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743 Scientific Matches
Acanthoderes antennatus
Acanthoderes antennatus Bates, 1861
Acanthoderes antennatus GUÉRIN-MÉNEVILLE Félix Edouard, 1855
Acanthoderes antennatus Guérin-Méneville, 1855
Acanthodis antennatus
Acanthodis antennatus Scudder, S.H. 1869
Acontiophorus antennatus
Acontiophorus antennatus Hansen, 1923
Adelencyrtus antennatus
Adelencyrtus antennatus Compere & Annecke
Adelencyrtus antennatus Compere & Annecke, 1961
Adetus antennatus
Adetus antennatus (BATES Henry Walter, 1880)
Adetus antennatus Aurivillius, 1922
Adetus antennatus Bates, 1880
Adetus antennatus Blackwelder, 1946
Adetus antennatus Breuning, 1960
Adetus antennatus Breuning, 1971
Adetus antennatus CHEMSAK J. A. LINSLEY E. G., NOGUERA F. A., 1992
Adetus antennatus Chemsak, Linsley & Noguera, 1992
Adetus antennatus Monné & Giesbert, 1994
Adetus antennatus Monné, 1994
Adetus antennatus Noguera & Chemsak, 1996
Adetus antennatus Thomson, 1868
Adetus antennatus antennatus
Adetus antennatus antennatus (Thomson, 1868)
Adetus antennatus denticauda
Adetus antennatus denticauda BREUNING Stephan, 1960
Adetus antennatus denticauda Bates, 1880
Adetus antennatus denticauda Chemsak, Linsley & Noguera, 1992
Adetus antennatus denticauda Monné & Giesbert, 1994
Adetus antennatus denticauda Turnbow, Cave & Thomas, 2003
Adetus antennatus m. denticauda
Adetus antennatus m. denticauda Breuning, 1960
Adetus antennatus m. denticauda Breuning, 1971
Adetus antennatus m. nitens
Adetus antennatus m. nitens Breuning, 1960
Adetus antennatus m. nitens Breuning, 1971
Adetus antennatus nitens
Adetus antennatus nitens BREUNING Stephan, 1960
Adetus antennatus nitens Bates, 1885
Adetus antennatus nitens Chemsak, Linsley & Noguera, 1992
Adetus antennatus nitens Monné & Giesbert, 1994
Adetus antennatus subsp. denticauda
Adetus antennatus subsp. denticauda Bates, 1880
Adetus antennatus subsp. denticauda Chemsak, Linsley & Noguera, 1992
Adetus antennatus subsp. denticauda Monné & Giesbert, 1994
Adetus antennatus subsp. denticauda Turnbow, Cave & Thomas, 2003
Adetus antennatus subsp. nitens
Adetus antennatus subsp. nitens Bates, 1885
Adetus antennatus subsp. nitens Chemsak, Linsley & Noguera, 1992
Adetus antennatus subsp. nitens Monné & Giesbert, 1994
Agabus antennatus
Agabus antennatus Leech
Agabus antennatus Leech 1939
Alaptus antennatus
Alaptus antennatus Kryger
Alaptus antennatus Kryger, 1950
Allogamus antennatus
Allogamus antennatus (McLachlan, 1876)
Amblypsilopus antennatus
Amblypsilopus antennatus (Becker 1922)
Amorphopus antennatus
Amorphopus antennatus Bolivar, I. 1887
Anelaphus antennatus
Anelaphus antennatus CHEMSAK John A., 1959
Anelaphus antennatus Chemsak 1959
Anelaphus antennatus Linsley, 1963
Anelaphus antennatus Monné, 1993
Anisogaster antennatus
Anisogaster antennatus Quentin & Villiers, 1979
Anopheles antennatus
Anopheles antennatus Becker
Anopheles antennatus Becker, 1903
Antennatus Schultz, 1957
Antennatus Schulz 1957
Antennatus flagellatus
Antennatus flagellatus Ohnishi, Iwata and Hiramatsu, 1997
Antennatus linearis
Antennatus linearis Randall & Holcom, 2001
Antennatus sanguineus
Antennatus sanguineus (Gill, 1863)
Antennatus strigatus
