberrans Yendo 1902
Amphiroa acuitiloba
Amphiroa acuitiloba Decaisne 1842
Amphiroa acutiloba
Amphiroa acutiloba Decaisne
Amphiroa algeriensis
Amphiroa algeriensis Kützing
Amphiroa algeriensis Kützing 1857
Amphiroa amethystina
Amphiroa amethystina Zanardini
Amphiroa amethystina Zanardini 1844
Amphiroa anastomosans
Amphiroa anastomosans Weber-van Bosse
Amphiroa anastomosans Weber-van Bosse 1904
Amphiroa anceps
Amphiroa anceps (Lamarck) Decaisne
Amphiroa anceps (Lamarck) Decaisne 1842
Amphiroa anchiverricosa
Amphiroa annulata
Amphiroa annulata M. Lemoine
Amphiroa annulata pinnata
Amphiroa annulata pinnata E. Y. Dawson
Amphiroa annulata var. pinnata
Amphiroa annulata var. pinnata E.Y. Dawson
Amphiroa aspergillum f. nana Setchell & Gardner
Amphiroa aspergillum forma nana
Amphiroa aspergillum forma nana Setchell & Gardner
Amphiroa aspergillum nana
Amphiroa aspergillum nana Setchell & Gardner
Amphiroa australis
Amphiroa australis Sonder
Amphiroa australis Sonder 1845
Amphiroa beauvoisii
Amphiroa beauvoisii J. V. Lamouroux
Amphiroa beauvoisii J.V. Lamouroux, 1816
Amphiroa beauvoisii Lamouroux
Amphiroa beauvoisii crassiuscula
Amphiroa beauvoisii crassiuscula (Harvey) Yendo
Amphiroa beauvoisii var. crassiuscula
Amphiroa beauvoisii var. crassiuscula (Harvey) Yendo
Amphiroa bowerbankii
Amphiroa bowerbankii Harvey
Amphiroa brasiliana
Amphiroa brasiliana Decaisne
Amphiroa brevianceps
Amphiroa brevianceps E. Y. Dawson
Amphiroa breviarticulata
Amphiroa breviarticulata Areschoug
Amphiroa californica
Amphiroa californica Decaisne
Amphiroa californica Decaisne 1842
Amphiroa canaliculata
Amphiroa canaliculata G. Martens
Amphiroa capensis
Amphiroa capensis Areschoug
Amphiroa capensis Areschoug 1852
Amphiroa chara
Amphiroa chara (Lamarck) Decaisne
Amphiroa charoides
Amphiroa charoides J. V. Lamouroux
Amphiroa chiloensis
Amphiroa chiloensis Decaisne
Amphiroa chiloensis Decaisne 1842
Amphiroa complanata
Amphiroa complanata Kützing
Amphiroa complanata Kützing 1843
Amphiroa compressa
Amphiroa compressa M. Lemoine
Amphiroa compressa tenuis
Amphiroa compressa tenuis W. R. Taylor
Amphiroa compressa var. tenuis
Amphiroa compressa var. tenuis W.R. Taylor
Amphiroa corymbosa
Amphiroa corymbosa (Lamarck) Decaisne
Amphiroa crassa
Amphiroa crassa J. V. Lamouroux
Amphiroa crassa f. minuta Weber-van Bosse
Amphiroa crassa forma minuta
Amphiroa crassa forma minuta Weber-van Bosse
Amphiroa crassa minuta
Amphiroa crassa minuta Weber-van Bosse
Amphiroa crassissima
Amphiroa crassissima Yendo
Amphiroa crassissima Yendo 1902
Amphiroa cretacea
Amphiroa cretacea (Postels & Ruprecht) Endlichter
Amphiroa cretacea (Postels & Ruprecht) Endlichter 1943
Amphiroa crosslandi
Amphiroa crosslandii
Amphiroa crosslandii M. Lemoine
Amphiroa cryptarthrodia
Amphiroa cryptarthrodia Zanardini
Amphiroa cryptarthrodia Zanardini 1843
Amphiroa cultrata
Amphiroa cultrata Harvey
Amphiroa cultrata Harvey 1847
Amphiroa cultrata debilis
Amphiroa cultrata debilis KÉtzing
Amphiroa cultrata debilis Kützing
Amphiroa cultrata globulifera
Amphiroa cultrata globulifera KÉtzing
Amphiroa cultrata globulifera Kützing
