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105 Scientific Matches
Aseraggodes Kaup, 1858
Aseraggodes auroculus
Aseraggodes auroculus Randall, 2005
Aseraggodes bahamondei
Aseraggodes bahamondei Randall and Meléndez, 1987
Aseraggodes bahamondei Randall and Meléndez, 1987
Aseraggodes beauforti
Aseraggodes beauforti Chabanaud 1930
Aseraggodes borehami
Aseraggodes borehami Randall, 1996
Aseraggodes brevirostris
Aseraggodes brevirostris Randall & Gon, 2006
Aseraggodes cyaneus
Aseraggodes cyaneus (Alcock, 1890)
Aseraggodes cyclurus
Aseraggodes cyclurus Randall, 2005
Aseraggodes diringeri
Aseraggodes diringeri (Quéro, 1997)
Aseraggodes dubius
Aseraggodes dubius Weber, 1913
Aseraggodes filiger
Aseraggodes filiger Weber, 1913
Aseraggodes firmisquamis
Aseraggodes firmisquamis Randall & Bartsch, 2005
Aseraggodes guttulatus
Aseraggodes guttulatus Kaup, 1858
Aseraggodes haackaenus
Aseraggodes haackeana
Aseraggodes haackeana (Steindachner, 1883)
Aseraggodes haackeanus
Aseraggodes haackeanus (Steindachner, 1883)
Aseraggodes haackeanus (non Steindachner, 1883)
Aseraggodes haackeanus haackeanus
Aseraggodes hartzfeldii
Aseraggodes hartzfeldii (Bleeker, 1853)
Aseraggodes heemstrai
Aseraggodes heemstrai Randall & Gon, 2006
Aseraggodes heraldi
Aseraggodes heraldi Randall & Bartsch, 2005
Aseraggodes herrei
Aseraggodes herrei Seale, 1940
Aseraggodes holcomi
Aseraggodes holcomi (non Randall, 2002)
Aseraggodes holcomi Randall, 2002
Aseraggodes jenny
Aseraggodes jenny Randall & Gon, 2006
Aseraggodes kaianus
Aseraggodes kaianus (Günther, 1880)
Aseraggodes kaianus (Günther, 1880)
Aseraggodes klunzingeri
Aseraggodes klunzingeri (Weber, 1907)
Aseraggodes kobensis
Aseraggodes kobensis (Steindachner, 1896)
Aseraggodes kobensis (non Steindachner, 1896)
Aseraggodes lateralis
Aseraggodes lateralis Randall, 2005
Aseraggodes lenisquamis
Aseraggodes lenisquamis Randall, 2005
Aseraggodes macleayanus
Aseraggodes macleayanus (Ramsay, 1881)
Aseraggodes magnoculus
Aseraggodes magnoculus Randall, 2005
Aseraggodes melanospilus
Aseraggodes melanospilus (Bleeker, 1854)
Aseraggodes melanostictus
Aseraggodes melanostictus (Peters, 1877)
Aseraggodes melanostictus (non Peters, 1877)
Aseraggodes microlepidotus
Aseraggodes microlepidotus Weber, 1913
Aseraggodes morrowi
Aseraggodes morrowi Chabanaud, 1954
Aseraggodes nigrocirratus
Aseraggodes nigrocirratus Randall, 2005
Aseraggodes normani
Aseraggodes normani Chabanaud, 1930
Aseraggodes ocellatus
Aseraggodes ocellatus Weed, 1961
Aseraggodes pelvicus
Aseraggodes pelvicus Randall, 2005
Aseraggodes persimilis
Aseraggodes persimilis (Günther, 1909)
Aseraggodes persimilis (Günther, 1909)
Aseraggodes ramsaii
Aseraggodes ramsaii (Ogilby, 1889)
Aseraggodes ramsayi
Aseraggodes ramsayi (Ogilby, 1889)
Aseraggodes sinusarabici
Aseraggodes sinusarabici Chabanaud, 1931
Aseraggodes smithi
Aseraggodes smithi Woods in Schultz, Woods and Lachner, 1966
Aseraggodes smithi Woods, 1966
Aseraggodes sp.
Aseraggodes sp. Not applicable
Aseraggodes steinitzi
Aseraggodes steinitzi Joglekar, 1970
Aseraggodes texturatus
Aseraggodes texturatus Weber, 1913
Aseraggodes therese
Aseraggodes therese Randall, 1996
Aseraggodes umbratilis
Aseraggodes umbratilis (Alcock, 1894)
Aseraggodes whitakeri
Aseraggodes whitakeri Woods in Schultz, Woods and Lachner, 1966
Aseraggodes whitakeri Woods, 1966

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