Antennatus strigatus (Gill, 1863)
Antennatus tuberosus
Antennatus tuberosus (Cuvier, 1817)
Antennatus tuberosus (non Cuvier, 1817)
Anthonomochaeta antennatus
Anthonomochaeta antennatus Chevrolat,
Anthophilax antennatus
Anthophilax antennatus KIRK H. B., KNULL H. N., 1926
Anthophilax antennatus Kirk & Knull, 1926
Apatelus antennatus
Apatelus antennatus Kulzer H 1964
Apocephalus (Mesophora) antennatus
Apocephalus (Mesophora) antennatus Malloch 1913
Apocephalus antennatus
Apocephalus antennatus Malloch
Apocephalus antennatus Malloch, 1913
Aproceros antennatus
Araeoschizus antennatus
Araeoschizus antennatus antennatus
Araeoschizus antennatus antennatus Blaisdell FR 1943
Araeoschizus antennatus blaisdelli
Araeoschizus antennatus blaisdelli Papp 1989
Araeoschizus antennatus blaisdelli Papp CS 1989
Araeoschizus antennatus clarki
Araeoschizus antennatus clarki Papp CS 1989
Aristaeus antennatus
Aristeus antennatus
Aristeus antennatus (Risso, 1816)
Athous (Heterathous) antennatus Miwa 1934
Athous antennatus
Attagenus (Attagenus) antennatus Castelnau de Laporte 1840
Attagenus antennatus
Aulicus antennatus
Aulicus antennatus (Schaeffer, 1921)
Aulicus antennatus Schaeffer 1921
Auliserphus antennatus
Auliserphus antennatus Rasnitsyn
Australocyon antennatus
Austrocapsus antennatus
Austrocapsus antennatus (Walker 1873)
Austrocapsus antennatus Walker 1873
Balaninus antennatus
Balaninus antennatus Kono 1930
Barbulifer antennatus
Barbulifer antennatus Boehlke and Boehlke
Barbulifer antennatus Böhlke and Robins, 1968
Barbulifer antennatus Böhlke & Robins, 1968
Barytarbes antennatus
Barytarbes antennatus (Provancher)
Bathypterois antennatus
Bathypterois antennatus Gilbert, 1905
Bathypterois atricolor antennatus
Bathypterois atricolor antennatus (Gilbert, 1905)
Bathypterois atricolor antennatus Gilbert, 1905
Bathypterois atricolor subsp. antennatus
Bathypterois atricolor subsp. antennatus Gilbert, 1905
Batrisodes antennatus
Batrisodes antennatus Schaeffer, 1906
Batrisoplisus antennatus
Batrisoplisus antennatus (Weise 1877)
Batrisus antennatus
Batrisus antennatus Weise 1877
Brachydirus antennatus
Brachydirus antennatus Sharp 1876
Brachymyrmex antennatus
Brachymyrmex antennatus Santschi
Brachymyrmex antennatus Santschi, 1929
Bradymerus antennatus
Bradymerus antennatus Kulzer 1951
Bradymerus antennatus Kulzer H 1951
Bruchidius antennatus
Bruchidius antennatus Wollaston, 1864
Brueelia antennatus
Brueelia antennatus Ansari 1956
Bufonides antennatus
Bufonides antennatus Bolivar, I., 1898
Byrkicola antennatus
Bythinoplectus antennatus
Caligus antennatus
Caligus antennatus Boxshall & Gurney 1980
Callimome antennatus
Callimome antennatus Walker, 1833
Calliptamicus antennatus
Calliptamicus antennatus (Kirby, 1902)
Calliptamicus antennatus (Kirby, W.F. 1902)
Calliptamus antennatus
Calliptamus antennatus Kirby, W.F. 1902
Callosobruchus antennatus
Camponotus brasiliensis antennatus
Camponotus brasiliensis antennatus Santschi, 1925
Camponotus canescens antennatus
Camponotus canescens antennatus Santschi, 1920
Cantharis antennatus
Cantharis antennatus Green
Cantharocnemis (Cantharoctenus) antennatus Franz 1938
Cantharocnemis (Cantharoctenus) filippovi antennatus Franz 1938
