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576 Scientific Matches
Anabaena A. H. L. Jussieu, 1824
Anabaena A.Juss.
Anabaena Bory de Saint-Vincent ex Bornet & Flahault, 1886
Anabaena Bory de St.-Vincent ex Bornet et Flahault, 1886
Anabaena Bory ex Bornet & Flahault
Anabaena St. Vincent, 1886, Ex Bornet and Flah
Anabaena aequalis
Anabaena aequalis Borge
Anabaena aequalis Borge, 1907
Anabaena aeruginosa
Anabaena aeruginosa Gardner
Anabaena affinis
Anabaena affinis Lemmermann
Anabaena alatospora ona
Anabaena alatospora ona S. A. Guarrera & R. O. Echenique
Anabaena alatospora var. ona
Anabaena alatospora var. ona S.A. Guarrera & R.O. Echenique
Anabaena ambigua
Anabaena ambigua C. B. Rao
Anabaena ambigua unispora
Anabaena ambigua unispora C. L. Sant'Anna
Anabaena ambigua var. unispora
Anabaena ambigua var. unispora C.L. Sant'Anna
Anabaena angstumalis
Anabaena angstumalis Schmidle, 1899
Anabaena angstumalis angstumalis
Anabaena angstumalis angstumalis Schmidle, 1899
Anabaena angstumalis marchica
Anabaena angstumalis marchica Lemmermann, 1905
Anabaena anomala
Anabaena anomala F. E. Fritsch
Anabaena antarctica
Anabaena antarctica F. E. Fritsch
Anabaena aphanizomendoides
Anabaena aphanizomendoides Forti
Anabaena aphanizomenoides
Anabaena aphanizomenoides Forti
Anabaena aspera
Anabaena aspera Frémy
Anabaena augstumalis
Anabaena augstumalis Schmidle
Anabaena augstumnalis incrassata
Anabaena augstumnalis incrassata (Nygaard) Geitler
Anabaena augstumnalis var. incrassata
Anabaena augstumnalis var. incrassata (Nygaard) Geitler
Anabaena australica
Anabaena australica Playfair
Anabaena australica constricta
Anabaena australica constricta Playfair
Anabaena australica var. constricta
Anabaena australica var. constricta Playfair
Anabaena azollae
Anabaena azollae Strasb.
Anabaena azollae Strasburger
Anabaena azollae Strasburger, 1884
Anabaena azotica
Anabaena ballygungii
Anabaena ballygungii J. C. Banerji
Anabaena baltica
Anabaena baltica E. J. Schmidt
Anabaena baltica J. Schmidt, 1899
Anabaena batophora
Anabaena batophora Frémy
Anabaena bergii
Anabaena bergii Missing
Anabaena bergii Ostenfeld
Anabaena bergii limnetica
Anabaena bergii limnetica Cout & Preisig
Anabaena bergii limnetica Couté & Preisig
Anabaena bergii var. limnetica
Anabaena bergii var. limnetica Couté & Preisig
Anabaena bolochonzewii
Anabaena bolochonzewii C. Meyer
Anabaena bornetiana
Anabaena bornetiana Collins
Anabaena bothae
Anabaena bothae H. Welsh
Anabaena botulus
Anabaena botulus R. Margalef
Anabaena californica
Anabaena californica Borge
Anabaena catenula
Anabaena catenula (Kützing) Bornet & Flahault
Anabaena catenula affinis
Anabaena catenula affinis (Lemmermann) Geitler
Anabaena catenula intermedia
Anabaena catenula intermedia Griffiths
Anabaena catenula minor
Anabaena catenula minor V. K. Laloraya & A. K. Mitra
Anabaena catenula solitaria
Anabaena catenula solitaria (Klebahn) Geitler
Anabaena catenula var. affinis
Anabaena catenula var. affinis (Lemmermann) Geitler
Anabaena catenula var. intermedia
Anabaena catenula var. intermedia Griffiths
Anabaena catenula var. minor
Anabaena catenula var. minor V.K. Laloraya & A.K. Mitra
Anabaena cavanillesiana
Anabaena cavanillesiana P. Gonzlez
Anabaena cavanillesiana P. González
Anabaena circinalis
Anabaena circinalis Rabenhorst
Anabaena circinalis Rabenhorst ex Bornet & Flahault, 1886
Anabaena compacta
Anabaena confervoides
Anabaena confervoides Reinsch.