Amphiroa cultrata var. debilis
Amphiroa cultrata var. debilis Kützing
Amphiroa cultrata var. globulifera
Amphiroa cultrata var. globulifera Kützing
Amphiroa cumingii
Amphiroa cumingii Montagne
Amphiroa cumingii Montagne 1844
Amphiroa currae
Amphiroa currae Ganesan
Amphiroa cuspidata
Amphiroa cuspidata (Ellis & Solander)
Amphiroa cuspidata (Ellis & Solander) 1816
Amphiroa cyanthifera
Amphiroa cyanthifera J. V. Lamouroux
Amphiroa cyathifera
Amphiroa cyathifera J. V. Lamouroux
Amphiroa cyathifera J. V. Lamouroux 1824
Amphiroa debilis
Amphiroa debilis Kützing
Amphiroa debilis Kützing 1849
Amphiroa declinata
Amphiroa declinata Yendo
Amphiroa declinata Yendo 1902
Amphiroa dilitata
Amphiroa dilitata J. V. Lamouroux
Amphiroa dilitata J. V. Lamouroux 1816
Amphiroa dimorpha
Amphiroa dimorpha M. Lemoine
Amphiroa diorpha
Amphiroa drouetii
Amphiroa drouetii E. Y. Dawson
Amphiroa echigoensis
Amphiroa echigoensis Yendo
Amphiroa elegans
Amphiroa elegans Hook. f. & Harvey 1847
Amphiroa elegans J. D. Hooker & Harvey
Amphiroa elegans Sonder
Amphiroa ephedraea
Amphiroa ephedraea (Lamarck) Decaisne
Amphiroa ephedraea (Lamarck) Decaisne 1842
Amphiroa exilis
Amphiroa exilis Harvey
Amphiroa exilis Harvey 1847
Amphiroa exilis crassiuscula
Amphiroa exilis crassiuscula Harvey
Amphiroa exilis var. crassiuscula
Amphiroa exilis var. crassiuscula Harvey
Amphiroa flabellata
Amphiroa flabellata Harvey
Amphiroa foliacea
Amphiroa foliacea J. V. Lamouroux
Amphiroa foliacea erecta
Amphiroa foliacea erecta Weber-van Bosse
Amphiroa foliacea erecta Weber-van Bosse 1904
Amphiroa foliacea f. erecta Weber-van Bosse
Amphiroa foliacea f. procumbens Weber-van Bosse
Amphiroa foliacea forma erecta
Amphiroa foliacea forma erecta Weber-van Bosse
Amphiroa foliacea forma procumbens
Amphiroa foliacea forma procumbens Weber-van Bosse
Amphiroa foliacea procumbens
Amphiroa foliacea procumbens Weber-van Bosse
Amphiroa fragilissima
Amphiroa fragilissima (Linnaeus) J. V. Lamouroux
Amphiroa fragilissima (Linnaeus) J.V. Lamouroux, 1816
Amphiroa fragilissima (Linnaeus) Lamouroux
Amphiroa fragilissima cuspidata
Amphiroa fragilissima cuspidata (Ellis & Solander) Weber-van Bosse
Amphiroa fragilissima cyathifera
Amphiroa fragilissima cyathifera (J. V. Lamouroux) Weber-van Bosse
Amphiroa fragilissima f. cuspidata (Ellis & Solander) Weber-van Bosse
Amphiroa fragilissima f. cyathifera (J.V.Lamouroux) Weber-van Bosse
Amphiroa fragilissima forma cuspidata
Amphiroa fragilissima forma cuspidata (Ellis & Solander) Weber-van Bosse
Amphiroa fragilissima forma cyathifera
Amphiroa fragilissima forma cyathifera (J.V.Lamouroux) Weber-van Bosse
Amphiroa franciscana
Amphiroa franciscana W. R. Taylor
Amphiroa franciscana robusta
Amphiroa franciscana robusta E. Y. Dawson
Amphiroa franciscana var. robusta
Amphiroa franciscana var. robusta E.Y. Dawson
Amphiroa fusoides
Amphiroa fusoides J. V. Lamouroux
Amphiroa gaillonii
Amphiroa gaillonii J. V. Lamouroux
Amphiroa galapagensis
Amphiroa galapagensis W. R. Taylor
Amphiroa galaxauroides
Amphiroa galaxauroides Sonder
Amphiroa galaxauroides Sonder, nom. illeg.
