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    ... for 'Anguilla anguilla'

438 Scientific Matches
Anguilla Davaine 1857
Anguilla Schank 1798
Anguilla Schrank, 1798
Anguilla Shaw
Anguilla Shaw 1803
Anguilla [vulgaris] mucrocephala De la Pylaie 1835
Anguilla [vulgaris] ornithorincha De la Pylaie 1835
Anguilla [vulgaris] oxycephala De la Pylaie 1835
Anguilla [vulgaris] platyura De la Pylaie 1835
Anguilla acutirostris
Anguilla acutirostris Risso, 1827
Anguilla aegyptiaca
Anguilla aegyptiaca Kaup, 1856
Anguilla altirostris
Anguilla altirostris Kaup, 1856
Anguilla amblodon
Anguilla amblodon Günther, 1867
Anguilla amboinensis
Anguilla amboinensis Peters 1866
Anguilla anacamptoentera
Anguilla anacamptoentera Balsamo-Crivelli & Maggi 1872
Anguilla ancestralis
Anguilla ancestralis Ege, 1939
Anguilla ancidda
Anguilla ancidda Kaup, 1856
Anguilla aneitensis
Anguilla aneitensis Günther 1870
Anguilla anguilla
Anguilla anguilla (Linnaeus, 1758)
Anguilla anguilla (Linne 1758)
Anguilla anguilla (non Linnaeus, 1758)
Anguilla anguilla Linnaeus
Anguilla anguilla macrocephala
Anguilla anguilla macrocephala De la Pylaie, 1835
Anguilla anguilla ornithorhyncha
Anguilla anguilla ornithorhyncha De la Pylaie, 1835
Anguilla anguilla oxycephala
Anguilla anguilla oxycephala De la Pylaie, 1835
Anguilla anguilla subsp. macrocephala
Anguilla anguilla subsp. macrocephala De la Pylaie, 1835
Anguilla anguilla subsp. ornithorhyncha
Anguilla anguilla subsp. ornithorhyncha De la Pylaie, 1835
Anguilla anguilla subsp. oxycephala
Anguilla anguilla subsp. oxycephala De la Pylaie, 1835
Anguilla anguilla var. macrocephala
Anguilla anguilla var. macrocephala De la Pylaie, 1835
Anguilla anguilla var. ornithorhyncha
Anguilla anguilla var. ornithorhyncha De la Pylaie, 1835
Anguilla anguilla var. var. macrocephala De la Pylaie, 1835
Anguilla anguilla var. var. ornithorhyncha De la Pylaie, 1835
Anguilla anguillia
Anguilla anguillia (Linnaeus, 1758)
Anguilla angustidens
Anguilla angustidens Kaup 1856
Anguilla arracana
Anguilla arracana McClelland 1844
Anguilla aterrima
Anguilla aterrima Rafinesque 1820
Anguilla aucklandii
Anguilla aucklandii Richardson 1848
Anguilla australis
Anguilla australis (non Richardson, 1841)
Anguilla australis Richardson, 1841
Anguilla australis australis
Anguilla australis australis Richardson, 1841
Anguilla australis occidentalis
Anguilla australis occidentalis Schmidt, 1928
Anguilla australis orientalis
Anguilla australis orientalis Schmidt 1928
Anguilla australis schmidti
Anguilla australis schmidti Philipps, 1925
Anguilla australis schmidtii
Anguilla australis subsp. australis
Anguilla australis subsp. australis Richardson, 1841
Anguilla australis subsp. occidentalis
Anguilla australis subsp. occidentalis Schmidt, 1928
Anguilla australis subsp. schmidti
Anguilla australis subsp. schmidti Philipps, 1925
Anguilla austrata
Anguilla austrata Richardson, 1841
Anguilla autralis
Anguilla avisotis