Anabaena constricta
Anabaena constricta (Szafer) Geitler
Anabaena constricta (Szafer) Geitler, 1925
Anabaena crassa
Anabaena crassa (Lemmermann) Komark. -Legn. & Cronberg
Anabaena crassa (Lemmermann) Komárková-Legnerová & Cronberg, 1992
Anabaena curva
Anabaena cycadeae
Anabaena cycadeae J. Reinke
Anabaena cycadeae Reinke ex Tilden
Anabaena cycadearum
Anabaena cycadearum Reinke ex Tilden
Anabaena cylindrica
Anabaena cylindrica Lemmermann
Anabaena cylindrica Lemmermann, 1896
Anabaena cylindrospermoides
Anabaena cylindrospermoides Subba Raju
Anabaena danica
Anabaena danica (Nygaard) J. Komrkov-Legnerov & P. Eloranta
Anabaena danica (Nygaard) J. Komárková-Legnerová & P. Eloranta
Anabaena delicatula
Anabaena delicatula Lemmermann
Anabaena doliolum
Anabaena doliolum Bharadwaja
Anabaena echinispora
Anabaena echinispora Skuja
Anabaena echinospora
Anabaena echinospora Skuja
Anabaena echinospora var. yamano
Anabaena echinospora var. yamano S.A. Guarrera & R.O. Echenique
Anabaena echinospora yamano
Anabaena echinospora yamano S. A. Guarrera & R. O. Echenique
Anabaena elegans
Anabaena elegans C. L. Sant'Anna
Anabaena elipsoides
Anabaena ellipsoides
Anabaena elliptica
Anabaena elliptica Lemmermann
Anabaena epiphytica
Anabaena epiphytica Gardner
Anabaena epiphytica Huber-Pestalozzi, nom. illeg.
Anabaena felisii
Anabaena felisii (Meneghini) Bornet & Flahault
Anabaena felisii Born. and Flah.
Anabaena fertilissima
Anabaena fertilissima C. B. Rao
Anabaena flos-aquae
Anabaena flos-aquae (Lyngb.) Brbisson
Anabaena flos-aquae (Lyngbye) Brébisson ex Bornet & Flauhault
Anabaena flos-aquae G. S. West, nom. illeg.
Anabaena flos-aquae flos-aquae
Anabaena flos-aquae flos-aquae Missing
Anabaena flos-aquae gracile
Anabaena flos-aquae gracile Lemmermann
Anabaena flos-aquae gracilis
Anabaena flos-aquae gracilis Klebahn
Anabaena flos-aquae laxa
Anabaena flos-aquae laxa Skuja
Anabaena flos-aquae minor
Anabaena flos-aquae minor W. West
Anabaena flos-aquae treleasi
Anabaena flos-aquae treleasi Bornet & Flahault
Anabaena flos-aquae var. gracile
Anabaena flos-aquae var. gracile Lemmermann
Anabaena flos-aquae var. gracilis
Anabaena flos-aquae var. gracilis Klebahn
Anabaena flos-aquae var. laxa
Anabaena flos-aquae var. laxa Skuja
Anabaena flos-aquae var. minor
Anabaena flos-aquae var. minor W. West
Anabaena flos-aquae var. treleasi
Anabaena flos-aquae var. treleasi Bornet & Flahault
Anabaena flosaquae
Anabaena flosaquae (Lyngb.) Breb.
Anabaena flosaquae flosaquae
Anabaena flosaquae flosaquae (Lyngb.) Breb.
Anabaena flosaquae minor
Anabaena flosaquae minor (Lyngb.) Breb.
Anabaena flosaquae treleasei
Anabaena flosaquae treleasei Bornet and Flahault, 1888
Anabaena fragilis
Anabaena fragilis Meneghini
Anabaena fuellebornii
Anabaena fuellebornii Schmidle
Anabaena fullebornii
Anabaena fullebornii Schmidle
Anabaena gelatinicola
Anabaena gelatinicola Ghose
Anabaena gelatinicola S. L. Ghose
Anabaena gerdii
Anabaena gerdii E. J. Carpenter & Janson
Anabaena halbfassi
Anabaena halbfassi Bachmann
Anabaena hansgirgii
Anabaena hansgirgii Schmidle
Anabaena hassallii
Anabaena hassallii (Kützing) Wittrock
Anabaena helicoidea
Anabaena helicoidea Bernard, 1908
Anabaena hieronymusii
Anabaena hieronymusii Lemmermann
Anabaena hyalina
Anabaena hyalina Schmidle
Anabaena inaequalis
Anabaena inaequalis (Kutzing) Bornet and F
Anabaena inaequalis (Kützing) Bornet & Flahault
Anabaena incrassata
Anabaena incrassata Nygaard
Anabaena indica
Anabaena indica G. Beck, nom. illeg.