Cantharocnemis antennatus
Cantharocnemis antennatus Bartolozzi & al., 1985
Cantharocnemis filippovi antennatus
Cantharocnemis filippovi antennatus Franz, 1938
Cantharocnemis filippovi subsp. antennatus
Cantharocnemis filippovi subsp. antennatus Franz, 1938
Capsus antennatus
Capsus antennatus Boheman, 1852
Cebrio antennatus
Cebrio antennatus Schaeffer 1916
Cenodocus antennatus
Cenodocus antennatus THOMSON James, 1864
Cenodocus antennatus Thomson, 1864
Ceocephalus antennatus
Ceocephalus antennatus (Ritsema 1882)
Cerapachys antennatus
Cerapachys antennatus Smith
Cerapachys antennatus Smith, 1857
Cerapterocerus antennatus
Cerapterocerus antennatus Narayanan 1960
Cervellus antennatus (Brullé)
Charagochilus antennatus
Charagochilus antennatus (Distant 1904)
Chaunoderus antennatus
Chaunoderus antennatus Hustache, A., 1920
Cheiroseius antennatus
Cheiroseius antennatus minor
Chilomycterus antennatus
Chilomycterus antennatus (Cuvier, 1816)
Chilomycterus antennatus (non Cuvier, 1818)
Chlaenius antennatus
Chlaenius antennatus Chaudoir, 1876
Chlorops antennatus
Chlorops antennatus Becker
Chlorops antennatus Becker, 1911
Chordodasiopsis antennatus
Chordodasiopsis antennatus (Rieger et al, 1974)
Chordodasys antennatus
Chordodasys antennatus Rieger, Ruppert, Rieger and Schoepfer-Sterrer, 1975
Chordodasys antennatus Rieger, et al, 1974
Chorthippus antennatus
Chorthippus antennatus Fieber 1853
Chthamalus antennatus
Cimex antennatus
Cimex antennatus Usinger and Ueshima, 1965
Cinetus antennatus
Cinetus antennatus Buhl
Clanoptilus antennatus
Clanoptilus antennatus Motschulsky 1854
Clibanarius antennatus
Clytus antennatus
Clytus antennatus Gemminger & Harold, 1872
Clytus antennatus LeConte, 1873
Clytus antennatus WHITE Adam, 1855
Clytus antennatus White, 1855
Conophorus antennatus
Conophorus antennatus Paramonov, 1940
Conops antennatus
Conops antennatus Krober
Conops antennatus Krober, 1915
Cordorabus antennatus
Cotys antennatus
Cotys antennatus Bolivar, I., 1887
Crangonyx antennatus
Crangonyx antennatus Cope and Packard, 1881
Crangonyx antennatus Packard, 1881
Creoleon antennatus
Creoleon antennatus (Navas 1914)
Cretobraconus antennatus
Culex (Culex) antennatus
Culex (Culex) antennatus Becker, 1903
Culex antennatus
Culex antennatus Becker, 1903
Curculio antennatus
Curculio antennatus Kôno, H., 1930
Cyclichthys antennatus
Cyclichthys antennatus (Cuvier, 1816)
Cylindrocerus antennatus
Cylindrocerus antennatus Casey 1922
Cyllene antennatus
Cyllene antennatus Beaulne, 1932
Cyllene antennatus Beutenmüller, 1896
Cyllene antennatus Craighead & Hofer, 1921
Cyllene antennatus Craighead, 1920
Cyllene antennatus Craighead, 1923
Cyllene antennatus Fall, 1901
Cyllene antennatus Garnett, 1918
Cyllene antennatus Griffith, 1900
Cyllene antennatus Grossbeck, 1912
Cyllene antennatus HORN George Henry, 1880
Cyllene antennatus Hopping, 1937
Cyllene antennatus Horn, 1880
Cyllene antennatus Horn, 1894
Cyllene antennatus Leng, 1887
Cyllene antennatus Packard, 1881
Cyllene antennatus Packard, 1890
Cyllene antennatus Riley, 1880
Cyphoderus antennatus
Cyphoderus antennatus Delamare-Deboutteville 1945
Diaphanidus antennatus
Diaphanidus antennatus Reitter E 1894
Diaphorus (Diaphorus) antennatus
