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145 Scientific Matches
Anisomysis (Anisomysis) Hansen 1910
Anisomysis (Anisomysis) hashizumei
Anisomysis (Anisomysis) maldivensis
Anisomysis (Anisomysis) parvispina
Anisomysis (Anisomysis) rotunda
Anisomysis (Javanisomysis)
Anisomysis (Javanisomysis) gutzui
Anisomysis (Paranisomysis) Bacescu 1973
Anisomysis (Paranisomysis) lamellicauda (Hansen 1912)
Anisomysis (Paranisomysis) marisrubri Bacescu 1973
Anisomysis (Paranisomysis) modestiangusta
Anisomysis (Paranisomysis) ohtsukai
Anisomysis (Paranisomysis) omorii
Anisomysis (Paranisomysis) parvisinuosa
Anisomysis (Pseudanisomysis)
Anisomysis Hansen 1910
Anisomysis acuminata
Anisomysis acuminata Murano, 1990
Anisomysis aikawai
Anisomysis aikawai Ii, 1964
Anisomysis akajimaensis
Anisomysis akajimaensis Murano, 1990
Anisomysis akiawai
Anisomysis arabica
Anisomysis arabica Wooldridge and Victor, 2004
Anisomysis australis
Anisomysis australis Zimmer, 1918
Anisomysis bacescui
Anisomysis bacescui Pillai, 1976
Anisomysis bifurcata
Anisomysis bifurcata Tattersall 1912
Anisomysis bifurcata W. M. Tattersall, 1912
Anisomysis bipartoculata
Anisomysis bipartoculata Ii, 1964
Anisomysis bipartoculata Li 1964
Anisomysis boraboraensis
Anisomysis boraboraensis Murano, 1995
Anisomysis brevicauda
Anisomysis brevicauda Wang, 1989
Anisomysis chessi
Anisomysis chessi Murano, 1983
Anisomysis comorensis
Anisomysis comorensis Wooldridge and Mees, 2004
Anisomysis constricta
Anisomysis constricta Murano, 1983
Anisomysis enewetakensis
Anisomysis enewetakensis Murano, 1983
Anisomysis extranea
Anisomysis extranea Murano, 1995
Anisomysis gracilis
Anisomysis gracilis Panampunnayil, 1984
Anisomysis gutzui
Anisomysis gutzui Bacescu 1992
Anisomysis gutzuii
Anisomysis gutzuii (Bacescu, 1992)
Anisomysis hanseni
Anisomysis hanseni Nouvel, 1967
Anisomysis hashizumei
Anisomysis hashizumei Fukuoka and Murano, 1997
Anisomysis hashizunei
Anisomysis hashizunei Fukuoka & Murano 1997
Anisomysis hawaiiensis
Anisomysis hawaiiensis Murano, 1995
Anisomysis hispida
Anisomysis hispida Pillai, 1973
Anisomysis hosakai
Anisomysis hosakai Murano, 1990
Anisomysis ijimai
Anisomysis ijimai Nakazawa, 1910
Anisomysis ijimaiestafricana
Anisomysis ijimaiestafricana Bacescu 1973
Anisomysis incisa
Anisomysis incisa Tattersall 1936
Anisomysis incisa W. M. Tattersall, 1936
Anisomysis kunduchiana
Anisomysis kunduchiana Bacescu, 1975
Anisomysis laccadivei
Anisomysis laccadivei Panampunnayil, 1981
Anisomysis lamellicauda
Anisomysis lamellicauda (Hansen, 1912)
Anisomysis lamellicauda Hansen 1912
Anisomysis laticauda
Anisomysis laticauda Hansen, 1910
Anisomysis levi
Anisomysis levi Bacescu, 1973
Anisomysis maldivensis
Anisomysis maldivensis Murano and Fukuoka, 2003
Anisomysis maris rubri
Anisomysis maris rubri Bacescu
Anisomysis maris-rubri
Anisomysis marisrubri
Anisomysis marisrubri Bacescu 1973
Anisomysis megalops
Anisomysis megalops (Illig, 1913)
Anisomysis megalops Illig 1913
Anisomysis minuta
Anisomysis minuta Liu and Wang, 1983
Anisomysis mixta
Anisomysis mixta Nakazawa, 1910
Anisomysis modestiangusta
Anisomysis modestiangusta Murano and Fukuoka, 2003
Anisomysis mullini
Anisomysis mullini Murano, 1987
Anisomysis nana
Anisomysis nana Murano, 1995
Anisomysis ohtsukai
Anisomysis ohtsukai Murano
Anisomysis ohtsukai Murano, 1994
Anisomysis omorii
Anisomysis omorii Murano and Fukuoka, 2003
Anisomysis parvisinuosa
Anisomysis parvisinuosa Murano and Fukuoka, 2003
Anisomysis parvispina
Anisomysis parvispina Murano and Fukuoka, 2003
Anisomysis pelewensis
Anisomysis pelewensis Ii, 1964
Anisomysis quadrispinosa
Anisomysis quadrispinosa Wang, 1989
Anisomysis robustispina
Anisomysis robustispina Panampunnayil, 1984
Anisomysis rotunda
Anisomysis rotunda Murano and Fukuoka, 2003
Anisomysis ryukyuensis
Anisomysis ryukyuensis Murano, 1990
Anisomysis sirielloides
Anisomysis sirielloides Bacescu, 1975
Anisomysis spatulispina
Anisomysis spatulispina Murano, 1995
Anisomysis spinata
Anisomysis spinata Panampunnayil, 1993
Anisomysis tattersallae
Anisomysis tattersallae Pillai, 1973
Anisomysis thurneysseni
Anisomysis thurneysseni Nouvel, 1973
Anisomysis truncata
Anisomysis truncata Panampunnayil, 1993
Anisomysis unispinosa
Anisomysis unispinosa Wooldridge and Mees, 2004
Anisomysis vasseuri
Anisomysis vasseuri Ledoyer, 1974
Anisomysis xenops
Anisomysis xenops (Tattersall 1943)
Anisomysis xenops (W. M. Tattersall, 1943)
Anisomysis xenops Tattersall 1943

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