Anabaena indica Zeller
Anabaena infusionum
Anabaena infusionum Kützing
Anabaena isocystoides
Anabaena isocystoides H. Welsh
Anabaena jonssoni
Anabaena jonssoni J. B. Petersen
Anabaena khannae
Anabaena khannae Skuja
Anabaena kisseleviana
Anabaena lapponica
Anabaena lapponica Borge
Anabaena laxa
Anabaena laxa (Rabenhorst) A. Braun
Anabaena laxa (Rebenh.) A. Braun
Anabaena laxa hortensis
Anabaena laxa hortensis Playfair
Anabaena laxa var. hortensis
Anabaena laxa var. hortensis Playfair
Anabaena lemmermannii
Anabaena lemmermannii P. Richter
Anabaena lemmermannii f. laxa (Skuja) G. Cronberg & J. Komárek
Anabaena lemmermannii forma laxa
Anabaena lemmermannii forma laxa (Skuja) G. Cronberg & J. Komárek
Anabaena lemmermannii laxa
Anabaena lemmermannii laxa (Skuja) G. Cronberg & J. Komárek
Anabaena levanderi
Anabaena levanderi Lemmermann
Anabaena licheniformis
Anabaena licheniformis Bory de Saint-Vincent
Anabaena limnetica
Anabaena limnetica G. M. Smith
Anabaena limnetica G. Smith
Anabaena longicellularis
Anabaena longicellularis (H. Pankow) J. Komrkov-Legnerov & P. Eloranta
Anabaena longicellularis (H. Pankow) J. Komárková-Legnerová & P. Eloranta
Anabaena lutea
Anabaena lutea Gardner
Anabaena luteola
Anabaena luteola Schmidle
Anabaena macrospora
Anabaena macrospora Klebahn
Anabaena macrospora Klebahn, 1895
Anabaena macrospora crassa
Anabaena macrospora crassa Klebahn
Anabaena macrospora gracilis
Anabaena macrospora gracilis Lemmermann
Anabaena macrospora macrospora
Anabaena macrospora macrospora Klebahn, 1895
Anabaena macrospora robusta
Anabaena macrospora robusta Lemmermann
Anabaena macrospora robusta Lemmermann, 1898
Anabaena macrospora var. crassa
Anabaena macrospora var. crassa Klebahn
Anabaena macrospora var. gracilis
Anabaena macrospora var. gracilis Lemmermann
Anabaena macrospora var. robusta
Anabaena macrospora var. robusta Lemmermann
Anabaena mediocris
Anabaena mediocris Gardner
Anabaena mendotae
Anabaena mendote
Anabaena minutissima
Anabaena minutissima Lemmermann
Anabaena mollis
Anabaena mollis KÉtzing
Anabaena mollis Kützing
Anabaena monticulosa
Anabaena monticulosa Bory De Saint Vincent
Anabaena mucosa
Anabaena mucosa J. Komrkov-Legnerov & P. Eloranta
Anabaena mucosa J. Komárková-Legnerová & P. Eloranta
Anabaena naviculoides
Anabaena naviculoides F. E. Fritsch
Anabaena oblonga
Anabaena oblonga De Wildeman
Anabaena orthogona
Anabaena orthogona W. West
Anabaena oryzae
Anabaena oryzae F. E. Fritsch
Anabaena oscillarioides
Anabaena oscillarioides Bory de Saint-Vincent, nom. illeg.