Diaphorus antennatus
Diaphorus antennatus Duzee, 1915
Diaphorus antennatus Van Duzee, 1915
Dicraeus antennatus
Dicraeus antennatus Ismay
Dicraeus antennatus Ismay, 1984
Dinidor antennatus
Dinidor antennatus Dallas 1851
Diochus antennatus
Diochus antennatus Motschulsky, 1858
Diodon antennatus
Diodon antennatus Cuvier, 1816
Diodontus antennatus
Diodontus antennatus (Mickel)
Dioedus antennatus
Dioedus antennatus (Carter 1911)
Discopus antennatus
Discopus antennatus (BATES Henry Walter, 1880)
Discopus antennatus (Guérin-Méneville, 1855)
Discopus antennatus Aurivillius, 1923
Discopus antennatus Bates, 1880
Discopus antennatus Blackwelder, 1946
Discopus antennatus Gilmour, 1965
Discopus antennatus Monné & Giesbert, 1994
Discopus antennatus Monné, 1994
Distenorrhinus (Distenorrhinus) antennatus Arnoldi 1977
Distenorrhinus antennatus
Dolichomiris antennatus
Dolichomiris antennatus Distant 1904
Elasmopus antennatus
Elasmopus antennatus (Stout, 1913)
Elasmopus antennatus Stout, 1913
Elateropsis antennatus
Elateropsis antennatus GALILEO M. H. M., MARTINS U. R., 1994
Elateropsis antennatus Galileo & Martins, 1994
Elateropsis antennatus Monné & Giesbert, 1995
Elateropsis antennatus Monné, 1995
Elatophilus antennatus Kelton, 1976
Enicospilus antennatus
Enicospilus antennatus Morley
Eomorphopus antennatus
Eomorphopus antennatus (Bolivar, I., 1887)
Eopenthes antennatus
Eopenthes antennatus Sharp, 1908
Ephippigera antennatus
Ephippigera antennatus (Brunner von Wattenwyl 1882)
Ephippigera antennatus Brunner von Wattenwyl 1882
Epitragopsis antennatus
Epitriptus antennatus
Epitriptus antennatus Becker, 1908
Ernodes antennatus
Ernodes antennatus Redtenbacher 1908
Euchilofulvius (Euchilofulvius) antennatus
Euchilofulvius antennatus
Eucinetus antennatus
Eumenes antennatus
Eumenes antennatus Bingham
Eumenes antennatus Bingham, 1898
Euryphymus antennatus
Euryphymus antennatus (Kirby, W.F. 1902)
Eusymmerus antennatus
Eusymmerus antennatus H. Richardson, 1899
Eusymmerus antennatus Richardson, 1899
Garainamiris antennatus
Geotomus antennatus
Geotomus antennatus Signoret 1883
Gomphocerus antennatus
Gomphocerus antennatus Kirby, 1910
Gomphomastax antennatus
Gomphomastax antennatus Brunner von Wattenwyl 1898
Gomphomastax clavata antennatus
Gomphomastax clavata antennatus (Krauss, H. A., 1898)
Goniacerus antennatus
Goniodes antennatus
Goniodes antennatus Clay 1940
Gonolobus antennatus
Gonolobus antennatus Schltr.
Gynandrocerus antennatus
Gynandrocerus antennatus Gemminger & Harold, 1872
Habrobracon antennatus (Granger)
Halictus antennatus
Halictus antennatus Benoist 1962
Haplidus antennatus
Haplidus antennatus LINSLEY Earle Gorton, 1932
Haplidus antennatus Linsley, 1932
Haplostethus antennatus
Haplostethus antennatus (Cazier)
Hedotettix antennatus
Hedotettix antennatus Günther, K. 1979
Hedotettix antennatus Günther, Klaus, 1979
Heteracris antennatus
Heteracris antennatus (Bolivar, I. 1914)
Heteroconops antennatus
Heteroconops antennatus Krober
Heteroconops antennatus Krober, 1940
Horaeocerus antennatus
Horaeocerus antennatus Bolivar, I. 1914
Hydrovatus antennatus
Hydrovatus antennatus (Peschet 1924)
Hypancistrocerus antennatus
Hypancistrocerus antennatus (Zav.)