Anguilla avisotis Richardson 1845
Anguilla bengalensis
Anguilla bengalensis (Gray, 1831)
Anguilla bengalensis (non Gray, 1831)
Anguilla bengalensis bengalensis
Anguilla bengalensis bengalensis (Gray, 1831)
Anguilla bengalensis labiata
Anguilla bengalensis labiata (Peters, 1852)
Anguilla bengalensis subsp. bengalensis
Anguilla bengalensis subsp. bengalensis (Gray, 1831)
Anguilla bengalensis subsp. labiata
Anguilla bengalensis subsp. labiata (Peters, 1852)
Anguilla bibroni
Anguilla bibroni Kaup, 1856
Anguilla bicolor
Anguilla bicolor McClelland, 1844
Anguilla bicolor bicolor
Anguilla bicolor bicolor McClelland
Anguilla bicolor bicolor McClelland, 1844
Anguilla bicolor pacifica
Anguilla bicolor pacifica Schmidt, 1928
Anguilla bicolor subsp. bicolor
Anguilla bicolor subsp. bicolor McClelland, 1844
Anguilla bicolor subsp. pacifica
Anguilla bicolor subsp. pacifica Schmidt, 1928
Anguilla bleekeri
Anguilla bleekeri Kaup, 1856
Anguilla blephura
Anguilla blephura Rafinesque 1817
Anguilla borneensis
Anguilla borneensis Popta, 1924
Anguilla breviceps
Anguilla breviceps Chu & Jin 1984
Anguilla breviceps Chu & Jin in Chu 1984
Anguilla brevicula
Anguilla brevicula Agassiz 1833 1844
Anguilla brevirostris
Anguilla brevirostris Cisternas, 1877
Anguilla caeca
Anguilla caeca Smith 1904
Anguilla callensis
Anguilla callensis Guichenot, 1850
Anguilla canariensis
Anguilla canariensis Valenciennes, 1843
Anguilla cantori
Anguilla cantori Kaup, 1856
Anguilla capensis
Anguilla capensis Kaup, 1860
Anguilla capitone
Anguilla capitone Kaup, 1856
Anguilla celebensis
Anguilla celebensis Kaup, 1856
Anguilla celebesensis
Anguilla celebesensis (non Kaup, 1856)
Anguilla celebesensis Kaup, 1856
Anguilla cellebesensis
Anguilla cellebesensis Kaup, 1856
Anguilla chrisypa
Anguilla chrisypa Rafinesque 1817
Anguilla clathrata
Anguilla clathrata Richardson 1845
Anguilla cloacina
Anguilla cloacina Bonaparte, 1846
Anguilla conger
Anguilla conger (Linnaeus, 1758)
Anguilla cubana
Anguilla cubana Kaup 1856
Anguilla cuvieri
Anguilla cuvieri Kaup, 1856
Anguilla delalandi
Anguilla delalandi Kaup 1856
Anguilla delalandii
Anguilla delalandii Kaup, 1856
Anguilla dieffenbachi
Anguilla dieffenbachi Gray, 1842
Anguilla dieffenbachii
Anguilla dieffenbachii Gray, 1842
Anguilla dussumieri
Anguilla dussumieri Kaup, 1856
Anguilla elphinstonei
Anguilla elphinstonei Sykes, 1839
Anguilla eurylaema
Anguilla eurylaema Kaup 1856
Anguilla eurystoma
Anguilla eurystoma Heckel & Kner, 1858
Anguilla fasciata
Anguilla fasciata Kaup 1856
Anguilla fidjiensis
Anguilla fidjiensis Günther 1870
Anguilla fluviatilis
Anguilla fluviatilis Anslijin, 1828
Anguilla fluviatilis Heckel & Kner, 1858
Anguilla foochowensis
Anguilla foochowensis Chu & Jin 1984
Anguilla foochowensis Chu & Jin in Chu 1984
Anguilla guttata
Anguilla guttata Cuvier in Kaup 1856
Anguilla hatayi
Anguilla hibernica
Anguilla hibernica Couch, 1865
Anguilla hildebrandti
Anguilla hildebrandti Peters, 1881