Anabaena oscillarioides Bory ex Bornet & Flahault
Anabaena oscillarioides St. Vincent, 1886, Ex Bornet and Flah
Anabaena oscillarioides circinalis
Anabaena oscillarioides circinalis Playfair
Anabaena oscillarioides crassa
Anabaena oscillarioides crassa Playfair
Anabaena oscillarioides cylindracea
Anabaena oscillarioides cylindracea Playfair
Anabaena oscillarioides elongata
Anabaena oscillarioides elongata (Kützing) Bornet & Flahault
Anabaena oscillarioides f. circinalis Playfair
Anabaena oscillarioides f. torulosa Playfair
Anabaena oscillarioides forma circinalis
Anabaena oscillarioides forma circinalis Playfair
Anabaena oscillarioides forma torulosa
Anabaena oscillarioides forma torulosa Playfair
Anabaena oscillarioides stenospora
Anabaena oscillarioides stenospora Bornet & Flahault
Anabaena oscillarioides tenuis
Anabaena oscillarioides tenuis Lemmermann
Anabaena oscillarioides torulosa
Anabaena oscillarioides torulosa Playfair
Anabaena oscillarioides var. crassa
Anabaena oscillarioides var. crassa Playfair
Anabaena oscillarioides var. cylindracea
Anabaena oscillarioides var. cylindracea Playfair
Anabaena oscillarioides var. elongata
Anabaena oscillarioides var. elongata (Kützing) Bornet & Flahault
Anabaena oscillarioides var. stenospora
Anabaena oscillarioides var. stenospora Bornet & Flahault
Anabaena oscillarioides var. tenuis
Anabaena oscillarioides var. tenuis Lemmermann
Anabaena oscillatorioides
Anabaena oscillatorioides Bory de Saint-Vincent ex Bornet & Flahault
Anabaena oscillatorioides Bory ex Bornet & Flahault
Anabaena ovalisporum
Anabaena ovalisporum Forti
Anabaena parva
Anabaena parva P. J. Philson
Anabaena pertubarta
Anabaena perturbata
Anabaena perturbata Missing
Anabaena perturbata tumida
Anabaena perturbata tumida (Nygaard) Cronberg & Komárek
Anabaena perturbata var. tumida
Anabaena perturbata var. tumida (Nygaard) Cronberg & Komárek
Anabaena pintoi
Anabaena pintoi P. Gonzlez
Anabaena pintoi P. González
Anabaena planctonica
Anabaena planctonica Brunnthaler
Anabaena planktonica
Anabaena planktonica Brunnth.
Anabaena plantonica
Anabaena plantonica Brunnthaler
Anabaena portoricensis
Anabaena portoricensis Gardner
Anabaena poulseniana
Anabaena poulseniana J. B. Petersen
Anabaena promecespora
Anabaena promecespora Frémy
Anabaena propinqua
Anabaena propinqua Setchell & Gardner
Anabaena propinqua Setchell & N. L. Gardner
Anabaena pseudoscillatoria
Anabaena pseudoscillatoria Bory de Saint-Vincent
Anabaena pseudovariabilis
Anabaena pseudovariabilis Voronikhin
Anabaena pseudovariabilis Woronichin
Anabaena raciborskii
Anabaena raciborskii Wolosz.
Anabaena randhawae
Anabaena randhawae G. S. Venkataraman
Anabaena reverdattoana
Anabaena reverdattoana T. G. Popova & M. Degterieva
Anabaena scheremetievi
Anabaena scheremetievi Elenkin
Anabaena scheremetievi ifniensis
Anabaena scheremetievi ifniensis P. Gonzlez
Anabaena scheremetievii
Anabaena scheremetievii Elenkin
Anabaena scheremetievii f. ovalispora Elenkin
Anabaena scheremetievii f. ovalispora Schorbat.
Anabaena scheremetievii f. rotundospora Elenkin
Anabaena scheremetievii forma ovalispora
Anabaena scheremetievii forma ovalispora Elenkin
Anabaena scheremetievii forma ovalispora Schorbat.
Anabaena scheremetievii forma rotundospora
Anabaena scheremetievii forma rotundospora Elenkin
Anabaena scheremetievii ifniensis
Anabaena scheremetievii ifniensis P. González
Anabaena scheremetievii incurvata
Anabaena scheremetievii incurvata Elenkin
Anabaena scheremetievii ovalispora
Anabaena scheremetievii ovalispora Elenkin
Anabaena scheremetievii ovalispora Schorbat.
Anabaena scheremetievii recta
Anabaena scheremetievii recta Elenkin
Anabaena scheremetievii rotundospora
Anabaena scheremetievii rotundospora Elenkin
Anabaena scheremetievii ucrainica
Anabaena scheremetievii ucrainica Schkorbat.
Anabaena scheremetievii var. ifniensis
Anabaena scheremetievii var. ifniensis P. González
Anabaena scheremetievii var. incurvata
Anabaena scheremetievii var. incurvata Elenkin
Anabaena scheremetievii var. recta
Anabaena scheremetievii var. recta Elenkin
Anabaena scheremetievii var. ucrainica
Anabaena scheremetievii var. ucrainica Schkorbat.