Hypancistrocerus antennatus (Zavattari)
Hypancistrocerus antennatus (Zavattari, 1912)
Kladothrips antennatus
Labomimus antennatus
Labomimus antennatus (Bryant 1915)
Lamprotatus antennatus
Lamprotatus antennatus (Walker, 1833)
Lapethus (Decalapethus) antennatus
Lapethus antennatus
Leioproctus (Ceratocolletes) antennatus (Smith 1879)
Leioproctus antennatus
Leioproctus antennatus (Smith)
Leioproctus antennatus (Smith, 1879)
Leptophion antennatus
Leptophion antennatus (Morley)
Linognathus antennatus
Linognathus antennatus (Piaget, 1880)
Lixus antennatus
Lixus antennatus Motschulsky 1857
Lochmodocerus antennatus
Lochmodocerus antennatus BURNE Jeffrey C., 1984
Lochmodocerus antennatus Burne, 1984
Lochmodocerus antennatus Chemsak, Linsley & Noguera, 1992
Lochmodocerus antennatus Monné & Giesbert, 1994
Lochmodocerus antennatus Monné, 1994
Lochmodocerus antennatus Noguera & Chemsak, 1996
Lordithon (Lordithon) antennatus
Lordithon antennatus
Losbanus antennatus
Losbanus antennatus (Gahan 1940)
Machatothrips antennatus
Machatothrips antennatus (Bagnall 1915)
Machimus (Machimus) antennatus
Machimus (Machimus) antennatus Becker, 1908
Machimus antennatus
Machimus antennatus Becker, 1908
Mastogenius antennatus
Mastogenius antennatus Cazier 1952
Mecotetartus antennatus
Mecotetartus antennatus Arnett, 1962
Mecotetartus antennatus Aurivillius, 1923
Mecotetartus antennatus BATES Henry Walter, 1872
Mecotetartus antennatus Bates, 1872
Mecotetartus antennatus Bates, 1881
Mecotetartus antennatus Blackwelder, 1946
Mecotetartus antennatus Chemsak & Linsley, 1970
Mecotetartus antennatus Chemsak & Noguera, 1993
Mecotetartus antennatus Chemsak, Linsley & Mankins, 1980
Mecotetartus antennatus Chemsak, Linsley & Noguera, 1992
Mecotetartus antennatus Garnett, 1918
Mecotetartus antennatus Gemminger & Harold, 1873
Mecotetartus antennatus Gilmour, 1965
Mecotetartus antennatus Horn, 1875
Mecotetartus antennatus Horn, 1880
Mecotetartus antennatus Horn, 1894
Mecotetartus antennatus Hovore, 1988
Mecotetartus antennatus Leng & Hamilton, 1896
Mecotetartus antennatus Linsley, 1942
Mecotetartus antennatus Maes & al., 1994
Mecotetartus antennatus Monné & Giesbert, 1994
Mecotetartus antennatus Monné, 1995
Mecotetartus antennatus Monné, 2001
Mecotetartus antennatus Noguera & Chemsak, 1996
Mecotetartus antennatus Noguera & al., 2002
Mecotetartus antennatus Toledo & al., 2002
Mecotetartus antennatus Turnbow, Cave & Thomas, 2003
Megacyllene antennatus
Megacyllene antennatus Craighead, 1950
Megacyllene antennatus Doane & al., 1936
Megacyllene antennatus Essig, 1926
Megacyllene antennatus Gerhardt & Turley, 1963
Megacyllene antennatus Keen, 1952
Megacyllene antennatus LENG Charles William, 1920
Megacyllene antennatus Leng, 1920
Megacyllene antennatus Linsley, Knull & Statham, 1961
Megacyllene antennatus Moore, 1937
Megacyllene antennatus St. George, 1929
Megalonotus antennatus
Megalonotus antennatus Schilling 1829
Merosargus antennatus
Merosargus antennatus Schiner, 1868
Messor antennatus