Amphiroa gracilis
Amphiroa gracilis Harvey
Amphiroa gracilis Harvey 1855
Amphiroa granifera
Amphiroa granifera Harvey
Amphiroa gueinzii
Amphiroa gueinzii Harvey
Amphiroa hancockii
Amphiroa hancockii W. R. Taylor
Amphiroa hancockii W. R. Taylor 1942
Amphiroa heterocladia
Amphiroa heterocladia KÉtzing
Amphiroa heterocladia Kützing
Amphiroa inordinata
Amphiroa inordinata Zanardini
Amphiroa inordinata Zanardini 1844
Amphiroa intermedia
Amphiroa intermedia Harvey
Amphiroa interrupta
Amphiroa interrupta (lamarck) Lamouroux
Amphiroa irregularis
Amphiroa irregularis Kützing
Amphiroa irregularis Kützing 1843
Amphiroa isioides
Amphiroa isioides J. V. Lamouroux nom. nud.
Amphiroa itonoi
Amphiroa itonoi Srimanobhas & Masaki
Amphiroa itonoi Srimanobhas & Masaki 1987
Amphiroa jubata
Amphiroa jubata Lamouroux
Amphiroa kuetzingiana
Amphiroa kuetzingiana Trevisan
Amphiroa magdalenensis
Amphiroa magdalenensis E. Y. Dawson
Amphiroa magdalensis
Amphiroa mexicana
Amphiroa mexicana W. R. Taylor
Amphiroa minutissima
Amphiroa minutissima W. R. Taylor
Amphiroa misakiensis
Amphiroa misakiensis Yendo
Amphiroa multifida
Amphiroa multifida Kützing
Amphiroa multifida Kützing 1858
Amphiroa multifida minor
Amphiroa multifida minor KÉtzing ex Montagne & Millardet
Amphiroa multifida minor Kützing ex Montagne & Millardet
Amphiroa multifida var. minor
Amphiroa multifida var. minor Kützing ex Montagne & Millardet
Amphiroa nodulosa
Amphiroa nodulosa Kützing
Amphiroa orbigniana
Amphiroa orbigniana Decaisne 1842
Amphiroa orbignyana
Amphiroa orbignyana Decaisne
Amphiroa pacifica
Amphiroa pacifica Kützing
Amphiroa parthenopea
Amphiroa parthenopea Zanardini
Amphiroa parthenopea Zanardini 1841
Amphiroa peninsularis
Amphiroa peninsularis W. R. Taylor
Amphiroa peruana
Amphiroa peruana J. E. Areschoug
Amphiroa poeppigii
Amphiroa poeppigii Endlicher & Diesing
Amphiroa polymorpha
Amphiroa polymorpha M. Lemoine
Amphiroa polysona
Amphiroa polysona Montagne
Amphiroa polysona Montagne 1849
Amphiroa prolifera
Amphiroa prolifera ( Lamouroux) Decaisne
Amphiroa pulchella
Amphiroa pulchella (Harvey) Harvey
Amphiroa pusilla
Amphiroa pusilla Yendo
Amphiroa pusilla Yendo 1902a
Amphiroa radiata
Amphiroa radiata (Lamarck) Blanville
Amphiroa regularis
Amphiroa rigida
Amphiroa rigida J. V. Lamouroux
Amphiroa rigida J.V. Lamouroux, 1816
Amphiroa rigida antillana
Amphiroa rigida antillana Børgesen
Amphiroa rigida antillana Børgesen 1917
Amphiroa rigida var. antillana
Amphiroa rigida var. antillana Børgesen
Amphiroa rubra
Amphiroa rubra (Philippi) Woelkerling
Amphiroa rubra (Philippi) Woelkerling 1983