Anabaena siamensis
Anabaena siamensis P. Antarikanonda
Anabaena sigmoidea
Anabaena smithii
Anabaena smithii (Komrek) M. Watanabe
Anabaena smithii (Komárek) M. Watanabe
Anabaena solitaria
Anabaena solitaria Klebahn
Anabaena solitaria f. planktonica (Brunnthaler) Komárek
Anabaena solitaria forma planktonica
Anabaena solitaria forma planktonica (Brunnthaler) Komárek
Anabaena solitaria planktonica
Anabaena solitaria planktonica (Brunnth.) Komárek
Anabaena solitaria planktonica (Brunnthaler) Komárek
Anabaena sphaerica
Anabaena sphaerica Bornet & Flahault
Anabaena sphaerica f. major J.A. Rino
Anabaena sphaerica forma major
Anabaena sphaerica forma major J.A. Rino
Anabaena sphaerica major
Anabaena sphaerica major J. A. Rino
Anabaena spiroides
Anabaena spiroides Klebahn
Anabaena spiroides contracta
Anabaena spiroides contracta Klebahn
Anabaena spiroides crassa
Anabaena spiroides crassa (Lemmerman) Elenkin
Anabaena spiroides crassa Klebahn
Anabaena spiroides crassa Lemmermann
Anabaena spiroides f. crassa (Lemmerman) Elenkin
Anabaena spiroides forma crassa
Anabaena spiroides forma crassa (Lemmerman) Elenkin
Anabaena spiroides longicellularis
Anabaena spiroides longicellularis H. Pankow
Anabaena spiroides minima
Anabaena spiroides minima Nygaard
Anabaena spiroides minor
Anabaena spiroides minor Utermöhl
Anabaena spiroides spiroides
Anabaena spiroides talyschensis
Anabaena spiroides talyschensis Woronichin
Anabaena spiroides tumida
Anabaena spiroides tumida Nygaard
Anabaena spiroides var. contracta
Anabaena spiroides var. contracta Klebahn
Anabaena spiroides var. crassa
Anabaena spiroides var. crassa Klebahn
Anabaena spiroides var. crassa Lemmermann
Anabaena spiroides var. longicellularis
Anabaena spiroides var. longicellularis H. Pankow
Anabaena spiroides var. minima
Anabaena spiroides var. minima Nygaard
Anabaena spiroides var. minor
Anabaena spiroides var. minor Utermöhl
Anabaena spiroides var. talyschensis
Anabaena spiroides var. talyschensis Woronichin
Anabaena spiroides var. tumida
Anabaena spiroides var. tumida Nygaard
Anabaena spirulina
Anabaena steloides
Anabaena steloides L. Canabaeus
Anabaena subcylindrica
Anabaena subcylindrica Borge
Anabaena subtilissima
Anabaena subtilissima KÉtzing
Anabaena subtilissima Kützing
Anabaena subtropica
Anabaena subtropica N. L. Gardner
Anabaena subvariabilis
Anabaena subvariabilis R. E. M. Archibald
Anabaena tamnoides
Anabaena tamnoides A.Juss.
Anabaena tanganykae
Anabaena tanganykae G. S. West
Anabaena tenuis
Anabaena tenuis Meneghini
Anabaena thermalis
Anabaena thermalis V. Vouk
Anabaena torulosa
Anabaena torulosa Lagerheim ex Bornet & Flahault
Anabaena torulosa cylindracea
Anabaena torulosa cylindracea (Playfair) Geitler
Anabaena torulosa stenospora
Anabaena torulosa stenospora Bornet & Flahault
Anabaena torulosa tenuis
Anabaena torulosa tenuis (Lemmermann) Geitler
Anabaena torulosa var. cylindracea
Anabaena torulosa var. cylindracea (Playfair) Geitler
Anabaena torulosa var. stenospora
Anabaena torulosa var. stenospora Bornet & Flahault
Anabaena torulosa var. tenuis
Anabaena torulosa var. tenuis (Lemmermann) Geitler
Anabaena ucrainica
Anabaena unispora
Anabaena unispora Gardner
Anabaena utermohli
Anabaena utermohli (Utermhl) Geitler
Anabaena utermohli (Utermöhl) Geitler
Anabaena variabilis
Anabaena variabilis Kützing
Anabaena variabilis cylindracea
Anabaena variabilis cylindracea Playfair
Anabaena variabilis ellipsospora
Anabaena variabilis ellipsospora F. E. Fritsch
Anabaena variabilis f. rotundospora Hollerbach
Anabaena variabilis forma rotundospora
Anabaena variabilis forma rotundospora Hollerbach
Anabaena variabilis rotundospora
Anabaena variabilis rotundospora Hollerbach
Anabaena variabilis var. cylindracea
Anabaena variabilis var. cylindracea Playfair
Anabaena variabilis var. ellipsospora F.E. Fritsch
Anabaena variabilis var. viet
Anabaena variabilis var. viet T.N.H. Phung, A. Couté & P. Bourrelly
Anabaena variabilis viet
Anabaena variabilis viet T. N. H. Phung, A. Couté & P. Bourrelly
Anabaena variabilis viet, S. W. Wise, Jr., D. M. Harwood, & R. Gersondenamensis T. N. H. Phung, A. Cout & P. Bourrelly
Anabaena verrucosa
Anabaena verrucosa Boye-peterson
Anabaena verrucosa J. B. Petersen
Anabaena verrucosa polyspora
Anabaena verrucosa polyspora I. T. Tarnavschi & N. Mitroiu
Anabaena verrucosa var. polyspora
Anabaena verrucosa var. polyspora I.T. Tarnavschi & N. Mitroiu
Anabaena viguieri
Anabaena viguieri Denis & Frémy
Anabaena viguieri Dennis and Fremy, 1923
Anabaena viguieri danica
Anabaena viguieri danica Nygaard
Anabaena viguieri var. danica
Anabaena viguieri var. danica Nygaard
Anabaena volzii
Anabaena volzii Lemmermann
Anabaena volzii f. gelatinosa P. Bourrelly & A. Couté
Anabaena volzii forma gelatinosa
Anabaena volzii forma gelatinosa P. Bourrelly & A. Couté
Anabaena volzii gelatinosa
Anabaena volzii gelatinosa P. Bourrelly & A. Cout
Anabaena volzii gelatinosa P. Bourrelly & A. Couté
Anabaena voukii
Anabaena voukii De Toni
Anabaena voukii De Toni f.