Messor antennatus Emery
Messor antennatus Emery, 1908
Messor antennatus antennatus
Messor antennatus antennatus Emery, 1908
Messor antennatus fodorii
Messor antennatus fodorii Roeszler, 1942
Messor antennatus personatus
Messor antennatus personatus Santschi, 1931
Metacerylon antennatus
Metacerylon antennatus Slipinski
Metaxestus antennatus
Metaxestus antennatus (Slipinski)
Microryssus antennatus
Microschismus antennatus
Microschismus antennatus Fletcher 1909
Monanus antennatus
Monanus antennatus Grouvelle
Myrmeleotettix antennatus
Myrmeleotettix antennatus (Fieber, 1853)
Myrmeleotettix antennatus Bei-Bienko & Mishchenko, 1951
Nannocyrtopogon antennatus
Nannocyrtopogon antennatus Wilcox
Nannocyrtopogon antennatus Wilcox and Martin, 1957
Nautes antennatus
Nautes antennatus Champion GC 1887
Neoathyreus antennatus
Neoathyreus antennatus Howden, 2006
Neophycus antennatus
Neophycus antennatus Krober
Neophycus antennatus Krober, 1931
Nesoxypilus antennatus
Nesoxypilus antennatus Beier 1965
Nicrophorus antennatus
Nicrophorus antennatus (Reitter 1884)
Nicrophorus antennatus Reitter
Nicrophorus antennatus Reitter, 1884
Nicrophorus antennatus ab. centralis Portevin 1914
Nicrophorus antennatus centralis
Nonnus antennatus
Nonnus antennatus Cresson
Nonnus antennatus Cresson, 1874
Numidicola antennatus
Numidicola antennatus (Kellogg and Paine 1911)
Obereoides antennatus
Obereoides antennatus MARTINS U. R., GALILEO M. H. M., 2004
Obereoides antennatus Martins & Galileo, 2004
Olibrinus antennatus
Olibrinus antennatus (Budde-Lund, 1902)
Olibrinus antennatus Budde-Lund 1902
Omphrale antennatus
Omphrale antennatus Krober
Omphrale antennatus Krober, 1914
Oncothrips antennatus
Oncothrips antennatus (Moulton)
Opius antennatus
Opius antennatus Fischer
Opius antennatus Fischer, 1965
Orectognathus antennatus
Orectognathus antennatus Smith
Orectognathus antennatus Smith, 1853
Orectognathus antennatus Smith, 1853 Smith, 1853
Orthorhogas antennatus
Orthorhogas antennatus (Granger 1949)
Orthorhogas antennatus (Granger)
Otiorhynchus antennatus
Otiorhynchus antennatus Stierlin, 1861
Otiorrhynchus antennatus
Otiorrhynchus antennatus Stierlin, W.G., 1861
Oxytorus antennatus
Oxytorus antennatus (Cresson)
Oxytorus antennatus (Cresson, 1864)
Paeudomacrochenus antennatus
Paeudomacrochenus antennatus Gahan, 1894
Paralabis antennatus
Paralabis antennatus Ramamurthi & David 1973
Paralasinus antennatus
Paratettix antennatus
Paratettix antennatus Hebard, 1923
Parerucius antennatus
Parerucius antennatus Krauss 1898
Parerucius antennatus Krauss, H. A., 1898
Penaeus antennatus
Penaeus antennatus Risso, 1816
Peneus antennatus
Peneus antennatus Risso, 1816
Perilampus antennatus
Perilampus antennatus Walker, 1834
Phalacrus antennatus
Phalacrus antennatus Motschulsky 1866
Philothermopsis antennatus
Philus antennatus
Philus antennatus (Gyllenhal 1817)
Philus antennatus (Gyllenhal)
Philus antennatus Chiang & Chen, 1996
Philus antennatus Gyllenhal in Schönherr 1817
Philus antennatus Gyllenhal, 1817