Anguilla ignota
Anguilla interioris
Anguilla interioris Whitley, 1938
Anguilla isinglaena
Anguilla isinglaena Kaup 1856
Anguilla japonica
Anguilla japonica Temminck & Schlegel
Anguilla japonica Temminck and Schlegel, 1846
Anguilla japonica Temminck and Schlegel, 1847
Anguilla japonicus
Anguilla johannae
Anguilla johannae Günther, 1867
Anguilla kieneri
Anguilla kieneri Kaup, 1856
Anguilla labiata
Anguilla labiata (Peters, 1852)
Anguilla labrosa
Anguilla labrosa Richardson 1848
Anguilla lalandi
Anguilla lalandi Sauvage 1891
Anguilla laticanda
Anguilla laticanda Rafinesque 1818
Anguilla laticauda
Anguilla laticauda Rafinesque 1820
Anguilla laticauda Rafinesque, 1818
Anguilla latirostris
Anguilla latirostris Risso, 1827
Anguilla latispina
Anguilla latispina Agassiz 1835
Anguilla leptoptera
Anguilla leptoptera Agassiz 1835
Anguilla linearis
Anguilla linearis Hardwick in Gray 1831
Anguilla linnei
Anguilla linnei Malm, 1877
Anguilla lutea
Anguilla lutea Rafinesque 1820
Anguilla macrophthalma
Anguilla macrophthalma (Peters, 1852)
Anguilla macrops
Anguilla macrops Kaup 1856
Anguilla macroptera
Anguilla macroptera McClelland 1844
Anguilla malabarica
Anguilla malabarica Kaup, 1856
Anguilla malgumora
Anguilla malgumora (non Kaup, 1856)
Anguilla malgumora Kaup, 1856
Anguilla manabei
Anguilla manabei Jordan 1913
Anguilla marginata
Anguilla marginata Kaup, 1856
Anguilla marginipinnis
Anguilla marginipinnis Macleay 1883
Anguilla marina
Anguilla marina Nardo, 1860
Anguilla marmolata
Anguilla marmolata Quoy & Gaimard, 1824
Anguilla marmorata
Anguilla marmorata (non Quoy & Gaimard, 1824)
Anguilla marmorata Quoy and Gaimard, 1824
Anguilla mauritiana
Anguilla mauritiana (non Bennet, 1831)
Anguilla mauritiana (non Bennett, 1831)
Anguilla mauritiana Bennett, 1831
Anguilla mediorostris
Anguilla mediorostris Risso, 1827
Anguilla megastoma
Anguilla megastoma Kaup, 1856
Anguilla melanochir
Anguilla melanochir Kaup, 1856
Anguilla microptera
Anguilla microptera Kaup, 1856
Anguilla migratoria
Anguilla migratoria KrØyer, 1846
Anguilla moa
Anguilla moa Bleeker 1850
Anguilla morena
Anguilla morena Kaup, 1856
Anguilla mossambica
Anguilla mossambica (Peters, 1852)
Anguilla mowa
Anguilla mowa Bleeker 1853
Anguilla myriaster
Anguilla myriaster Brevoort, 1856
Anguilla nebulosa
Anguilla nebulosa (non McClelland, 1844)
Anguilla nebulosa McClelland, 1844
Anguilla nebulosa Mcclelland
Anguilla nebulosa labiata
Anguilla nebulosa labiata (Peters, 1852)
Anguilla nebulosa nebulosa
Anguilla nebulosa nebulosa McClelland, 1844
Anguilla nebulosa subsp. labiata
Anguilla nebulosa subsp. labiata (Peters, 1852)
Anguilla nebulosa subsp. nebulosa
Anguilla nebulosa subsp. nebulosa McClelland, 1844
Anguilla nigricans
Anguilla nigricans Chu & Wu, 1984
Anguilla nigricans Chu and Wu in Chu, 1984
Anguilla nigropunctata
Anguilla nigropunctata Cuvier in Kaup 1856
Anguilla nilotica
Anguilla nilotica Heckel, 1846
Anguilla nilotica Kaup, 1857