Anabaena werneri
Anabaena werneri Brunnthaler
Anabaena willei
Anabaena willei Gardner
Anabaena wisconsinense
Anabaena wisconsinense Prescott
Anabaena zierlingii
Eugelena anabaena
Eugelena anabaena Mainx
Eugelena anabaena minor
Eugelena anabaena minor Mainx
Euglena anabaena
Euglena anabaena Mainx
Euglena anabaena Mainx 1926
Euglena anabaena minima
Euglena anabaena minima Mainx
Euglena anabaena minima Mainx 1927
Euglena anabaena minor
Euglena anabaena minor Mainx
Euglena anabaena minor Mainx 1927
Euglena anabaena var. minima Mainx
Euglena anabaena var. minima Mainx 1926
Euglena anabaena var. minor
Euglena anabaena var. minor Mainx
Euglena anabaena var. minor Mainx 1926

283 Other Matches
Anabaena PCC7108 (Anabaena)Common name
Anabaena 54
Anabaena 66
Anabaena 7120
Anabaena 86
Anabaena 90
Anabaena ATCC29413
Anabaena ATCC33047
Anabaena CA
Anabaena PCC 7108
Anabaena PCC7118
Anabaena PCC7119
Anabaena PCC7120
Anabaena PCC7937
Anabaena aequalis UTEX 1609
Anabaena aequalis UTEX B 1609
Anabaena aequalis UTEX B1609
Anabaena ambigua CCAP 1403/7
Anabaena ambigua SAG 1403-7
Anabaena anomala LCR5
Anabaena aphanizomeniodes
Anabaena aphanizomenoides K47
Anabaena aphanizomenoides NRE2
Anabaena augstumalis A802
Anabaena augstumalis SCHMIDKE JAHNKE/4a
Anabaena augstumalis SCMIDKE JAHNKE/4a
Anabaena augstumalis str. SCHMIDKE JAHNKE/4a
Anabaena augustumalis
Anabaena azotica FACHB-118
Anabaena cf. circinalis macrospora 0tu25s6
Anabaena cf. circinalis macrospora 1tu23s3
Anabaena cf. circinalis macrospora 1tu26s10
Anabaena cf. circinalis macrospora 1tu27s5
Anabaena cf. circinalis macrospora 1tu28s13
Anabaena cf. crassa 1tu27s7
Anabaena cf. cylindrica 133
Anabaena cf. cylindrica PMC9705
Anabaena cf. cylindrica XP6B
Anabaena cf. flos-aquae NIVA-CYA 83
Anabaena cf. flos-aquae NIVA-CYA83
Anabaena cf. lemmermannii 262
Anabaena cf. scheremetievi PMC9701
Anabaena circinalis 123
Anabaena circinalis 1tu30s11
Anabaena circinalis 1tu33s12
Anabaena circinalis 1tu34s5
Anabaena circinalis 86
Anabaena circinalis 90
Anabaena circinalis NIES 41
Anabaena circinalis NIES-41
Anabaena circinalis NIES41
Anabaena circinalis NIVA-CYA 82
Anabaena circinalis macrospora
Anabaena circularis
Anabaena cirularis CCAP 1402/1
Anabaena compacta 0RE27S3
Anabaena compacta ANACOM-KOR
Anabaena crassa 1ES33S1
Anabaena cylindrica A621
Anabaena cylindrica CCAP 1403/2a
Anabaena cylindrica CCAP 1403/2b
Anabaena cylindrica IAM M-1
Anabaena cylindrica NIES 19
Anabaena cylindrica NIES-19
Anabaena cylindrica PCC 7122
Anabaena cylindrica SAG 1403-2
Anabaena cylindrica UTEX 1611
Anabaena cylindrica UTEX 629
Anabaena cylindrica UTEX B 629
Anabaena cylindrica XP6B
Anabaena doliolum LCR1
Anabaena flos-aquae (strain IUCC 1444)
Anabaena flos-aquae 0tu33s15
Anabaena flos-aquae 0tu33s2a
Anabaena flos-aquae 14
Anabaena flos-aquae 1tu30s4
Anabaena flos-aquae 1tu31s11
Anabaena flos-aquae 1tu35s12