Philus antennatus LI You-gong. CHEN Shun-li, LIN Si-ming, 1981
Philus antennatus Li, Chen & Lin, 1981
Philus antennatus Wu & Chiang, 2000
Philus antennatus Yu, Nara & Chu, 2002
Phlebotomus (Sergentomyia) antennatus Newstead 1912
Phlebotomus antennatus
Phloeosinus antennatus
Phloeosinus antennatus Swaine, 1924
Phloeosinus antennatus Swaine, J.M., 1924b
Phyllophaga antennatus
Phyllophaga antennatus Smith
Physiomorphus antennatus
Physiomorphus antennatus Pollock 2000
Physoconops (Aconops) antennatus
Physoconops (Aconops) antennatus Krober, 1915
Physoconops antennatus
Physoconops antennatus Krober, 1915
Pilichremylus antennatus
Platystasius antennatus
Platystasius antennatus (Sundholm)
Platystasius antennatus (Sundholm, 1956)
Plectrothrips antennatus
Plectrothrips antennatus Hood, 1908
Poeciloscytus antennatus
Poeciloscytus antennatus Distant 1904
Polymerus antennatus
Polymerus antennatus Distant 1904
Proctolaelaps (Proctolaelaps) antennatus
Proctolaelaps antennatus
Proctolaelaps antennatus Karg 1985
Prolasius antennatus
Prolasius antennatus McAreavey
Prolasius antennatus McAreavey, 1947
Psammoecus antennatus
Psammoecus antennatus Waterhouse
Pseudhydrovatus antennatus
Pseudhydrovatus antennatus Peschet 1924
Pseudoconops antennatus
Pseudoconops antennatus Camras
Pseudoconops antennatus Camras, 1962
Pseudocophorus antennatus
Pseudocophorus antennatus Carriker 1940
Pseudomacrochenus antennatus
Pseudomacrochenus antennatus (Gahan, 1894)
Pseudomonopterus antennatus
Pseudomonopterus antennatus (Bloch, 1787)
Psilogaster antennatus
Psilogaster antennatus Gahan, 1940
Pterois antennatus
Pteropterus antennatus
Pteropterus antennatus (Bloch)
Pteropterus antennatus (Bloch, 1787)
Ptygonotus semenovi antennatus
Ptygonotus semenovi antennatus Mishchenko 1951
Ptygonotus semenovi antennatus Mishchenko, L. L., 1951
Ptygonotus semenovi antennatus Mishchenko, L. L., 1964
Ptygonotus semenovi subsp. antennatus
Ptygonotus semenovi subsp. antennatus Mishchenko, L.L. 1951
Puto antennatus
Puto antennatus (Signoret, 1875)
Puto antennatus Ben-Dov, 1994
Puto antennatus Signoret 1875
Pyrodes antennatus
Pyrodes antennatus Lucas, 1859
Pyrodes antennatus WHITE Adam, 1853
Pyrodes antennatus White, 1853
Ramulus antennatus
Ramulus antennatus (Chen, S.C. & T. Li 2002)
Rhaphitropis antennatus
Rhaphitropis antennatus Wolfrum, 1945-48
Rhizogeniates antennatus
Rhizogeniates antennatus Curtis, 1845
Rogas antennatus
Rygmodus antennatus
Rygmodus antennatus (Sharp 1884)
Samoafulvius antennatus
Saphydrus antennatus
Saphydrus antennatus Sharp 1884
Sarmydus antennatus
Sarmydus antennatus Drumont, 2006
Sarmydus antennatus Gahan, 1906
Sarmydus antennatus Hayashi & Makihara, 1981
Sarmydus antennatus Lacordaire, 1869
Sarmydus antennatus Lameere, 1912
Sarmydus antennatus Lameere, 1913
Sarmydus antennatus Li, Chen & Lin, 1981
Sarmydus antennatus PASCOE Francis Polkinghorne, 1867
Sarmydus antennatus Pascoe
Sarmydus antennatus Pascoe, 1867
Sarmydus antennatus Pascoe, 1869
Scenedesmus antennatus