Amphiroa saggittata
Amphiroa saggittata Decaisne 1842
Amphiroa sagittata
Amphiroa sagittata ( Lamouroux) Decaisne
Amphiroa similis
Amphiroa similis Sonder
Amphiroa similis Sonder, (nomen nudum)
Amphiroa similis nudum
Amphiroa spina
Amphiroa spina Kützing
Amphiroa spina Kützing 1843
Amphiroa stangeri
Amphiroa stangeri Harvey
Amphiroa stellata
Amphiroa stellata KÉtzing
Amphiroa stellata Kützing
Amphiroa stellifera
Amphiroa stellifera Blainville
Amphiroa stelligera
Amphiroa stelligera Decaisne
Amphiroa stelligera Decaisne, nom. illeg.
Amphiroa stelligera densa
Amphiroa stelligera densa KÉtzing
Amphiroa stelligera densa Kützing
Amphiroa stelligera interrupta
Amphiroa stelligera interrupta KÉtzing
Amphiroa stelligera interrupta Kützing
Amphiroa stelligera laxa
Amphiroa stelligera laxa KÉtzing
Amphiroa stelligera laxa Kützing
Amphiroa stelligera nuda
Amphiroa stelligera nuda KÉtzing
Amphiroa stelligera nuda Kützing
Amphiroa stelligera var. densa
Amphiroa stelligera var. densa Kützing
Amphiroa stelligera var. interrupta
Amphiroa stelligera var. interrupta Kützing
Amphiroa stelligera var. laxa
Amphiroa stelligera var. laxa Kützing
Amphiroa stelligera var. nuda
Amphiroa stelligera var. nuda Kützing
Amphiroa subcylindrica
Amphiroa subcylindrica E. Y. Dawson
Amphiroa tasmanica
Amphiroa tasmanica Sonder
Amphiroa taylori
Amphiroa taylorii
Amphiroa taylorii E. Y. Dawson
Amphiroa tribulus
Amphiroa tribulus (Ellis and Solander) Lamouroux
Amphiroa tribulus (J. Ellis & Solander) J. V. Lamouroux
Amphiroa tuberculosa
Amphiroa tuberculosa f. frondescens (Postels & Ruprecht) Setchell & Gardner
Amphiroa tuberculosa forma frondescens
Amphiroa tuberculosa forma frondescens (Postels & Ruprecht) Setchell & Gardner
Amphiroa tuberculosa frondescens
Amphiroa tuberculosa frondescens (Postels & Ruprecht) Setchell & Gardner
Amphiroa tuberculosa frondescens (Postels & Ruprecht) Setchell & Gardner 1903
Amphiroa ungulata
Amphiroa ungulata Montagne & Millardet
Amphiroa valonioides
Amphiroa valonioides Yendo
Amphiroa van-bosseae
Amphiroa vanbossea
Amphiroa vanbossea Lemoine
Amphiroa vanbossea M. Lemoine
Amphiroa verrucosa
Amphiroa verrucosa Kützing 1843
Amphiroa verrucosa Kützing nom. illeg.
Amphiroa verrucosa Lamouroux
Amphiroa verruculosa
Amphiroa verruculosa Kützing 1849
Amphiroa verruculosa Kützing, nom. illeg.
Amphiroa wardii
Amphiroa wardii Harvey
Amphiroa wardii Harvey 1847
Amphiroa yendoi
Amphiroa yendoi De Toni
Amphiroa yendoi De Toni 1905
Amphiroa zonata
Amphiroa zonata Yendo

1 Other Matches
Amphiroa sp.

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