Anabaena flos-aquae 202A1
Anabaena flos-aquae 37
Anabaena flos-aquae A-37
Anabaena flos-aquae CCAP 1403/13B
Anabaena flos-aquae CCAP 1403/13F
Anabaena flos-aquae FBA L102
Anabaena flos-aquae NIVA-CYA 267/4
Anabaena flos-aquae NIVA-CYA 83
Anabaena flos-aquae NIVA-CYA 83/1
Anabaena flos-aquae NIVA-CYA83
Anabaena flos-aquae NIVA-CYA83/1
Anabaena flos-aquae NRC 44-1
Anabaena flos-aquae NRC-44h
Anabaena flos-aquae SAG 30.87
Anabaena flos-aquae UTCC 64
Anabaena flos-aquae UTCC 67
Anabaena flos-aquae UTEX 1444
Anabaena flos-aquae UTEX LB 2383
Anabaena lemmermannii 1tu32s11
Anabaena lemmermannii 202A2
Anabaena lemmermannii 202A2/41
Anabaena lemmermannii 256
Anabaena lemmermannii 66A
Anabaena lemmermannii BC Ana 0001
Anabaena lemmermannii BC Ana 0004
Anabaena lemmermannii BC Ana 0005
Anabaena lemmermannii BC Ana 0010
Anabaena lemmermannii BC Ana 0014
Anabaena lemmermannii BC Ana 0017
Anabaena lemmermannii BC Ana 0018
Anabaena lemmermannii BC Ana 0027
Anabaena lemmermannii BC Ana 0028
Anabaena lemmermannii BC Ana 0029
Anabaena lemmermannii BC Ana 0030
Anabaena lemmermannii BC Ana 0031
Anabaena lemmermannii BC Ana 0032
Anabaena lemmermannii BC Ana 0033
Anabaena lemmermannii BC Ana 0034
Anabaena lemmermannii BC Ana 0035
Anabaena lemmermannii BC Ana 0036
Anabaena lemmermannii BC Ana 0037
Anabaena lemmermannii PH256
Anabaena lemmermannii var. lemmermannii NIVA-CYA 281/1
Anabaena lemmermannii var. minor NIVA-CYA 266/1
Anabaena lemmermannii var. minor NIVA-CYA 83/1
Anabaena lemmermannii var. minor NIVA-CYA 83/2
Anabaena lutea Gardner 1927
Anabaena mucosa 1tu35s5
Anabaena oryzae LCR2
Anabaena oscillarioides 0RO34S1
Anabaena oscillarioides BECID22
Anabaena oscillarioides BECID32
Anabaena oscillarioides BO HINDAK 1984/ 43
Anabaena oscillarioides BO HINDAK 1984/43
Anabaena oscillarioides str. BO HINDAK 1984/ 43
Anabaena oscillarioides str. BO HINDAK 1984/43
Anabaena planctonica 1ES36S2
Anabaena planctonica 1MS33S1
Anabaena planctonica 1tu28s8
Anabaena planctonica 1tu30s13
Anabaena planctonica 1tu33s10
Anabaena planctonica 1tu33s8
Anabaena planctonica 1tu36s8
Anabaena planctonica NIES 810
Anabaena planctonica NIES-810
Anabaena planctonica NIES810
Anabaena planctonica str. NIES 810
Anabaena planctonica str. NIES-810
Anabaena planctonica str. NIES810
Anabaena siamensis 1977/1
Anabaena siamensis SAG 11.82
Anabaena siamensis TISTR 8012
Anabaena siamensis TISTR8012
Anabaena sigmoidea 0FO34S1
Anabaena sigmoidea 0tu36s7
Anabaena sigmoidea 0tu38s4
Anabaena sigmoidea 7RO28S1
Anabaena sigmoidea 9BU29S1
Anabaena sigmoidea 9BU29S2
Anabaena smithii 1tu39s8
Anabaena solitaria 82
Anabaena solitaria BC Ana 0025
Anabaena solitaria BC Ana 0026
Anabaena solitaria BC Ana 0035
Anabaena solitaria BC Ana 0036
Anabaena solitaria BC Ana 0037
Anabaena solitaria NIES 80
Anabaena solitaria NIES-78
Anabaena solitaria NIES-80
Anabaena sp PCC 7120
Anabaena sp.