Scenedesmus antennatus Brbisson
Scenedesmus antennatus Brébisson in Ralfs
Scenedesmus obliquus antennatus
Scenedesmus obliquus antennatus (Brbisson) Playfair
Scenedesmus obliquus antennatus (Brébisson) Playfair
Scenedesmus obliquus var. antennatus
Scenedesmus obliquus var. antennatus (Brébisson) Playfair
Scenopinus antennatus
Scenopinus antennatus Krober, 1914
Sciapus antennatus
Sciapus antennatus Becker, 1922
Scirtothrips antennatus
Scirtothrips antennatus Moulton, 1937
Scolytus antennatus
Scolytus antennatus Schedl, 1935f
Scotinotylus antennatus
Scotinotylus antennatus (O. P.-Cambridge, 1875)
Scotinotylus antennatus Bishop & Crosby, 1938
Scotinotylus antennatus Miller, 1971
Scotinotylus antennatus Millidge, 1981
Scotinotylus antennatus Simon, 1884
Scotinotylus antennatus Simon, 1894
Scotinotylus antennatus Simon, 1926
Scotinotylus antennatus Thaler, 1970
Scydmaenus (Scydmaenus) antennatus ripicola
Scydmaenus antennatus ,
Scydmaenus antennatus Lhoste 1935
Scydmaenus antennatus ripicola
Selenodon antennatus
Selenodon antennatus (Schffr.)
Simodactylus antennatus
Sinoluperoides antennatus
Sirex antennatus immaculatus
Sirex antennatus var. immaculatus Zirngiebl 1937
Sminthurides antennatus
Sminthurides antennatus Baijal & Verma 1986
Sphecius antennatus
Sphecius antennatus (Klug 1845)
Sphecius antennatus (Klug)
Sphecius antennatus impressus
Sphecius antennatus impressus Kokujev 1910
Sphex antennatus
Sphex antennatus F. Smith, 1856
Sphex antennatus Smith
Sphex fumipennis antennatus
Sphex fumipennis antennatus Smith
Spilomicrus antennatus (Jurine)
Steganacarus antennatus
Steganacarus antennatus Mahunka & Mahunka-Papp, 2003
Stenocrobylus antennatus
Stenocrobylus antennatus Bolivar, I., 1908
Stenophylax antennatus
Stenophylax antennatus Banks, 1900
Sympycnus (Sympycnus) antennatus
Sympycnus antennatus
Sympycnus antennatus Becker, 1922
Tachysphex antennatus
Tachysphex antennatus Fox
Tachysphex antennatus Fox 1894
Tachytrechus antennatus
Tachytrechus antennatus Duzee, 1930
Tachytrechus antennatus Van Duzee
Tachytrechus antennatus Van Duzee, 1930
Tanaops antennatus
Tanaops antennatus Fall
Teratocoris antennatus
Teratocoris antennatus (Boheman, 1852)
Teratocoris antennatus Boheman 1852
Teuchophorus antennatus
Teuchophorus antennatus Grootaert, 2006
Torymus antennatus
Torymus antennatus (Walker, 1833)
Trichochrous antennatus
Trichochrous antennatus Motschulsky, 1859
Trichoniscus antennatus
Trichoniscus antennatus Budde Lund 1902
Trigonotylus antennatus
Trigonotylus antennatus Kelton, 1970
Tylocerus antennatus
Tylocerus antennatus Guérin-Méneville, 1838
Urocerus antennatus
Urocerus antennatus (Marlatt)
Uromenus antennatus
Uromenus antennatus (Brunner v. Wattenwyl 1882)
Uromenus antennatus (Brunner von Wattenwyl, 1882)
Xanthophenax antennatus
Xanthophenax antennatus Benoit
Xenodasys antennatus
Xenodasys antennatus (Rieger, Ruppert, Rieger and Schoepfer-Sterrer, 1975)
Xylocelia antennatus
Xylocelia antennatus Mickel 1916

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