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233 Scientific Matches
Anachis (Costoanachis) carloslirai
Anachis (Costoanachis) helenae
Anachis (Costoanachis) mawsoni
Anachis (Parvanachis)
Anachis (Parvanachis) mullineri
Anachis (Strombinella) marzouki
Anachis (Strombinella) suezensis
Anachis (Suturoglypta) blignautae
Anachis (Suturoglypta) cimarroma (Marks 1951)
Anachis (Zafra)
Anachis (Zafra) savignyi (Moazzo 1939)
Anachis (Zafra) troglodytes
Anachis (Zafra) troglodytes (Souverbie in Souverbie & Montrouzier 1866)
Anachis Adams 1853
Anachis H & A Adams 1953
Anachis H. and A. Adams, 1853
Anachis acuta
Anachis acuta Stearn, 1873
Anachis adelinae
Anachis adelinae (Tryon, 1883)
Anachis albella
Anachis albella C. B. Adams, 1850
Anachis albonodosa
Anachis aliceae
Anachis aliceae (Pallary, 1900)
Anachis alliouagana
Anachis amirantium
Anachis antillarum
Anachis atkinsoni
Anachis atramentaria
Anachis atrata
Anachis avara
Anachis avara (Say, 1822)
Anachis avara avara
Anachis avara avara (Say, 1822)
Anachis avara brasiliana
Anachis avara brasiliana von Martens, 1897
Anachis avara semiplicata
Anachis avaroides
Anachis avaroides Nordsieck, 1975
Anachis bartschii
Anachis beachportensis
Anachis bicanaliculata
Anachis bicanaliculata Duclos
Anachis bicanaliferum
Anachis bicanaliferum (Sowerby, 1832)
Anachis blignautae
Anachis boivini
Anachis brasiliana
Anachis cancellata
Anachis cancellata (Gaskoin, 1851)
Anachis carloslirai
Anachis carmen
Anachis catenata
Anachis catenata (Sowerby, 1844)
Anachis cimarroma
Anachis cleta
Anachis cleta Duclos, 1846
Anachis cominelliformis
Anachis consanguinea
Anachis consanguinea (Sowerby 1897)
Anachis coronata
Anachis coronata (Sowerby, 1832)
Anachis coronata coronata
Anachis coronata coronata (Sowerby, 1832)
Anachis coronata hannana
Anachis coronata hannana Hertlein and Strong, 1951
Anachis coseli
Anachis costellata
Anachis cruentata
Anachis dalli
Anachis decimdentata
Anachis demani
Anachis demanorum
Anachis deshayesi
Anachis deshayesi de Folin, 1867
Anachis dicomata
Anachis dicomata Dall, 1889
Anachis diminuta
Anachis diminuta (C. B. Adams, 1852)
Anachis dolicha
Anachis donnae
Anachis elata
Anachis electona
Anachis elegantula
Anachis elegantula Morch, 1860
Anachis fauroti
Anachis fauroti (Jousseaume 1888)
Anachis fayae
Anachis fayae Keen, 1971
Anachis fenestrata
Anachis fenneli
Anachis fenneli (Radwin 1968)
Anachis fenneli Radwin, 1968
Anachis floridana
Anachis floridana Rehder, 1939
Anachis fluctuata
Anachis fulgida
Anachis fulva
Anachis fuscolineata
Anachis gaskoini
Anachis gaskoini Carpenter, 1857
Anachis gilva
Anachis gracilis
Anachis guerreroensis
Anachis guildingii
Anachis guildingii (Sowerby 1844)
Anachis guildingii form. teres Usticke 1969
Anachis guildingii teres
Anachis helenae
Anachis hermosa
Anachis hermosa Von Ihering
Anachis hilli
Anachis hilli Pilsbry and Lowe, 1932
Anachis hotessieriana
Anachis hotessieriana (d'Orbigny, 1842)
Anachis humerosa
Anachis incerta
Anachis iontha
Anachis iontha (Ravenel, 1861)
Anachis isabellei
Anachis japonica
Anachis jungi
Anachis kraussi
Anachis lafresnayi
Anachis lafresnayi (P. Fischer and Bernardi, 1856)
Anachis lalieeti
Anachis lalieeti (Jeffreys, 1867)
Anachis lentiginosa
Anachis lillianae
Anachis lineolata
Anachis lurida
Anachis lyrata
Anachis macgintyi
Anachis macgintyi Usticke 1959
Anachis mariopenai
Anachis marquesa
Anachis marzouki
Anachis mawsoni
Anachis mcgintyi
Anachis mcgintyi Usticke 1959
Anachis milium
Anachis milium (Dall 1916)
Anachis miser
Anachis miser polynyma
Anachis misera
Anachis moesta
Anachis mullineri
Anachis nigricans
Anachis nigricans (Sowerby, 1844)
Anachis nigrofusca
Anachis nisitella
Anachis obesa
Anachis obesa C. B. Adams, 1845
Anachis obesa obesa
Anachis obesa obesa (C. B. Adams, 1845)
Anachis obesa ostreicola
Anachis obesa ostreicola Melvill, 1881
Anachis ornatus
Anachis ornatus (Ravenel, 1858)
Anachis ostreicola
Anachis paessleri
Anachis pardalis
Anachis pardalis peruviana
Anachis penicillata
Anachis penicillata Carpenter 1864
Anachis penicillata Carpenter, 1865
Anachis petrii
Anachis phanea
Anachis plicatula
Anachis pretrii
Anachis pulchella
Anachis pulchella (de Blainville, 1829)
Anachis pygmaea
Anachis pygmaea (Sowerby, 1832)
Anachis radwini
Anachis raysutana
Anachis reedi
Anachis reedi Bartsch 1928
Anachis rehderi
Anachis remoensis
Anachis rhodae
Anachis rhodae Radwin, 1968
Anachis ritteri
Anachis rufotincta
Anachis rugosa
Anachis rugulosa
Anachis samanensis
Anachis sanfelipensis
Anachis sanfelipensis Lowe, 1935
Anachis savignyi
Anachis scalarina
Anachis scutulata
Anachis semiplicata
Anachis semiplicata Stearns, 1873
Anachis serrata
Anachis sertulariarum
Anachis sertularium
Anachis sertularium (Orbigny, 1841)
Anachis similis
Anachis similis Dall, 1889
Anachis sinaloa
Anachis smithi
Anachis spadicea
Anachis sparsa
Anachis sparsa (Reeve, 1859)
Anachis strongi
Anachis strongi Bartsch 1928
Anachis subcostulata
Anachis subcostulata (C. B. Adams, 1845)
Anachis subcostulata subcincta
Anachis subcostulata var. subcincta Usticke 1969
Anachis subturrita
Anachis subturrita Carpenter, 1866
Anachis suezensis
Anachis teevani
Anachis terpsichore
Anachis tessellata
Anachis tincta
Anachis translirata
Anachis translirata (Ravenel, 1861)
Anachis treva
Anachis troglodytes
Anachis troglodytes (Souverbie in Souverbie & Montrouzier, 1866)
Anachis valledori
Anachis varia
Anachis varicosa
Anachis veleda
Anachis veleda Duclos, 1846
Anachis vercoi
Anachis vexillum
Anachis vexillum (Reeve, 1858)

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