Anabaena sp. (ATCC 27893)
Anabaena sp. (ATCC 29151)
Anabaena sp. (ATCC 29413)
Anabaena sp. (PCC 7119)
Anabaena sp. (PCC 7120)
Anabaena sp. (PCC 7937)
Anabaena sp. (STRAIN L31)
Anabaena sp. (strain ATCC 29413)
Anabaena sp. (strain PCC 7119)
Anabaena sp. (strain PCC 7120)
Anabaena sp. (strain PCC 7937)
Anabaena sp. 0tu37s9
Anabaena sp. 0tu39s7
Anabaena sp. 1 GL-2004
Anabaena sp. 123
Anabaena sp. 14
Anabaena sp. 1tu34s7
Anabaena sp. 202
Anabaena sp. 202A1
Anabaena sp. 202A1/35
Anabaena sp. 202A2
Anabaena sp. 277
Anabaena sp. 299
Anabaena sp. 299B
Anabaena sp. 315
Anabaena sp. 318
Anabaena sp. 54
Anabaena sp. 66
Anabaena sp. 66A
Anabaena sp. 66B
Anabaena sp. 7120
Anabaena sp. 7VI37S1
Anabaena sp. 86
Anabaena sp. 90
Anabaena sp. A1345
Anabaena sp. A2
Anabaena sp. A202A1
Anabaena sp. A277
Anabaena sp. A37
Anabaena sp. ANA238C
Anabaena sp. ANA255C
Anabaena sp. ATCC 27899
Anabaena sp. ATCC 33047
Anabaena sp. ATCC33047
Anabaena sp. BC-Ana-0001
Anabaena sp. BC-Ana-0004
Anabaena sp. BC-Ana-0010
Anabaena sp. BC-Ana-0017
Anabaena sp. BC-Ana-0026
Anabaena sp. Berrow
Anabaena sp. CA
Anabaena sp. CCALA 007
Anabaena sp. CCAP 1403/13a
Anabaena sp. CCAP 1403/21
Anabaena sp. CH1
Anabaena sp. D0697
Anabaena sp. D0746
Anabaena sp. D0752
Anabaena sp. DCC D0672
Anabaena sp. I1
Anabaena sp. IC-1
Anabaena sp. IRRI Ab 47 XX
Anabaena sp. K119
Anabaena sp. KAC 16
Anabaena sp. KAC16
Anabaena sp. L-31
Anabaena sp. L31
Anabaena sp. M14-2
Anabaena sp. M14-4
Anabaena sp. NIVA-CYA 246
Anabaena sp. PCC 7108
Anabaena sp. PCC 7118
Anabaena sp. PCC 7119
Anabaena sp. PCC 7937
Anabaena sp. PCC 9109
Anabaena sp. PCC7108
Anabaena sp. PCC7120
Anabaena sp. PG2
Anabaena sp. PMC9701
Anabaena sp. SAG 25.82
Anabaena sp. SSM-00
Anabaena sp. South India 2006
Anabaena sp. UTEX1444
Anabaena sp. WH 0404
Anabaena sp. WH School st. isolate
Anabaena sp. st8
Anabaena sp. strain 54
Anabaena sp. strain 66
Anabaena sp. strain 86
Anabaena sp. strain 90
Anabaena sphaerica A904
Anabaena sphaerica UTEX 1616
Anabaena sphaerica UTEX B 1616
Anabaena sphaerica UTEX B1616
Anabaena spiroides 1tu39s17
Anabaena spiroides 7RO37S1
Anabaena spiroides PMC9403
Anabaena spiroides PMC9702
Anabaena spirulina K99
Anabaena subtropica A618
Anabaena torulosa A525
Anabaena transfer vector pRL2665b
Anabaena variabilis 0441
Anabaena variabilis A514
Anabaena variabilis ATCC 29413
Anabaena variabilis CIBNOR 23
Anabaena variabilis IAM M-204
Anabaena variabilis UTCC 105
Anabaena variabilis UTCC 387
Anabaena variabilis var. ellipsospora
Anabaena verrucosa A622
Euglena anabaena var. minima
not Anabaena sp. A1345
uncultured Anabaena sp.

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