Anguilla novaeorleanensis
Anguilla novaeorleanensis Kaup 1856
Anguilla novaeterrae
Anguilla novaeterrae Kaup 1856
Anguilla oblongirostris
Anguilla oblongirostris Blanchard, 1866
Anguilla obscura
Anguilla obscura Guenther, 1872
Anguilla obscura Günther, 1872
Anguilla obscura Günther, 1872
Anguilla obtusa
Anguilla obtusa Swainson, 1839
Anguilla oceanica
Anguilla oceanica Mitchill, 1818
Anguilla orthoentera
Anguilla orthoentera Balsamo-Crivelli & Maggi 1872
Anguilla otaheitensis
Anguilla otaheitensis Kaup 1860
Anguilla pacifica
Anguilla pacifica Schmidt, 1928
Anguilla platycephala
Anguilla platycephala Kaup, 1856
Anguilla platyrhynchus
Anguilla platyrhynchus Costa, 1850
Anguilla porphyrea
Anguilla porphyrea Günther (ex Hodgson) 1861
Anguilla punctatissima
Anguilla punctatissima Kaup 1856
Anguilla reinhardii
Anguilla reinhardti
Anguilla reinhardti Steindachner, 1867
Anguilla reinhardtii
Anguilla reinhardtii Steindachner, 1867
Anguilla remifera
Anguilla remifera Jordan & Evermann 1902
Anguilla rostrana
Anguilla rostrata
Anguilla rostrata (Lesueur, 1817)
Anguilla rostrata Le Seuer
Anguilla savignyi
Anguilla savignyi Kaup, 1856
Anguilla schmidti
Anguilla schmidti Philipps, 1925
Anguilla septembrina
Anguilla septembrina Bonaparte, 1846
Anguilla serpens
Anguilla serpens Shaw 1803
Anguilla sidat
Anguilla sidat Bleeker 1853
Anguilla sinensis
Anguilla sinensis McClelland 1844
Anguilla spengeli
Anguilla spengeli Weber, 1912
Anguilla tenuirostris
Anguilla tenuirostris DeKay 1842
Anguilla texana
Anguilla texana Kaup 1856
Anguilla tyrannus
Anguilla tyrannus Girard 1858
Anguilla variegata
Anguilla variegata McClelland 1844
Anguilla virescens
Anguilla virescens (Peters, 1852)
Anguilla vulgaris
Anguilla vulgaris Shaw, 1803
Anguilla vulgaris fluviatilis
Anguilla vulgaris fluviatilis Rafinesque, 1810
Anguilla vulgaris lacustus
Anguilla vulgaris lacustus Rafinesque, 1810
Anguilla vulgaris marina
Anguilla vulgaris marina Rafinesque, 1810
Anguilla vulgaris mucrocephala
Anguilla vulgaris ornithorhincha
Anguilla vulgaris ornithorhincha De la Pylaie, 1835
Anguilla vulgaris ornithorhincha Pylaie, 1835
Anguilla vulgaris ornithorincha
Anguilla vulgaris oxycephala
Anguilla vulgaris platirostris
Anguilla vulgaris platirostris Döderlein 1879
Anguilla vulgaris platyura
Anguilla vulgaris platyura De la Pylaie, 1835
Anguilla vulgaris subsp. fluviatilis
Anguilla vulgaris subsp. fluviatilis Rafinesque, 1810
Anguilla vulgaris subsp. lacustus
Anguilla vulgaris subsp. lacustus Rafinesque, 1810
Anguilla vulgaris subsp. marina
Anguilla vulgaris subsp. marina Rafinesque, 1810
Anguilla vulgaris subsp. ornithorhincha
Anguilla vulgaris subsp. ornithorhincha De la Pylaie, 1835
Anguilla vulgaris subsp. platyura
Anguilla vulgaris subsp. platyura De la Pylaie, 1835
Anguilla wabashensis
Anguilla wabashensis Kaup 1856
Anguilla xanthomelas
Anguilla xanthomelas Rafinesque 1820
Astasia anguilla
Astasia anguilla Huber-Pestalozzi
Bornella anguilla
Dileptus anguilla
Dileptus anguilla Kahl 1931
Elcaribe anguilla
Elcaribe anguilla Webb, 2006
Eucta anguilla
Eucta anguilla Keyserling, 1887
Glanapteryx anguilla
Glanapteryx anguilla Myers, 1927
Ictalurus anguilla
Ictalurus anguilla Evermann & Kendall 1898
Lionotus anguilla
Lionotus anguilla Kahl 1930
Litonotus anguilla
Litonotus anguilla (Kahl 1930)
Monocelis anguilla
Monocelis anguilla Schmidt 1857
Muraena anguilla
Muraena anguilla Linnaeus, 1758
Muraena anguilla acerine
Muraena anguilla acerine Schneider in Bloch & Schneider 1801
Muraena anguilla anguillechien
Muraena anguilla anguillechien Schneider in Bloch & Schneider 1801
Muraena anguilla guiseau
Muraena anguilla guiseau Schneider in Bloch & Schneider 1801
Muraena anguilla maculata
Muraena anguilla maculata Chiereghini, 1872
Muraena anguilla marina
Muraena anguilla marina Nardo (ex Chiereghini) 1847
Muraena anguilla nilotica
Muraena anguilla nilotica Bloch & Schneider 1801
Muraena anguilla subsp. maculata
Muraena anguilla subsp. maculata Chiereghini, 1872
Nemacheilus anguilla
Nemacheilus anguilla Annandale, 1919
Nemachilus anguilla
Nemachilus anguilla Annandale, 1919
Noemacheilus anguilla
Noemacheilus anguilla (Annandale, 1919)
Peckia (Euboettcheria) anguilla
Peckia (Euboettcheria) anguilla Curran & Walley, 1934
Peckia anguilla
Peckia anguilla (Curran & Walley, 1934 )
Peckia anguilla Curran & Walley, 1934
Pseudodactylogyrus anguilla
Sarcophaga anguilla
Sarcophaga anguilla Curran & Walley, 1934
Spathidium anguilla
Spathidium anguilla Vuxanovici 1962
Tetragnatha anguilla
Tetragnatha anguilla Thorell, 1877

30 Other Matches
Anguilla (Anguilla bicolor bicolor)Chavacano
Anguilla Anole (Anolis gingivinus)English
Anguilla Racer (Alsophis rijersmai)English
Anguilla eelgoby (Taenioides anguillaris)English
Anguilla (Electrophorus electricus)Italian
Anguilla americana (Anguilla rostrata)Italian
Anguilla argentina (Anguilla anguilla)Italian
Anguilla australiana (Anguilla bicolor bicolor)Italian
Anguilla europea (Anguilla anguilla)Italian
Anguilla gialla (Anguilla anguilla)Italian
Anguilla giapponese (Anguilla japonica)Italian
Anguilla mareteca (Anguilla anguilla)Italian
Anguilla sottile (Apterichtus anguiformis)Italian
Anguilla europeana (Anguilla anguilla)Romanian
Anguilla catarrojina (Anguilla anguilla)Spanish
Anguilla de fango del Pacifico (Pythonichthys asodes)Spanish
Anguilla electrica (Electrophorus electricus)Spanish
Anguilla fartona (Anguilla anguilla)Spanish
Anguilla maresa (Anguilla anguilla)Spanish
Anguilla martina (Anguilla anguilla)Spanish
Anguilla moteada gigante (Anguilla marmorata)Spanish
Anguilla pastorenca (Anguilla anguilla)Spanish
Anguilla pugaron (Anguilla anguilla)Spanish
Tiburón anguilla (Chlamydoselachus anguineus)Spanish
Anguilla sp.
Anguilla bank anole, Anguilla Anole (Anolis gingivinus)unspecified
Anguilla bank bush anole, Watts' Anole (Anolis pogus)unspecified

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